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If PHP doesn't have gettext enabled, SquirrelMail will try to switch to the PHP-only gettext. The fist one is preferred, since the latter one is slower and consumes more CPU.

To see if you even have translations enabled, go to the Options page. Under Display Preferences, you should see a translation box. If there's a message there saying that translations are not supported, it means you have a broken gettext setup. See TranslateGettext (preferred) for information on how to enable it, or maybe you should disable it completely and go for the PHP method.

Testing which method

TODO: This test should be in src/configtest.php.

If you do have translations working, it is somewhat easy to figure out which method you are using. Look for this line in functions/i18n.php or functions/gettext.php (depending on SquirrelMail version):\n

function _($str) {

Make a backup of the file before editing it. Immediately after that line, insert this one:\n

return 'PHP-based';

(before return $str;)

Then go back to SquirrelMail. If you were using the PHP-based method of translation, you should see dozens of 'PHP-based' strings all over and no more translations. If not, you are using gettext. Don't forget to revert to the backup file after testing.

The PHP method

If you do not have any part of gettext installed into PHP, a PHP-only method of translation automatically takes over. It tries to be as fast as possible and cache as much information as it can, but it is much slower than the gettext method. This is designed for the following people:

  • Systems with a low number of users that can spare extra CPU cycles
  • Systems that do not allow changing the PHP binary
  • Systems that can't get gettext compiled and installed into PHP correctly

This module does a fuzzy search on all text strings, so it actually may find more translations than gettext would, but these translations might be incorrect or outdated.

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