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Plugins - RedHat PHP CGI Fix
Category: Obsolete

(Integrated into SM 1.1.1 Core)
A workaround for the newline at the beginning of CGI submitted fields bug in the RedHat PHP RPMs. Uses a new hook called "compose_send" which is executed just before sendMessage is called in compose.php. Reported as bug #232790 on SourceForge, and as a question in the FAQ)

Q: Why should this plugin be put up? A: This plugin is intended for the lazy suckers (like myself) that don't want to compile php themselves. Installing the plugin fixes the problem. [Editors note: Updated RPMs are available -- read our FAQ entry]

Q: Why is modifying smtp.php not enough? A: Modify the call to trim() in parseAddrs() is not enough, because the subject, the body of the message, and attachments are still messed up. [Editor's note: With SquirrelMail 1.1.1 and later, we try to compensate automatically for this error]

Version 1.0
by Tyler Akins on Mar 30, 2001
[ This version is not available. You might be able to get it by asking on the "squirrelmail-plugins" mailing list or by contacting the author. ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 0.5 or above

Description: Initial version.

Older versions

No older versions.

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