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Having originally joined SquirrelMail as a Plugin Team leader, I am now one of the main developers around here. Since my early days of contributing to the project, I have spent countless hours creating and maintaining numerous plugins, and I continue to do so even as my involvement grows and expands to other areas. Over the years I have become actively engaged in addressing security issues, fixing all manner of bugs, and I am responsible for the addition of some great new features to SquirrelMail.

I give much of my time to the community by means of free support -- watching all of our public mailing lists as well as our bug and feature tracking systems closely, and trying to respond to support inquiries in a timely manner. I am also involved with many of the day-to-day maintenance responsibilities for the SquirrelMail Project Team, including website maintenance, creating new release packages, handling abuse issues, keeping our translations up to date, and lots of other, less glamorous tasks.

I make my living as a self-employed consultant, and my schedule allows me to spend copious amounts of time on SquirrelMail. Many of my days are dedicated to SquirrelMail alone, sometimes at the expense of other endeavors. I very much appreciate your support, which enables me to continue to invest the uncompromised time, energy, and skills necessary for maintaining and developing SquirrelMail. If you are unable to donate, but would like to pay for my services, please see [Paul's Official SquirrelMail Support page].

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