Prints the page header (duh)

require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/strings.php') (line 15)

Include required files from SM

require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/global.php') (line 18)
require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/html.php') (line 16)
compose_Header (line 424)
void compose_Header ( $color,  $mailbox)
  • $color
  • $mailbox
displayHtmlHeader (line 51)
void displayHtmlHeader ([string $title = 'SquirrelMail'], [boolean $xtra_param = ''], [boolean $do_hook = TRUE], [array $script_libs_param = array()])
  • string $title: This is placed directly in the HTML <title> tag, so should be sanitized and ready to go
  • boolean $xtra_param: Any additional HTML code that should be included in the <head> tag - this is also sent to the browser as-is, so should be pre- sanitized
  • boolean $do_hook: When TRUE, the "generic_header" hook is fired herein.
  • array $script_libs_param: A list of strings which each point to a script to be added to the <head> of the page being built. Each string can be:
    • One of the pre-defined SM_SCRIPT_LIB_XXX constants (see functions/constants.php) that correspond to libraries that come with SquirrelMail
    • A path to a custom script (say, in a plugin directory) (detected by the existence of at least one path separator in the string) - the script is assumed to be and is included as JavaScript
    • A full tag ("<script>", "<style>" or other) that will be placed verbatim in the page header (detected by the presence of a "<" character at the beginning of the string). NOTE that $xtra provides the same function, without needing the string to start with "<"
displayInternalLink (line 168)
void displayInternalLink ( $path,  $text, [ $target = ''])
  • $path
  • $text
  • $target
displayPageHeader (line 172)
void displayPageHeader ( $color,  $mailbox, [ $xtra = ''], [ $session = false])
  • $color
  • $mailbox
  • $xtra
  • $session
makeInternalLink (line 160)
void makeInternalLink ( $path,  $text, [ $target = ''])
  • $path
  • $text
  • $target

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