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Plugins - Squirrel Logger
Category: Administrator's Relief

This plugin implements logging functionality for your webmail interface. You can choose to log to a database, a file, your system log, or any combination thereof. You can also choose which kinds of events to log, including login events, logout events, login error events, all outgoing messages, possible outgoing spam messages, and other error events.

Also included is monitoring functionality that will send alert emails to the administrator when certain events trigger.

If you use the timeout_user plugin, logout events caused by user timeouts will be captured.

Log message format is also completely custom-defined to meet your needs in the configuration file.

Version 2.3.1
by Paul Lesniewski on Jul 6, 2011
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[ squirrel_logger-2.3.1-1.2.7.tar.gz tarball (12552 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.2.7+, Compatibility plugin 2.0.10+

  • No longer count saved drafts as sent emails
  • Documentation changes in example configuration file only
  • Added some more detailed configuration checks

Older versions

Version 2.3
by Paul Lesniewski on Dec 18, 2008
[ squirrel_logger-2.3-1.2.7.tar.gz tarball (11196 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.2.7+, Compatibility plugin 2.0.10+

  • Added ability to show message subject separately from message body when logging OUTGOING and MASS_MAILING events
  • Added ability to log From and Reply-To headers for the OUTGOING and MASS_MAILING events
  • Make the From address for administrative alert messages configurable
  • Added ability to store configuration file in main SquirrelMail config directory

Version 2.2
by Paul Lesniewski on Apr 12, 2008
[ squirrel_logger-2.2-1.2.7.tar.gz tarball (7492 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.2.7+, Compatibility plugin 2.0.10+

  • Allow overrides of SquirrelMail SMTP/Sendmail settings when sending administrative alert emails

Version 2.1
by Paul Lesniewski on Feb 13, 2008
[ squirrel_logger-2.1-1.2.7.tar.gz tarball (6683 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.2.7+, Compatibility plugin 2.0.10+

  • HTML is removed from any log messages; multiline messages into one line
  • System logging controls have been made much more fine-grained; $sl_syslog_priority has been removed from the configuration file
  • Small code cleanup
  • Use sq_send_mail() to send alerts
  • Added logging of all outgoing messages
  • Make sure syslog events are done in UTC/GMT when configured as such (Thanks to Eray Aslan)

Version 2.0-1.2.7
by Paul Lesniewski on Jun 29, 2005
[ squirrel_logger-2.0-1.2.7.tar.gz tarball (12745 d/l) Help ]
Requires: SquirrelMail 1.2.7 or greater

  • Re-write and cleanup; the plugin has changed quite a bit (many new configuration settings, log format has changed slightly (it's completely configurable though), new features... needs testing)
  • Split configuration into separate file
  • Log messages configurable per log type and event type
  • Merged SQL functionality from SQL Logger plugin
  • Logging can be done to more than one place
  • Logging can be turned on/off per event type
  • Alert emails can be sent to administrators
  • Added monitoring of outgoing messages for mass mailings (possible spam)
  • Added API so other plugins and code can log custom events
  • Minor cleanup of show_stats.php
  • Will now fail silently if database connection can't be made
  • Added ability to turn on/off logging for certain domains
  • Added option to log to syslog (from version 1.4)

Version 1.3.0
by Ron Chinn on Mar 28, 2003
[ squirrel_logger.1.3.0-1.0.6.tar.gz tarball (12345 d/l) Help ]
Requires: 1.0.6


This version fixes two bugs:

- Fixed issue with PHP's Safe Mode. Changed the method of writing to the log file to work under safe mode

- Fixed the "Address is not a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address" issue some people were having

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