The idea is to inlcude here some functions to make easier the right to left implementation by "functionize" some html outputs.

echo_template_var (line 180)
void echo_template_var ( $var, [ $format_ar = array()])
  • $var
  • $format_ar
html_tag (line 30)

Generate html tags

NOTE! If $val is non-empty, a closing tag will be added after $val Otherwise, NO closing tag is provided!

  • return: HTML ready for output
string html_tag (string $tag, [string $val = ''], [string $align = ''], [string $bgcolor = ''], [string $xtra = ''])
  • string $tag: Tag to output
  • string $val: Value between tags
  • string $align: Alignment (left, center, etc)
  • string $bgcolor: Back color in hexadecimal
  • string $xtra: Extra options
set_url_var (line 117)

This function is used to add, modify or delete GET variables in a URL.

It is especially useful when $url = $PHP_SELF

Set $val to NULL to remove $var from $url. To ensure compatibility with older versions, use $val='0' to set $var to 0.

  • return: modified url
  • since: 1.3.0
string set_url_var (string $url, string $var, [string $val = null], [boolean $link = true], [boolean $treat_as_array = false])
  • string $url: url that must be modified
  • string $var: GET variable name
  • string $val: variable value (CANNOT be an array)
  • boolean $link: controls sanitizing of ampersand in urls (since 1.3.2)
  • boolean $treat_as_array: When TRUE, if $var is an array (it occurs one or more times with square brackets after it, e.g. "var[1]"), the whole array will be removed (when $val is NULL) or the given value will be added to the next array slot (@since 1.4.23/1.5.2)

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