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This page describes the "Shared Calendar" plugin. It was originally based on the core calendar plug-in from the SquirrelMail distribution written by Michal Szczothkam. Until the most recent beta (11/2004), this plugin used the existing calendar plug-in and allows postmasters to create shared access calendars and public calendars. The new version is a complete re-write of the whole shebang. Public calendars are readable and writable by every SquirrelMail user, while shared access calendars can be assigned to specific users with read only or read/write access. The newer version of this plugin (which is destined to become the official SquirrelMail calendar plugin in version 1.5.1 and up) allows public calendars to be readable by everyone, but writable only by designated users if need be.


  • Calendar events may be defined as one-time or recurring (beta, 11/2004)
  • iCalendar/RFC 2445-compliant (beta, 11/2004)
  • Ability to "limit" the number of administrative users who can create shared calendars, yet not be able to view anyone else's shared calendars.
  • View by year. (Compliments Mary Hunter <mhunter [at] jfku [dot] edu>)
  • Lists creator and last editor to event edit and delete pages
  • Shared calendars and users for non-English languages
  • Hovering mouse on events on month view pops up text of event
  • Admin ability to specify wildcards (* or ?) in usernames when assigning users' calendar permissions (saves a lot of typing and manual maintenance when, for example, all users in one domain should have access to a single shared calendar!)
  • New users default to no permissions on any calendars
  • Day view defaults to the first of the month when not viewing current month
  • Switch from one calendar to another using navigation at bottom of month view
  • All shared calendar text output is Internationalized
  • Compatibility with Plugin Updates plugin

How to upgrade without losing your data?

All that is needed to be done to transfer your old entries for your users to a new copy of the calendar plugin is to copy all of the .CAL files from the DATA folder under SM to the new DATA folder in your new installation. The new calendar (11/2004) will soon include a migration script to move all old .cal files into ical-compliant files that can then be imported to the new plugin.

Also What about support for repeating events?

This is included in the new version of this plugin (11/2004)

Add a feat so users can subscribe to their cals and remotely update them

Not sure what is being asked, but this is probably addressed in the latest version of this plugin (11/2004)

See answer below.(04/2005)

Does the new version actually use .ics files which can be published to via [WebDav] from a compatible client (iCal or Mozilla Calendar), or can you only "import" .ics files?

WebDAV server functionality is in beta testing as of at least 01/2006. WebDAV client functionality is still on the TODO list for this plugin. Send money. :-)

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