This is the code for the left bar. The left bar shows the folders available, and has cookie information.

require_once (SM_PATH.'include/validate.php') (line 27)
require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/imap.php') (line 28)
require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/html.php') (line 31)
require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/plugin.php') (line 29)
require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/page_header.php') (line 30)
SM_BOX_COLLAPSED = 1 (line 35)
SM_BOX_UNCOLLAPSED = 0 (line 34)
compute_folder_children (line 126)

Recursive function that computes the collapsed status and parent (or not parent) status of this box, and the visiblity and collapsed status and parent (or not parent) status for all children boxes.

void compute_folder_children ( &$parbox,  $boxcount)
  • &$parbox
  • $boxcount
create_collapse_link (line 176)

Create the link for a parent folder that will allow that parent folder to either be collapsed or expaned, as is currently appropriate.

void create_collapse_link ( $boxnum)
  • $boxnum
create_unseen_string (line 206)


Create unseen and total message count for both this folder and it's subfolders.

  • return: unseen message string (for display)
array[0] create_unseen_string (string $boxName, array $boxArray, $imapConnection $imapConnection,  $unseen_type)
  • string $boxName: name of the current mailbox
  • array $boxArray: array for the current mailbox
  • $imapConnection $imapConnection: current imap connection in use
  • $unseen_type
formatMailboxName (line 39)
void formatMailboxName ( $imapConnection,  $box_array)
  • $imapConnection
  • $box_array
is_parent_box (line 279)

This simple function checks if a box is another box's parent.

void is_parent_box ( $curbox_name,  $parbox_name)
  • $curbox_name
  • $parbox_name

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