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This wiki used to contain a number of wish lists. These are closed and replaced with the archive below. If you have a wish, use the trackers at the [SourceForge project page] instead. This page is kept with the intention to move the information to the trackers. In the mean time, this page is locked to prevent people from adding more wishes here. If you find something here that you think is important but isn't solved or in the trackers already, feel free to open a new tracker item in the appropriate tracker.

Wishes from commercial users

Willing-to-Pay Wishes

  • Open multiple different sessions with the same browser on different windows.

Free Wishes

  • Hashed paths simpler and grouped by domains and user: /hash_tree/domain/hash_tree/user/users_data. This would widely simplify deleting/moving of user's data and entire domains, together with the same hashing routines availables in Perl/C in order to simplify external scripts.
  • If you could add sort of a color browser for individual parts of SquirrelMail it'd be great!
  • Way to synchronize Personal address book with Exchange
  • Next three items submitted by City of Prescott nate.keegan at cityofprescott.net
    • Continued and increased Mozilla browser support, particularly for HTML e-mail and sound notification of new mail
    • Our organization is willing to pay for yearly support/maintenance for SquirrelMail. This would be more of a subscription type thing, sort of a pay for features type deal. Dunno how that fits/doesn't fit into the project's model/goals.
    • We are also willing to donate hardware to the project since we benefit from it a la BSD projects.
  • Don't know if this is feasible but it would be cool to have an editor or an easy way to modify portions of SquirrelMail UI - sort of like a control panel for SquirrelMail. For example, we are currently on 1.2.7 and are getting ready to upgrade to 1.4.x. In 1.2.7 our users wanted the ability to add 'Printed by: Username' at the top of a message under 'View Printable'...not too difficult, trick is to figure out where to grok 1.4.x to do something like this.

Wishes from other users

2006-07-01 - Delayed application of filters

If at all feasible, postponing the application of filters until the INBOX has been read/seen, or explicitly applying the filters by means of a button or similar, would be a great feature.

(Displaying the number of unread messages somewhat addresses the problem of messages automatically being moved to their destination folders, but I assume most people, like myself, land on their INBOX. It would be nice to see messages there before the filters move them to their various destinations. Also, making the timing of the filtering configurable on a per-rule basis would greatly enhance this functionality...)

2006-05-05 - NTLM authentication method

The NTLM authentication method to IMAP server would be great, in addition to the existing login and md5 methods

2006-04-27 - More complete "Reply" headers

I want to endorse the prevous suggestion (2005-10-12) for SquirrelMail to generate headers for "reply" messages in the same way as for "forwarded" messages. This change would automatically insert information (sender, recient[s], date, time, subject) into reply messages. At present, SquirrelMail does not display information about the original message, which can cause uncertainty/confusion for recipients of the reply message. The auto-insertion of information is helpful for recipients of forwarded messages, and it would be helpful for recipients of reply messages as well -- esp. where there are multiple recipients, but even in those cases where the reply recipient was the source of the original message.

Since this feature is already incorporated for forwarded messages, I would assume it could easily be extended to include reply messages.

2006-04-05 - Allow editing of names only with multiple identities

If a user has only one identity, the "Allow editing of name" preference works as advertised with "Allow editing of identity" turned off. (We want users to be able to change their full names but not their email addresses.) If the Retrieve User Data plugin adds multiple identities from multiple email aliases, the user now has no way to edit the names associated with the additional entities or to select one as the default. The only way to get these options is to turn on editing of identities, which then opens up editing of email address and the creation of new identities, both of which are undesirable for us. I may work on trying to patch this.

2006-02-09 - Add "file://" to the url parser

Just a matter to add it to the "$url_parser_url_tokens" in "functions/url_parser.php", but it would be useful to avoid adding it manually with each release. "file://" URLs are useful for sending internal emails with links to files stored on a common file server.

2005-12-25 - Real Address/Synchronization

I found SquirrelMail very handy and usefull TILL it came to address book.

Several field should be added to manage a REAL address book and synchronization should be implemented asap. Bluetooth capability soon ? :)


Would it be possible for the [BayesSpam] plugin to have a built-in timeout after which it stops trying to filter out spam?

We currently have no server-side spam filtering options available, and so rely entirely on this plugin (and I might just add that so far I've only been made aware of two false positives and about five false negatives, in over six months of use). All of our users have been receiving ridiculous quantities of spam recently (I get over 300 spam emails per day now), and I've had users who only check their mail once every couple of weeks who can't log in anymore, because [BayesSpam] takes longer to run that the PHP configuration on the server allows (> 60 secs.)

My current workaround is to temporarily disable the plugin while users log in and manually delete spam. But this really defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Any help would be much appreciated. If more info needed, please email me at Johannes dot Schmidt at monashclubs dot org.

2005-12-01 - Improved Quick Save Plugin

You probably don't appreciate me saying "make it like GMail," but I'm trying to raise your bar. The SquirrelMail Quick Save plugin is a good start but I like how GMail autosaves messages being composed as a draft every x number of seconds. This doesn't rely on a cookie or cache on the client computer, but a draft saved on the server. I think is a better approach and I'd like to see it in SquirrelMail.

Note: the saved draft should overwrite/delete previous saved draft. The interval should be set by user or administrator (whose setting overrides users') since not all systems are created equally.

2005-11-15 - Attachment too large notification

My users would greatly appreciate it if they attach a file larger than allowed (currently 2MB on our server), there was a flag letting them know the attachment was not sent. Users do not always know how big their files are....


2005-10-12 - Reply headers like Forward headers

To reiterate an entry from just over a year ago, it would be great if the header added to replies was the same as the header added to forwarded messages. Forwarded messages get this:

Subject: Email Subject
From:    "SENDER" <sender@domain.com>
Date:    Wed, October 12, 2005 11:12 am
To:      recipient@domain.com

whereas replies, by default, have no header, and the most you can get with the SquirrelMail options is this:

On Wed, October 12, 2005 11:12 am, SENDER said:

It would be extremely useful to add the option to have the full "Subject, From, Date, To" header added to replies. It's a tiny little code addition that would greatly increase my quality of life.

2005-09-28 - Auto Move Read Messages

Seen messages should be automoved after X-Days to an folder named mail-address (autocreated)

Would be an easy way to keep the inbox clean...

2005-08-13 - Toggle Unread Messages in INBOX

So far, there's only the possibility to mark ALL messages (Toggle All). An option to toggle all unread messages (the bold ones) would be nice.

I'm no programmer - but the change has to be made in /functions/mailbox_display.php - taking care of a flag called FLAG_SEEN

2005-08-08 - Clicking From in Message List to Compose

It would be cool if one could click on the from address in the message list

and have it open up the compose screen with the from address of that message

already filled in.

2005-07-24 - Disable Back button

Mice with "Back Buttons" can send the browser back a page. When composing an email, this will result in the loss of your email text. VERY FRUSTRATING.

2005-06-06 - Edit Mail in Folder

It would be useful to edit incoming mails in order to remove some headerfields or change the subject. If this is missing, one is not able to move a mail sorted out as SPAM back to INBOX...

2005-05-25 - Choose Sent folder

When using identities, it would be incredibly useful to be able to specify a default Sent folder for each identity (Thunderbird already allows this). Currently you can compose a message using an identity, but after sending it is saved to your default Sent folder rather than that of the identity. That may not always be desirable (for example if you run multiple companies, each with its own email account, which can be accessed by multiple users). I'm not aware of a setting or plugin that allows this functionality to be altered. info@whawes.co.uk

2005-05-06 - (Browser issue) Fast-Forward in opera

'Go to next message' instead of 'delete current mail'

To reproduce : Try Shift-X when reading a mail message. It is moved to trash

2005-04-30 - Address book

Would be nice to have an address book backend that can use the abook.mab from Mozilla

directly as a (the) personal address book. Read-only would be a starter, but

full read-write would be best.

Of course this requires the path to (and access to) a place where the Mozilla

profile is stored.

We use Mozilla as in-house mailer and SquirrelMail for the web access, on the same

IMAP account, and people like to use the Mozilla addressbook from SquirrelMail.

(without exporting and importing)

2005-04-07 - Automatic filtering

build in the server-side filter plug-in and add automatic updates to filters, so that when a folder is renamed the relevant filters are updated.

2005-03-09 - Field limits for addressbook

Since the documentation suggests creating the database backend with specific varchar lengths it would be nice if the text fields had limitations inside addressbook.php. As it stands now the addressbook will happily accept and try to load 128 chars into a 128 limited field. This would obviously limit people who create their db's with custom create tables, but maintaining that consistency could reduce confusion or confusing results.

2005-03-06 - User options for dealing with 'Read Receipts'

Would it be possible to allow users to choose the default way of dealing with requests for Read Receipts? For example, the options could be a) always send a response, b) ask me what to do (i.e. the default now) or c) never send a response.

2005-02-15 - Compose in New Window to disappear after sending

I wish the compose window would disappear after sending the message. It is not at all logical

that it just stays there. If there's an error, then report it, otherwise be quiet and close the

compose window. Also if you don't have "compose in new window" enabled, then return to inbox or

previous window after sending the mail.

2005-02-09 - Multiple personalities

I'd like to maintain multiple personalities each with their own set of address and real name. These personalities could then be assigned to folders. So when I answer a mail in such a folder "From" and "To" get set accordingly to the personality assigned to that folder. And when composing a message I'd like to choose a personality in a drop-down menu.

This is useful when dealing with mailing lists.

2005-01-27 - Preview themes/Mass add emails

I sure wish I could preview the color themes available, instead of having to set them as my theme to be able to view them! Also, being able to mass add addresses to my address book would be a real lifesaver.

2004-12-21 - Sorting a folder by read/unread status

2004-12-19 - Image Themes support

Ability to theme the mail client with pictures and cell-row backgrounds, like in phpBB.

2004-12-19 - Documentation in single-file pdf format

2004-12-14 - Sending Mails via foreign Servers

It would be very nice if in different Identities it would possible to use different SMTP Servers - so replaying to emails that are fetched from foreign POP 3 Boxes (because of spam detection if send emails via other server than mail domain)

  • Reply: (2005-03-07) Can't agree more! SMTP authentication would also be needed as some servers require it. When used with software like [MrPostman], one may also enable one's users to send/receive mail using each's own Yahoo!Mail / Hotmail / etc. accounts. That would be cool! However, to ensure security, one should authenticate the ownership of any account on a foreign server (e.g., by sending a one-time pad to the account to be entered to a verification page) lest one's SquirrelMail installation become an origin of spams :)

2004-12-08 - More options/functionality when replying

Add option to reply without including text of original message.

2004-11-22 - User Configurable "Inbox" Refresh

It would be great if in the user options you could specify a meta refresh rate, defaulted to off. (Reply: see the Folder Synch plugin, which does something similar - based on refresh of the folder list, the message list is refreshed. As such, we probably won't implement a separate refresh on the message list)

2004-11-22 - Live email addresses

Turn the email addresses in the message header (To:, From:, etc.) into links to compose windows/pages. Generally: If I click on any email address that I see in SquirrelMail, I'd like it if SquirrelMail began a new message to that address.

2004-11-21 - Message List for Two Folders

Do something no other mail client does - show two folders at once. That way, someone can monitor the inbox (unsorted), and any other folder (example: todo).

2004-11-20 - Possibility to subscribe to folders in special namespaces

Like #public, #shared, etc. With uw-imapd you may have these special namespaces, but they aren't showed up in subscribe list. (once you subscribed to such a folder with another imap client it works fine)

2004-11-16 - Bring Message to Folder...

Addendum to "Move" dropdown menu, to allow you to move the current (or selected) message to some folder, and then go there with it, so you can see other like messages, aka, move message and follow.

2004-11-15 - Folder carbon copy (Fcc:)

...so that a copy of an outgoing message can be refiled directly into a specified folder instead of automatically going into Sent Items and having to be refiled by hand.

2004-11-08 - TIFF Attachment Viewer

Add attachment viewer for TIFF. Should just be able to route attachment through netpbm and convert to png or some other standard format. That way I could see my faxes on a machine that does not have a [tiff viewer]!

Otherwise... Excellent work! I've been using SquirrelMail for several years now. It's my ONLY email client!

2004-11-07 - Motion after delete/move

Instead of "delete&next"/"delete&prev" buttons, there should be a single "Delete" button, plus a radio button for the direction of motion. The latter should be preserved across actions, and should apply also to the "move" button.

  • Reply: I have a customer that would like to have a 'delete and return to message list' option in between 'delete and prev' and 'delete and next' (in addition to the Delete link at the top). With the 'Delete as spam' possibility mentioned further down, it seems clear that people are spending a lot of time deleting, so it's probably a fruitful area to look at.

2004-10-25 - Message index

When doing a Delete or Move operation while in Select All mode, any messages that were manually unselected before the action should remain unselected when the index is refreshed.

2004-10-25 - Message highlighting

Various suggestions for the Message highlighting system:

  • Add to each entry a "Dup" button that duplicates it, preserving its order. ("Dup" "Edit" will then be a convenient alternative to "New".)
  • When adding a "New" highlight entry, the fill-in fields should be displayed above the list of existing entry, not at the bottom of it.
  • When a new entry is added to a list of N entries, it may take N Up/Down steps to get it sorted in the desired order. Here is a suggestion for fixing this problem: add a checkbox to each entry, and replace the Up/Down buttons with a "Sort" button that moves its entry to just before the checked one.
  • The Highlighting table should be split into two separate tables: one that maps an (ordered) list of patterns to named "Message Categories", and another that maps each Message Category to a Color.
  • The Highlighting mechanism should allow regular expressions (RE's) as well as plain string matching. (One RE can replace dozens or hundreds of string entries.)
  • The Highlighting tables should live in the user's file system so that it can be edited by other means.

2004-10-25 - Deleting attachments

When reading a message, there thould be a way of deleting selected attachments without deleting the cover message. This facility is already available when forwarding, and could be implemented by adding a "Delete" button next to each attachment, together with "View" and "Download".

2004-10-25 - Auto-BCC option

There should be an option to automatically add the sender name to the "Bcc:" header line. Note that this option is different from (and should be independent of) automatically filing a copy of the message in the "Sent" folder.

2004-10-10 - Include simple header in reply just as in forward

Can you put in the option to have the reply and reply to all forward the simple header (date, to, from, subject) just like it does for forwarding messages? while this is a simple code change to compose.php, it causes problems whenever upgrades are needed. Thanks

2004-09-28 - Support for multilingual domainnames

Most webbrowsers already support this, but only Outlook supports domain-names with international characters. Is is possible to implement this in SquirrelMail?

See http://ietf.org/rfc/rfc3492.txt for details.

2004-09-13 - Custom X-Headers

A way for users (not just SquirrelMail administrators) to add a X-Header, customizable for each message, when composing new mail.

For example, an 'X-Keyword' field may help some search outgoing mail at a later date or sort the messages into seperate folders based on keywords.

2004-09-13 - Censor MIME-HTML (RFC 2111) embedded objects

A few spammers send rather nasty pictures embedded in HTML e-mails. These images are not concealed with the "IMAGE REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS" graphic.

2004-08-24 - 'Mark as Unread' Link in Message View

A way to add a 'Mark as Unread' link somewhere in the 'message view' while looking at an email.

Using mail from different places - I have found that I'm constantly going back to the full mail listing, locating and then checking several messages I've just read so I can mark them 'Unread' to work on them later (so they don't fall off the radar).

The link would mark the current message as 'Unread' and take the user back to the message listing in the current folder.

2004-08-06 - Trash Can

Simple Prompt before emptying trash (in case the user "accidentally" clicks the "purge" button...) Could be implemented by a JavaScript Confirm Dialog.

2004-05-05 - Preview message without marking as read

A way of "previewing" messages (i.e. see the contents without the message being marked as "read") would be great. We as a team use IMAP to handle helpdesk-type questions, and as long as a message is "unread" it's up for grabs. So someone checks the message, can't answer the question, leaves it marked "unread". Now that's a pain to do with SquirrelMail.

2004-04-05 - Yahoo mail fetch plugin

A plugin to fetch Yahoo mail, similar to the Hotmail Fetch, would be great. Some users have trouble setting up the cron job for fetchyahoo.


2004-02-17 - Add option to import Outlook

  • It would be nice to map fields from Outlook export file and import data into address book in one swoop.

2003-11-17 - Filter By Time/Date

A feature i'm missing in almost all email programs is a function of filtering by date, such a

2003-11-07 - A hook in the head section of the webmail.php document

A set of standard places for hooks, and better naming of hooks. Details -locations: At least 3 standard hooks in EVERY displayed (UI) document. A hook in the head, at the very beginning of the body, and at the very bottom of the body. -naming: documentname_head documentname_body_top documentname_body_bottom

2003-10-13 - Toggle Folder View

Allow change of view so that folders are shown or hidden. Useful mainly when they get lost cannot be shown again except by logging out and back in.

20031007 Message highlighting folder-specific

It would be great to have highlighting that can be customized for each folder. For example I have this folder where all junk mail goes to and would like that messages containing some string are highlighted (for easier detection of false positives when browsing thru junk folder), but that highlighting is useless in other (regular) folders...Hope you get the idea.

2003-09-25 - Hide read messages

I sort mailing list traffic into folders and keep old messages for reference. The problem is that all those read messages show up in the message list when I'm using SquirrelMail. This prevents subject-sorting and oldest-to-newest date sorting from being useful.

2003-09-24 - Width-limited columns or field truncation in message list

If a message contains a long From: header, the From field can expand to the point where the Subject field is so narrow it is difficult to read. Adding minimum or maximum width limits (either in pixels or table width percentage) to the Subject and From columns would help. Even better would be to truncate the fields and put the complete header in alt text, so that hovering will show the entire header. The later behaviour is common to many email programs.

2003-09-18 - Read only accounts

It would be nice, if you could set an account to read-only. For example: i have set up an account that gets e-mail from a small internal list. That list should be public readable, but not writeable. It should also possible to disable sending of E-Mails.

2003-09-14 - Put config info in LDAP

Would be nice to point SquirrelMail to an LDAP directory for all user info, such as IMAP server, SMTP server, username, password - you know, all the config you do per account in Outlook, Moz Mail, etc. Then, to login, SquirrelMail would look-up the user in LDAP, auth them, and then connect to the IMAP server specified in LDAP on a per user basis. I would then be able to load-balance a couple SquirrelMail front-ends, since config is now in LDAP. Tons of other benefits, too, but being able to point at any IMAP server or domain is the biggest for me. Also would be nice to admin users in one place, eg LDAP. Most MTA's now support LDAP lookups, such as Postfix and Sendmail, for inbound email, so these people would be pretty psyched.

Ability to toggle icon/text view for buttons

It would be nice to be able to toggle text only/icon only/icon & text for most links (i.e. Delete, Reply, mailboxes)

Add padding around cell tables

Need more cell padding all around. Looks bad and unpolished to have text scrunched right up against the border of a cell.

Address book management

  • Store addressbook in vcard file so people can use their kde-addresbooks as SquirrelMail addressbook and vv...
  • Rewrap lines when reply or forward (isn't this already done? there is also a "rewrap' button that can be added by the Compose Extras plugin)
    • SquirrelMail needs some way to rewrap lines (like Mozilla) so that the >>>>>s do not get ugly

Alternative to "Sent" for auto-drop of new messages

  • As an alternative to INBOX.sent, it would be nice to, when composing an email, to have a drop-box in which you can select the mailbox into which it should be placed. On replies, this drop-box should be initialized to the mailbox in which the message to which you are replying resides. This would allow the user to keep logical threads together in the same mailboxes.
Another option: every identity can define it's own sent-folder. i have a biz- and a private-identity, and have separated sent-folders for this, putting the sent-mails into the corresponding folder would be great!

Automatic filtering of normal mail

Automatic movement of mails from INBOX to selectable folders, based on substrings or regular expressions in header fields or mail body, so that incoming mails that match a pattern are automatically moved wherever the user wants. Automatic deletion, forwarding or bouncing of mails based on patterns would be great, too.

  • Reply: Most of this should be possible using the Filters plugin, or better yet, using server-side filtering solutions, for which there are front end plugins in Squirrelmail


  • Be able to use several .ics files (Reply: this is on the TODO list for the Shared Calendars plugin)
  • And the Calendar should have group features, such as sending events to other "users" and get a message if there are appointments colliding.
  • Add event notification for all users subscribed to a calendar (Reply: this is on the TODO list for the Shared Calendars plugin)
  • Tie Message Highlighting into the calendar - have one calendar with different "groups" in different colours on it!

Changing the order of message filters takes too long. Better would be a drag and drop list with a submit button.

Filter by Address Book

Although I dislike AOL in general, one of the features I did like was the ability to reject email based on your address book. If a sender was not in your address book, the mail server would reject the mail. It would be nice to be able to filter messages into a spam folder if the sender was not in your address book. Although this idea is not totally spam proof, it would make it harder for spammers as they would have to make a good guess at who was in your address book.

  • Seconded. *Very* important when you have youngsters using email
  • Thirded. Or poets - it's a great spam cure-all for nontechnical users.

Folder list display (left_main overhaul)

Would like to see little folder views stating if the folder is open or closed. Very like the Hotmail mail folder list.

Individual item colors in themes

Theme system needs to be overhauled badly. The same color entries apply to multiple interface elements. Thus, making one element lighter/darker affects another element I didn't want to change.

Keep attachments listed

When email message is forwarded and an attachment is included anywhere in the file list it under the initial attachments rather than having to dig through all the forwarded messages to find the one file. (Reply: Huh? Please explain again.)

Keep list of most frequent recipients

Add a list of most used recipients (perhaps 5) when composing or even all the time, similar to hotmail's interface.

LDAP Addressbook by user

Possibility to each user access its own LDAP address book with his own connection credentials.

It would be really great if SquirrelMail was the first email client to support saving to LDAP, especially if you could have both personal and global addressbooks.

Mailman plugin

I would like to see a Plugin to handle Mailman (http://www.list.org/)- Administration. So that save your Passwords in Squirrel and Squirrel does the login-stuff.

Message list theme for Message view

The Message List theme would be nice for Message View. (Reply: can you please explain what you mean by this?)

More fields for contacts

Add more fields for contacts! (Phone, alternate email addresses, street address, etc!) Also allow input from Outlook contacts!

MSN formatting of folder view

How about updating the folder view to something like MSN and maybe adding graphical folder icons to improve on design?????

The all-text interface style is light, but terrible ugly. a little more graphical UI would be great.

Multiple Email Accounts

I would like the ability to setup multiple email accounts within SquirrelMail and to have the ability to select a default account, and to select which account I will be sending from in the compose screen.

  • I second that...the default user in particular. Many systems allow you to add a "nobody@domain.com" and that address captures all incorrectly addressed emails. Very useful!
  • I third that. Multiple accounts and the catch-all account would make this the perfect client. Once the internationalisation issues are sorted out.
  • I 4th this. Being able to view multiple accounts at the same time would be awesome. I currently do so much logging in and out to check my multiple accounts.

Option to supress "Purge Trash" button

  • Add support for turning off Purge Trash link next to Trash folder

PHPBB Support

Add SquirrelMail interoperability with PHPBB. These are two fantastic packages that go perfectly together!

Prevent browsers from caching pages (Security issue)

SquirrelMail works well on some browsers where proxy is not enabled. But when proxy is enabled on IE or Konqurer then SquirrelMail pages are cached and may be viewed offline. So any one can view your mail after you are done by clicking back button. I have tried to add header no-cache directives in login.php and redirective.php but it didn't work. I would like if you modify it like yahoo or hotmail. SO pages can't be viewed offline.

Remote POP server Fetching Mail

Enable Filters for remote POP server fetching mail

Replace "From" by "From/To"

It would be nice if the From: column were replaced with a From:/To:. My folders generally contain half-and-half sent and received mail, and it would be incredibly useful if SquirrelMail recognised those which I sent and told me who *I* sent them *to* instead. Likewise, when you reply to a mail that you in fact sent, it would be potentially useful if SquirrelMail knew to insert the recipient as the new deliveree.

Security support: SSL, S/MIME, STARTTLS

  • Support SSL client certificates for authentication
(This would be hard to do, because the IMAP server probably requires some kind of auth information (user/pass, etc.) that we wouldn't have from just the SSL client cert. And if the IMAP server supported SSL client certs for auth, SquirrelMail would end up needing to perform a man-in-the-middle attack to pass the authentication along; this just doesn't seem practical.)
  • Support S/MIME encryption/signatures and/or GPG encryption/signatures.
  • Support STARTTLS or use certificates for SMTP AUTH.

Showing nicknames instead of addresses on outgoing mail

Is it possible to hide the addresses so that only the nicknames show when you send out email?


When replying to a message, it would be nice to have a choice of whether the cursor is above or below the original message. When I click the "Signature" button to add my signature, it is placed at the very bottom of the entire message rather than at the end of my message, which is above the original message. Perhaps the signature could be placed where the cursor is currently located.

(Reply: See the option "Cursor Position When Replying" in display options (or compose options in 1.5.2+), which allows fully body select or focus (end of message)... using run-of-the-mill cross-browser javascript, it's not possible to focus in a certain place; this could be fixed by more advanced template sets in 1.5.2 using more advanced javascript)

Standardize width of table borders

Also, be consistent with using one-pixel frames. Some tables have them, some don't. Looks weird.

Sticky drafts

Option to have drafts "sticky" so that even after resuming draft and hitting send, a copy remains in the drafts folder for later reuse.

2006-05-05 - Sorting

  • Search Result. Enable sorting of search result by name, email, date, read status, etc... (Reply: In versions 1.5.x the search results have the same sortable columns that the normal inbox does)
  • Message Folder Add sorting by read or non-read flag.
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