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Plugins - TNEF Decoder
Category: Message View

This plugin provides links to view and download the contents of Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) attachments (usually named "winmail.dat" and generated by Microsoft Outlook) on the message view screen.

Version 1.0
by Paul Lesniewski on Nov 10, 2010
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[ tnef_decoder-1.0-1.4.0.tar.gz tarball (8021 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.4.0+, Compatibility 2.0.7+ (unless using SM 1.4.10+ or 1.5.2+)

  • Re-write of all code except some parts of the decoder, which fixes several bugs and loss of functionality
  • TNEF contents are now shown on the message view screen
  • Changed plugin name; make sure to de-activate and remove any traces of "attachment_tnef" when installing this version
  • Properly decode non-ASCII attributes

Older versions

Version 0.7
by Bernd Wiegmann on Oct 10, 2003
[ attachment_tnef-0.7-1.4.0.tar.gz tarball (19848 d/l) Help ]
Requires: Requires: SquirrelMail >= 1.4.0

Description: Some smalles bugfixes. Please update. I tried to hide the attachment with the warning message but this prevented other attachments from beeing displayed at all. Now all attachments are shown with the exception of the small rtf files.

Version 0.6
by Bernd Wiegmann on Oct 8, 2003
[ attachment_tnef-0.6-1.4.0.tar.gz tarball (6303 d/l) Help ]
Requires: Requires: SquirrelMail >= 1.4.0

Description: Complete rewrite of the decoding engine. Some eMail information from the attachment are shown and the embedded rtf files are decoded. Now you should never get an empty page if you display the attachment even if there are now files to download.

Version 0.5
by Bernd Wiegmann on Jul 14, 2003
[ attachment_tnef-0.5-1.4.0.tar.gz tarball (6777 d/l) Help ]
Requires: Requires: SquirrelMail >= 1.4.0

Description: Removed broken code which caused PHP warnig messages and fixed some labels which are now translated correctly.

Version 0.4
by Bernd Wiegmann on Jun 23, 2003
[ attachment_tnef-0.4-1.4.0.tar.gz tarball (6315 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail >= 1.4.0

Description: Updated for SM 1.4.0 and now works with register_globals=Off.

Version 0.2
by Graham Norbury on Aug 26, 2002
[ attachment_tnef-0.2-1.2.0.tar.gz tarball (9602 d/l) Help ]
Requires: unchanged

Description: Fixed bug when handling multiple messages found in a single TNEF (winmail.dat) archive. Now handles recursive decoding and the simple display of body text from the embedded messages.

Version 0.1
by Graham Norbury on Jan 6, 2002
[ This version is not available. You might be able to get it by asking on the "squirrelmail-plugins" mailing list or by contacting the author. ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.2, PHP 4, Apache 1.3

Description: Initial version

If you have problems with the download or decompressing...
Internet Explorer
Right-click on the file, then select "Save Target As"
Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape
Right-click on the file, then select "Save Link As"
Right-click on the file, then select "Save Link Document As"
Lynx and Links
Press "d" on the link to download the file directly.
  • Untarring problems: Your browser might have un-gzipped it for you automatically. Try just "tar xvf" instead of "tar xvfz". Also, the plugins archive isn't gzipped (it is a tarball of .tar.gz files)
  • Macintosh users: Just hold down your mouse button to get the menu instead of right-clicking.
  • If all else fails, seek our help
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