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Simplified Chinese for Legacy SquirrelMail Versions

By Benson (the Simplified Chinese Translator)

We have been aware of that there was no Simplified Chinese for users to choose from in the language drop down list under >options>"display preferences". A quick workaround is listed below. We are also aware of the display problem of days/months in some languages (include Chinese). We have been working on it, and hopefully the new release that will come out some time soon will support these languages better.

Note: we always suggest you to download and use the latest version. However, you may want to stay the current version for some reasons (such as a tight productive environment). This workaround is writen based on release 1.2.7, and tested under 1.2.9. It should be good for 1.2.8 and earlier versions as well. (hey, "earlier" means "a little while ago, not the one your grandma used :-D )


1. You need open file function/i18n.php and find the following lines (if you are using 1.2.9, skip this step):

$languages['zh_TW']['NAME']    = 'Chinese';
$languages['zh_TW']['CHARSET'] = 'gb2312';
$languages['tw']['ALIAS'] = 'zh_CN';

Then uncomment it, and replace it with the following lines

$languages['zh_CN']['NAME']    = 'Simp_Chinese';
$languages['zh_CN']['CHARSET'] = 'gb2312';
$languages['cn']['ALIAS'] = 'zh_CN';

and then go to "Taiwan" section (the one above of Simp_Chinese section), replace this:

$languages['zh_TW']['NAME']    = 'Taiwan';
with this:
$languages['zh_TW']['NAME']    = 'Trad_Chinese';

(To those who concern: this improper name has been corrected in the stable release of 1.2.9)

Save it and quit. (do I need to say this?? :-)

2. Download one of the following packages, extract it into folder "locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/" to replace the old ones. Which one to use? If you are lazy and don't mind to see dates shown in English, download the one called "Simp_Chinese_1.zip". If you'd like everything shown in Chinese, please download Simp_Chinese.zip, and follow the readme.txt(within that .zip package) to do a little extra work.



3. Instruct your users to setup Simplified Chinese as their default language.

4. Grab yourself a bottle of beer.......and start a PC game....... ;-D

P.S. If you have more questions, or need help in Simplified Chinese, feel free to email me (Benson): bensonjin@yahoo.com

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