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  • I can't move/delete large messages.
  • Can't see folders I had in another IMAP mail reader.
  • My folder list is HUGE! It is listing all directories on the server!
  • My drop-down folder list doesn't contain any folders
  • I'm seeing ghost folders in my folder list -- they really don't exist.
  • Folders that have subfolders are sometimes not reachable (can't click), even though there are messages inside. When I unsubscribe and resubscribe, they become reachable again, but now I have the same thing on my INBOX : When I click on another folder, I cannot go back to INBOX again, because the INBOX is not clickable in the folderlist. Using an url like https://myhost/squirrelmail/src/right_main.php?PG_SHOWALL=0&sort=0&startMessage=1&mailbox=INBOX will open the inbox in another window, and other webmail clients can still select the inbox directly, just not squirrelmail.
    • This problem occurs due to an if structure in left_main.php near line 386. I commented that and haven't found side effects yet.
    • change line 386 to (it is documented in cvs) if (!$boxes->is_noselect || strtolower($boxes->mailboxname_full)=="inbox") {
  • I can't rename a folder to be within a subfolder (ie: cannot rename mail/testfolder to mail/test/testfolder.
    • Fixed by removing "substr_count($new_name, $delimiter) || " from src/folders_rename_do.php, line 41 (squirrelmail 1.4.5). Seems that the UW IMAP server uses '/' as a delimiter and squirrelmail considers a folder name that contain that delimiter to be illegal. Makes some sense on one hand, but removes needed capabilities on the other.

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  • It's not translating! What's wrong?
  • It doesn't have my language. What can I do?
  • It only translates some words. What can I do?
  • I run Solaris and translations aren't working right.


  • I create a filter and click Done, the filter either doesn't appear or doesn't update correctly.
  • Administrator Plugin
    • This bug only affects Windows installations and is permanently solved since SquirrelMail 1.4.5 and 1.5.1.
    • Fix: Change the line $auth = in_array("$username\n", $auths); to $auth = in_array("$username\r\n", $auths); in the file auth.php to enable use of the config/admins file.


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