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What is SquirrelMail?

SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package written in PHP. It includes built-in pure PHP support for the IMAP and SMTP protocols, and all pages render in pure HTML 4.0 (with no JavaScript required) for maximum compatibility across browsers. It has very few requirements and is very easy to configure and install. SquirrelMail has all the functionality you would want from an email client, including strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation.

Project origins

The need arose in our organization for the access of email and address books from anywhere in the world. Obviously a web interface is ideal for this, given that the user has access to the Internet. After reviewing several open source projects we realized that we were going to need to do some fairly major customizations to get things to be a nice fit for our needs. So the decision was made to create our own for some of these reasons, and for fun (we really like PHP). We decided to open source the project to contribute to the community that has contributed so much to us.
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SquirrelMail is stable enough to use in a production system. It is, in fact, already used in several production systems around the world, handling thousands of users per system. There might be some bugs - no project is perfect - but they are most likely minimal. We test pretty thoroughly before releasing a version marked as "stable".
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SquirrelMail is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), so there are no license fees to worry about.
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