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Plugins - Folder Synchronization
Category: Miscellaneous

This plugin automatically synchronizes the folder list and the message list. This can be used, when the folder list is configured to automatically refresh itself (SquirrelMail does this by default), to ensure that the message list always shows newest incoming messages.

Version 1.0
by Paul Lesniewski on Sep 13, 2011
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[ folder_synch-1.0-1.4.0.tar.gz tarball (6006 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.4.0 or above

  • Complete cleanup, update and re-write
  • Synchronization now includes total message count (instead of only unread message count)
  • Message list checkboxes now preserved across message list refreshes (SquirrelMail 1.4.13+)
  • Options now moved to "Folder Preferences" options page
  • Options are now properly localized
  • Added a configuration file where the administrator has the abiltiy to control default user settings and can control whether or not users can change the defaults for themselves
  • Allow configuration file to be stored in main SquirrelMail configuration directory if desired

Older versions

Version 0.8
by Nick Bartos on Jun 17, 2003
[ folder_synch.0.8-1.4.0.tar.gz tarball (16807 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.4.0

* Changed option names in pref file back to old values. Now right side should not be refreshed when reading a message. Also a few javascript fixes to prevent errors from happening.
* Fast loading SM Compatible, Versioning Compatible
* This should now work with sm 1.4
* Also unneeded refreshes should be reduced, you should now only get a refresh when the number of new messages in the folder you are viewing change.

Version 0.6
by Jimmy Conner on Dec 4, 2002
[ folder_synch-0.6.tar.gz tarball (8366 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.1.2, Compatible Browser (Not testing on DEVEL version)


Needs to be heavily tested by others!

Fixed the javascript routines to count the number of messages (even when there is over 9 in an folder)
Now counts the messages whether in Seen/Unseen mode or just Seen mode
Disables javascript if not displaying number of messages
Fixes for the javascript errors that it threw up at us
Removed old debug code that logged errors to the apache logs (this is the main reason I started fixing this plugin, I had 20M error logs every month)
Removed a little unneccesary code

Version 0.5
by Jay Guerette on Jan 15, 2002
[ folder_synch.0.5-1.0.tar.gz tarball (10789 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.x, Javascript-capable browser

Description: This plugin uses javascript to automatically synchronize the folder list and message list displays.

If you are using IE 5+, NS 6+, or some other Mozilla 4+ Gecko-based browser,an enhanced new-mail detection routine will kick in, to almost eliminate unnecessary screen refreshes of the message list display. It will typically only refresh the message list when the unread mail counts in the folder list change.

This version has many code tweaks and optimizations from user feedback.

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