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Plugins - LDAP Prefs Backend
Category: Administrator's Relief

There are two backends for Squirrelmail: the standard backend stores users' profile/preferences in text files (file_prefs.php), and the MySQL one stores them in a MySQL database (db_prefs.php).

This one adds an LDAP backend. However, things are treated much differently, due to the difference in nature between LDAP and other databases. Namely: LDAP writes are expensive. Extensive caching is used to reduce the overhead on the LDAP server, especially in a setup with a lot of users.

This makes a big difference, from the user's point of view. Whenever changing some option, the change is for the current session only. The change will only be saved permanently, if and only if the user logs out from Squirrelmail, thus ending the session.

If downloads are not available from this site, please go to the plugin's own web page.

If you need help with this, or see improvements that can be made, please email me at the address below, or post a message to squirrelmail-plugins mailing list. This plugin, as is the case with all SquirrelMail plugins, is not directly supported by the developers.

Alexandros Vellis, email.uoa.gr
Network Operations Centre, University of Athens
(Personal home page).

Version 0.4
by Alexandros Vellis on May 30, 2003
[ ldapuserdata-0.4.tar.gz tarball (9071 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.4.0+, LDAP Server (OpenLDAP 2.0.x or 2.1.x)

  • register_globals = off compatible
  • error_reporting = E_ALL compatible
  • New option needed in the Squirrelmail configuration: set the IMAP server address to be 'map:ldapuserdata_get_imapserveraddress', i.e.: $imapServerAddress = 'map:ldapuserdata_get_imapserveraddress';
  • Small fixes in the supplied config_sample.php.
  • New schema for OpenLDAP 2.1.x is provided.

Older versions

Version 0.3
by Alexandros Vellis on Jan 31, 2003
[ ldapuserdata-0.3.tar.gz tarball (6410 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.3.2+, LDAP Database

  • Works with Squirrelmail 1.4.x. (Uses SM_PATH et al).
  • Various minor bugfixes and cleanups.

Version 0.2
by Alexandros Vellis on Jul 22, 2002
[ ldapuserdata-0.2.tar.gz tarball (6062 d/l) Help ]
Requires: Requires: SquirrelMail 1.2.x, LDAP server

  • Updated the LDAP schema.
  • Bugfix: Server side sorting is broken without a 'sort' attribute.
  • Bugfix: Fixed some variable names.
  • Bugfix: Now the special folders behave more correctly, as the appropriate attributes (move_to_trash, move_to_sent, save_as_draft are used).
  • The Options/Identities screen has been improved very much upon.
  • Added the new options screens, based on an early Squirrelmail 1.3.0 CVS.
  • Supports the mailalternateaddress and mailauthorizedaddress LDAP multivalue attributes, for an easy way to support different "identities".
  • Now allows the POP Fetch plugin attributes to be saved on the LDAP.

Version 0.1a
by Alexandros Vellis on May 8, 2002
[ ldapuserdata-0.1a.tar.gz tarball (5537 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.2.x, LDAP server

  • Initial Release.
  • Forgot to include a file in 0.1, so reuploaded the plugin.

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