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Version 1.4.15
Security Upgrade
*** SquirrelMail Stable Series 1.4 ***

Version 1.4.23 - SVN
  - Added capability to issue SEARCH commands in literal format (so that
    non-ASCII search terms are handled RFC-correctly).
  - Fixed hook name clash: new "smtp_auth" hook added in version 1.4.22
    has been renamed to "smtp_authenticate"
  - Added SASL PLAIN mechanism for IMAP logins; backported from version
  - Prevent syslog warning in call_user_func_array() call when no
    arguments given.  Patch from Jean-Philippe Guerard (#3309935).
  - Changed the read_body_menu_top hook from concat_hook_function to
    do_hook_function (plugin authors please note)
  - Always ensure that the Reply-To header is a full email address in
    outgoing messages
  - Fixed issue with Noselect mailboxes being clickable in folder list
  - Made performance improvements in mailbox listing
  - Attachment filename extensions changed from ".msg" to ".eml"
  - Unified address book searches somewhat: file-backed address books now
    search in each field individually; database-backed address books now
    search in fields other than first/last name (nickname, email); LDAP-
    backed address books now search in common name fields as well as by
    email address (cn, sn, givenname, mail)
  - You may now enable LDAP-backed address books to be listed (using
    the "List all" button on the address search screen accessed via
    the "Addresses" button on the compose screen) by adding
    "$ldap_abook_allow_listing = TRUE;" (without quotes) to
    config/config_local.php (previously, this required editing of a
  - Added ability to control browser rendering mode (quirks versus
    standards) - see the $browser_rendering_mode setting in
    config/config.php or the "4. General Options ==> 19. Browser
    rendering mode" setting in the configuration tool (#3240356).
  - Added "search_index_before" hook (analog of the "mailbox_index_before"
  - Made performance improvements in security token handling
  - Improvements for compatibility with PHP 5.4.
  - Added option that allows users to have replies to their own
    messages sent to the recipient of the previous message (#3520988).
  - Added Solarized Light and Solarized Dark themes, by Pavneet Arora.
  - Added associative edit list option widget, with optional folder
    list selector for values
  - Added option to use blank spacer instead of security image ("This
    image has been removed for security reasons.") for replacing
    unsafe images.
  - Full date and time is used as "title" (mouseover) text for dates
    shown on the message list screen
  - Custom Stylesheets are now sorted on the Display Preferences page
  - $xtra in the displayHtmlHeader function is now available in the
    global scope so that plugins can modify it during the generic_header
  - Added some generic client-side (JavaScript) libraries (including
    an asynchronous server request mechansim). See the new /scripts
    directory (plugin authors can refer to the plugin documentation
    for how to use them)
  - Added optional JavaScript folder list refresh ("check mail")
    mechanisms that try to avoid refreshing if server is not responding -
    see the $check_mail_mechanism setting in config/config.php or the
    "4. General Options ==> "21. Auto check mail mechanism" setting in
    the configuration tool.  (If you do not update your configuration,
    you will get messages in your logs:  "PHP Notice:  Undefined variable:
    check_mail_mechanism in /path/to/squirrelmail/src/left_main.php on
    line 322...")
  - Added advanced control over the SSL context used when connecting
    to the SMTP and IMAP servers over SSL/TLS (thanks to Emmanuel
    Dreyfus).  You can take a look at $imap_stream_options and
    $smtp_stream_options in config_local.example.php in SquirrelMail
    version 1.5.2 for more information.  These configuration settings
    should work the same under 1.4.23:
  - Added ability to show login error from the IMAP server instead of
    traditional "Unknown user or password incorrect" (thanks to Alain
    Williams).  See $display_imap_login_error in the configuration
    file or "4.  General Options ==> 22. Display login error from IMAP"
    in the configuration tool.
  - Configuration tool now shows the SquirrelMail version
  - Added new attachments_top hook to src/read_body.php
  - When resuming a draft, correct (from) identity is now pre-selected
  - Removed overly-restrictive character limitations on address book
  - Prevent session lock-up caused by filters plugin trying to move
    messages in an account that is over quota
  - Added MD5 alternative to directory hash calculation
  - Added ability for administrator to control whether or not users
    can edit their reply-to address ($edit_reply_to in config.php)
  - Added new "login_before_page_header" (boolean) hook; allows
    plugins to have more explicit control over login page header
  - Added new "smtp_helo_override" hook; allows plugins to override
    the HELO host sent to the SMTP server when sending messages
  - Added STARTTLS support for both IMAP and SMTP connections
  - Added PDO support for database connections, so no external
    database module needs to be installed
  - compose_send hook now has $draft flag in hook arguments
  - Fixed insufficient sendmail command argument escaping (thanks
    to Mitchel Sahertian, Beyond Security/Dawid Golunski and Filippo
    Cavallarin for bringing this to our attention). [CVE-2017-7692]
  - Upgraded preferences for the delete_move_next plugin.  Automatic
    user preference updates are included, but note that if your
    installation is new, or all user prefs have been converted from
    "on"/"off" to 0/1 then you can add the following to SquirrelMail's
    config/config_local.php to avoid convertign legacy values over and over:
       $do_not_convert_delete_move_next_legacy_preferences = TRUE;
  - Added ability to control the display of the "Check Spelling"
    button provided by the squirrelspell plugin, which allows
    administrators to offer this plugin but keep it out of the way
    for users who do not want it. Put sqspell_show_button=0 in
    default preferences if it should be hidden by default
  - Added ability (and user preference) to return to message list
    after moving a message
  - Search enhancement: Added ability to search in more than one
    header without having to search the body
  - Add ability for saved drafts to indicate if they are a reply and
    if so, to which message, and mark that message as replied when
    the draft is finally sent
  - Added option to allow returning to the message one had been
    replying to after sending
  - Sanitize user-supplied attachment filenames (thanks to Florian
    Grunow for reporting this issue) [CVE-2018-8741]
  - Allow users who cannot edit their email address but who have
    multiple identities to edit all their identities
  - Changed anti-CSRF security token lifetime to be session-based.
  - Added favicon and ability for admins to use their own by setting
    $head_tag_extra in config_local.php (see documented comments in,
    for example, src/webmail.php)
  - Altered hook types "do_hook_function" and "concat_hook_function"
    such that the ultimate hook return value (in its current state,
    as computed (or not) by the plugins that have executed previously)
    is both globalized and passed as an additional argument to each
    plugin.  This allows plugins to cooperate better and not overwrite
    each other's return values.
  - Updated SVG handling, closing several related vulnerabilities
    (#2831) [CVE-2018-14950] [CVE-2018-14951] [CVE-2018-14952]
    [CVE-2018-14953] [CVE-2018-14954] [CVE-2018-14955]
  - Added IMAP ID command (RFC2971), sent after every login - use
    by setting $imap_id_command_args in config/config_local.php
    (see notes in functions/imap_general.php for more details)
  - Fixed PHP7 warnings (#2847)

Version 1.4.22 - 12 July 2011
  - Backported default timezone fix from version 1.5.2; helps mitigate
    timezone errors in environments where a default has not been set
    by the administrator.
  - Fixed system lock-ups caused by a combination of certain rare,
    malformed message headers and buggy versions of PHP mbstring
  - Now allow multiple plugins to handle (add links for) a single
    attachment MIME type.
  - Now allow administrators to disable all plugins or enable just
    a select few plugins (overriding the active plugins in the normal
    configuration) by setting $temporary_plugins as an empty array
    (all disabled) or an array with one or more plugin directory names
    in config_local.php.
  - Backport fix for call_user_func_array not supporting NULL as empty
    array in PHP 5.3.3
  - Fixed sqauth_read_password() for plugins on the login_verified hook.
  - Added SMTP SASL PLAIN authentication option to configuration tool
    (core support for such is not new).
  - Gmail doesn't support standard search commands; removed sort buttons.
  - Forced addition of a file suffix to attachments that lack a filename
    (helps forwarded messages avoid spam filters) (thanks to Petr
    Kletecka) (#3139004).
  - Fixed missing security token in listcommands plugin.
  - Added smtp_auth hook (thanks to Emmanuel Dreyfus).
  - Made speed enhancements to threaded message display (thanks to Siim
    Poder) (#3288123).
  - Allow administrators to configure subfolders of user INBOXes to be
    treated as special folders by adding $subfolders_of_inbox_are_special
    to config_local.php.
  - Fixed incorrect display of INBOX subfolders under some configurations.
    IMPORTANT: You may need to update your configuration so that
    $default_sub_of_inbox is TRUE if it was FALSE (e.g., Courier IMAP users)
    and after updating to this version, your special folders are no longer
    listed at the top of your folder list.  Also, if this change prevents
    users from logging in with an error such as "ERROR: Could not complete
    request.  Query: CREATE "Trash" Reason Given: Invalid mailbox name.",
    you will need to correct the user preference values for the problem
    folders.  You can do so with commands such as the following for file-
    based preferences (adjust the data directory location as needed):
        find /var/lib/squirrelmail/data/ -name *.pref -exec sed --in-place 's/trash_folder=Trash/trash_folder=INBOX.Trash/g' {} \;
        find /var/lib/squirrelmail/data/ -name *.pref -exec sed --in-place 's/draft_folder=Drafts/draft_folder=INBOX.Drafts/g' {} \;
        find /var/lib/squirrelmail/data/ -name *.pref -exec sed --in-place 's/sent_folder=Sent/sent_folder=INBOX.Sent/g' {} \;
    Or, for database-based preferences:
        UPDATE userprefs SET prefval = 'INBOX.Trash' WHERE prefkey = 'trash_folder' AND prefval = 'Trash';
        UPDATE userprefs SET prefval = 'INBOX.Drafts' WHERE prefkey = 'draft_folder' AND prefval = 'Drafts';
        UPDATE userprefs SET prefval = 'INBOX.Sent' WHERE prefkey = 'sent_folder' AND prefval = 'Sent';
    MAKE SURE to back up your user preferences first!
  - Optimized message highlighting rules; faster message list display
    and faster highlight rules management (thanks to C. Bensend for
    extensive effort helping diagnose)
  - New Mail plugin no longer removes normal organization title when
    putting the number of new messages in the browser title
  - Added clickjacking protection (thanks to Asbjorn Thorsen and Geir
    Hansen for bringing this to our attention). [CVE-2010-4554]
  - Fixed XSS holes in generic options inputs, XSS hole in the SquirrelSpell
    plugin, XSS hole in the Index Order page, and added anti-CSRF protection
    to the empty trash feature and the Index Order page (thanks to Nicholas
    Carlini for finding all these issues).
    [CVE-2011-2752, CVE-2011-2753, CVE-2010-4555]
  - Fixed XSS problem with unsanitized style tags in messages. [CVE-2011-2023]

Version 1.4.21 - 23 Jul 2010
  - Now allow more than one plugin to control the compose form submit action.
  - When sorting by received date, the received date is now shown on the
    message list.
  - Explicitly disabled browser caching for left_main and right_main pages
  - Fixed error with SpamCop reporting plugin not being able to send report
    as emails (#1795310).
  - Fixed typo in SpamCop plugin.
  - Reduced default time security tokens stay valid from 30 days to 2 days
    (reduces chances of session data growing too large)
  - Several speed enhancements for recent fixes regarding the display of
    encoded subjects, including a fix for messages with invalid subject
    encoding (includes #2987016 amongst several other issues reported via
    mailing list, etc.) (Many thanks to Zdenek Pytela for the untiring help
    diagnosing and testing.)
  - Fixed minor vulnerability in Mail Fetch plugin.
  - Now properly quote personal part of encoded addresses when replying.
  - Now fill in default subject when forwarding as attachment (#2936541).
  - Implement header folding that doesn't add extraneous spaces so unfolding
    is less ambiguous (#1951776).
  - Fixed issues caused by use of PostgreSQL keyword "user" in SquirrelMail's
    default preferences database schema (#2943483).
  - Fixed attachment filename decoding problems (#2994865).
  - Now default search criteria to the TO header when searching the sent folder.
  - Fixed literal processing of 8-bit usernames/passwords during login.

Version 1.4.20 - 06 Mar 2010
  - Fixed issue with search not using literals correctly (#2846511).
  - Fixed issue with returning to search results due to new security token code.
  - Fixed issue with multi-part related messages not showing all attachments (#2830140).
  - Fixed for security token missing in newmail plugin (#2919418).
  - Fixed sort in Sent folder to sort by "To" field instead of "From" field (#2907412).
  - Fixed mailto: urls containing + characters.  Thanks to Michael Puls II for the 
  - Made base URL autodetection more robust; fixes some lighttpd issues
    (probably #1741469).
  - Encoded From headers are now properly quoted (#2830141).
  - Multibyte strings (notably subjects) are now handled correctly (#2824813,
  - X-DNS-Prefetch-Control: off header is now sent to browsers to prevent information
    leakage when Firefox does DNS prefetching for URLs contained in emails.
  - Added unread links in message view.
  - Added the ability to configure Google Mail (Gmail) as the mail server
    behind SquirrelMail.
  - Added option in display preferences that allows the signature to be stripped
    from the original message when replying (#2952876).  Thanks to Sven Strickroth.

Version 1.4.20 RC2 - 17 Aug 2009
  - Protect message deletion with security token system. (Secunia Advisory SA34627)

Version 1.4.20 RC1 - 12 Aug 2009
  - Removed the shut down DSBL blocklists (#2796734).
  - Fixed broken RFC1918 reference in contrib/.htaccess and doc/.htaccess (#2798839).
  - Updated INSTALL doc to remove possible bad system admin typos (#2827153).
  - PHP 5.3 deprecates ereg functions (#2820952).
  - Filters plugin uses badly formatted literals request (#2805201).
  - Provide option for complete removal of usernames and user IP addresses
    from message headers, and remove personal data from Message ID seed.
  - Implemented page referal verification mechanism. (Secunia Advisory SA34627)
  - Implemented security token system. (Secunia Advisory SA34627)

Version 1.4.19 - 21 May 2009
  - Removed use of session_unregister() for compatibility with PHP 5.3.0
    and PHP 6.
  - Fixed the Filters plugin to allow commas in filter criteria text and
    not to error out when spam-scanning only unread mail.
  - Resend cookie to browser after session ID regeneration so it gets the
    right cookie parameters.
  - In SMTP, when we EHLO with an IP, wrap it in brackets (#2793154).
  - The shell escaping fix in map_yp_alias [CVE-2009-1579] was incomplete.
    Thanks Michal Hlavinka for noticing this. [CVE-2009-1381]

Version 1.4.18 - 11 May 2009
  - Fixed port detection in automatic base URL detection scheme
    (get_location()). (#2388423)
  - Added informational type option widget.
  - Added password type option widget.
  - Fixed filters plugin to allow spam filters to scan multiple
    messages, rather than the first message returned. (#1634735)
  - Removed code from spam filters plugin to stop if falling back
    to searching all messages when there was no new messages.
  - Altered filters plugin to issue single move/delete statement
    for multiple messages.
  - Updated some core code, and several plugins, to not use code
    marked as obsolete.
  - Corrected sqimap_msgs_list_copy to actually copy messages,
    rather than move.
  - Created new sqimap_msgs_list_move to move messages.
  - Migrated some fetch handling code from dev branch in plans to
    update some core functionality to allow reusability of code.
  - Make address book file permissions 0600 - same as preference files.
  - Fix for address book nicknames that contain the : character.
  - Ensure that hash directory computation is the same on both 32 and
    64 bit architectures. (#2596879)
  - Allow multiple addresses in one abook entry (separate with commas),
    although we HIGHLY DISCOURAGE grouping in this manner - note amongst
    other issues that can come up, sizing for large groups will be a
    problem. (#2611967)
  - Added Tamil translation (Thanks to Kengatharaiyer Sarveswaran).
  - Added Bengali (Bangladesh) translation (Thanks to Jamil Ahmed).
  - Moved documentation to doc/ directory and added example .htaccess
    files in all directories to which browsers don't need direct access.
  - Date headers in outgoing messages have been brought into RFC 822
    compliance (removed time zone name). (#1849410)
  - Default Content-Transfer-Encoding is now RFC-compliant "7bit"
    instead of "us-ascii". (#1942060)
  - Outgoing attachments that have lines longer than allowed per RFC
    are now encoded so they are not corrupted by artificial line folds.
    Thanks to Kelly Fallon. (#2226470, $1473714)
  - Converted Italian (it_IT) to UTF-8.
  - Converted Czech (cs_CZ) to UTF-8.
  - Converted Hungarian (hu_HU) to UTF-8.
  - Added Khmer translation (Thanks to Khoem Sokhem).
  - Remove ability for HTML emails to use CSS positioning to overlay
    SquirrelMail content (Thanks to Luc Beurton). (#2723196) [CVE-2009-1581]
  - Fixed improper sanitizing of PHP_SELF and the lack of sanitizing of
    QUERY_STRING server environment variables (Thanks to Niels Teusink
    and Christian Balzer). [CVE-2009-1578]
  - Fixed the lack of sanitizing of contrib/decrypt_headers.php input;
    also includes general cleanup of that page (Thanks to Niels Teusink).
    [also CVE-2009-1578]
  - Fixed unsanitized shell command in example IMAP username mapping
    function (map_yp_alias) (Thanks to Niels Teusink). [CVE-2009-1579]
  - Fixed session fixation issues where someone who can modify a user's
    cookies could gain control of their login session.  The SquirrelMail
    base URI is now uniformly generated, extraneous cookies are cleaned
    up and session IDs are regenerated upon every login (Thanks to Tomas
    Hoger). [CVE-2009-1580]

Version 1.4.17 - 03 December 2008
  - Allow control over white space wrapping of auto-generated
    SquirrelMail option widgets.
  - Fix matching of alternate identities when replying.
  - Fix HTTPS detection under Windows IIS that was incorrectly
    setting cookies to be transmitted only over a secure
    connections when none existed (#2318118).
  - Security: Fix XSS exploit in hyperlinks when rendering
    messages. Thanks to Secunia Research for reporting this
    issue and for their patience. [CVE-2008-2379]

Version 1.4.16 - 28 September 2008
  - Added support for Latvian.
  - Add submit button type option widget
  - Allow address book lookups by fields other than nickname/alias
  - Include hooks in databased-based preference backend that have
    long been in the file-based preference backend
  - Removed the Address Take (abook_take) plugin; please see the Add
    Address (third party) plugin.
  - Allow a different server address for the POP server to be
    configured when using POP before SMTP.
  - Update the left_main_after_each_folder hook to work on the trash
    folder as well as all other folders.
  - Fix HTML validity issue with IE conditional construct (#1985916).
  - Backported sqsetcookie() from 1.5.2, so cookies won't be
    transmitted under non-SSL connections if the session is
    started under an SSL (https) connection (CVE-2008-3663).
    Also limits cookies to HTTPOnly, a feature of IE and Firefox
    to counter cross site scripting attacks.

Version 1.4.15 - 23 May 2008
  - Fix saving of Read Receipts to Sent folder.
  - Converted Romanian (ro_RO) to UTF-8.
  - Converted Slovak (sk_SK) to UTF-8.
  - Converted Swedish (sv_SE) to UTF-8.

Version 1.4.15 Release Candidate 1 - 12 May 2008
  - Added support for Macedonian.
  - Don't allow invalid plugin names in conf.pl --install-plugin.
  - Fix warning in Printer Friendly due to missing include (#1849101).
  - Let configtest.php use optional PEAR dynamic extension loading,
    patch by Walter Huijbers (#1833123).
  - Fix for IMAP servers that were having problems saving sent messages.
  - Fix broken <style> tag parsing for some HTML messages, thanks
    Roalt Zijlstra.
  - Re-added support for Vietnamese.
  - Fixed broken MDN functionality (send read confirmation).
  - Converted traditional Chinese (zh_TW) to UTF-8.
  - Avoid deprecation notices on get_magic_quotes_* functions.
  - Improved Message-ID generation code.
  - Added edit list, checkbox, radio group, multiple-select folder
    list and multiple-select string list option widget types,
    as well as support for the "trailing_text" widget attribute.
  - Boolean option widgets are henceforth presented as checkboxes.
  - Tidied up fortune plugin to be inline with specifications for plugins.
  - Enhanced address book page: added 'Compose to' button, put labels
    around address entries tied to checkboxes, improved column spacing,
    added hook for plugins that can filter address book listings.
    Complements RisuMail team (risumail.jp).

Version 1.4.14 - Skipped; version number abused by spammers.

Version 1.4.13 - 14 December 2007
  - Include compatibility plugin files if available.
  - Some IMAP servers send nil for an empty email body (See RFC2180,
    section 4.1.3 on empty strings).
  - New release to clear up any confusion with respect to
    compromised 1.4.11 and 1.4.12 packages [CVE-2007-6348].

Version 1.4.12 - 04 December 2007
  - Enabled user selection of address format when adding from address
    book during message composition.
  - Fixed issue with adding attachments in PHP 4.x environments (#1805471).
  - Backport size setting on "newmail" popup window.
  - Added a "short_open_tag" configuration test.
  - Undefined notice in error message box when no default folder prefix is set.
  - Undefined index error when downloading.  Possibly caused by using tabs and
    opening multiple mailboxes.
  - PAGE_NAME might not be defined in all plugins, which might cause a 
    "not defined" error on session timeouts.
  - Fixed outgoing messages to allow addresses such as "0@..." or "000@...",
    etc. (#1818398).
  - Fixed issue with in-reply-to and reference headers not being retained on
    reply (#1810659).
  - Revived logout_error hook (#1800015).
  - Allow custom session handlers to work correctly (and be defined at the
    application level with SquirrelMail).
  - Fix off-by-one in bodystructure parsing triggered by servers sending
    a body location part (e.g. Sun Java System Messaging Server). Thanks
    John Callahan (#1808382).
  - Invalid initialization of To: header (#1772893).
  - Includes cleanup in include/validate.php.
  - Cleanup in multiple files to remove unneeded includes.
  - Added sort by size (#812233 and #159997, plus multiple list requests).
    Patch provided by Christopher E. Brown.
  - Fix bug in sitewide SMTP settings still using authenticated user, rather
    than configured settings (#1835942).
  - Fixed mailto: functionality.
  - Added mailto: link handling when viewing messages.
  - Handle PHP's insistence on setting the value to 'deleted' for destroyed sessions

Version 1.4.11 - 29 September 2007
  - Minimum PHP requirement raised from 4.0.6 to 4.1.0.
    SquirrelMail has been broken for a while with 4.0.x without anyone
    noticing, this move merely reflects reality.
  - Fix broken set_url_var function in functions/html.php (#1729814).
  - Fix config.pl not detecting auth support correctly (#1727033).
  - Fix display of X-Priority in message view.
  - Work around mailers sending broken Date headers with no space after the
    first comma.
  - Let POP3 class properly cope with lines starting with a '.'.
  - Some HTML validation cleanups.
  - Invalid year in sent_subfolders plugin (#1607380).
  - Always treat Content-Type case-insensitively (#1732092).
  - Fix typo: html/plain should be text/html.
  - Fix en/decode header swith in MDN (#1694687).
  - Fix compatibility with Windows path in administrator plugin (#1740469).
  - Fix disabling password encryption in mail_fetch (#1738001).
  - Fix busy loop and notice when two literals in IMAP fetch (#1739433).
  - Backported code for site wide SMTP authentication (#1531889).
  - Fixed issue with compose session not being cleaned after message is 
    saved or sent.
  - Added ability to detect HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO in get_location(),
    thanks to Daniel Watts
  - Fix test for signout.php in the logged in check in is_logged_in() so it
    cannot be circumvented by manipulating the URL. External plugins might
    rely on this function guaranteeing that the user is logged in.
  - Use attachment_dir only at the point where we're actually
    reading from / writing to the files, do not carry it around
    in the object. This makes us safer in the event the object
    is somehow exposed to the outside world.
  - Better support mailboxes named 'None' (#1598890).
  - Sort readdir() output in conf.pl (#1755886).
  - Fix message cache in printer friendly, thanks Tomas Kuliavas.
  - Made the webmail_top hook work again for plugins that want to change
    the URI of the "right" frame; plugins have to change the value of the
    global variable $right_frame_url
  - Fix issue in darkness theme with extra closing bracket.
  - No longer store all message composition sessions in the PHP session,
    since it was not made use of and in rare cases, made sessions too big.
  - Composition restoration functionality now correctly restores attachments.
  - Added smtp_auth hook.
  - Change default Selection List Style to Indented.
  - Added "preselected" query argument to mailbox list.
  - Added mailbox_display_buttons hook.
  - Removed "Include CCs when Forwarding Messages", which had no functionality
  - Make the Message Details plugin actually show the correct entity when 
    viewing details of attached messages.
  - Add PAGE_NAME constant to all src/ pages for use in detecting what page
    has been requested by the client.

Version 1.4.10a - 10 May 2007
  - Fix regression in compose: when no alternative identities have been
    defined, the From header would be incorrect. 

Version 1.4.10 - 9 May 2007
  - Drop obsolete ORDB RBL from filters plugin (#1629398).
  - Fix HTML glitches (#1608798, #1628639, #1521389, #1548394, #1704686).
  - Reduce (largely theoretical) chance of reusing existing attachment
  - Fix rare bug in forwarding as attachment from some search results.
  - Add warning about magic_quotes_* in configtest.
  - Unify accepted versions for imap_server_type and set_defaults (#1629722).
  - Fix for wrong $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] value causing wrong links
    in the [more] and [less] links in read_body.php.
  - Update for switch from CVS to Subversion.
  - Fix URL to send read receipts from read_body (#1637572).
  - Fix for high memory usage when forwarding messages with attachments.
  - Fix for filename extraction from attachments.
  - Fix reply to all duplicating the address from Reply-To.
  - Drop redundant call to session_register, which could trigger a segfault
    in PHP 4.4.5 (#1664155).
  - Make compose use get_identities() rather than fiddling with identities
    by itself, resolving a problem in the listcommands plugin (#1663762).
  - If a date-header cannot be parsed, display the unparsed version as a
    better-than-nothing alternative.
  - Fix "Unknown Sender" on message after reading a digest (#1673047).
  - Fix Priority and Receipt compose options being reset after return from
    HTML addressbook (#1673056).
  - Fix sorting of folder list with non-. delimiter (#1593229).
  - Only display "+" symbol on multipart/mixed messages, e.g. those with
    real attachments.
  - Fixes for issues with filters plugin (#1634735).
  - Session not correctly handled on webmail.php (#1685031).
  - session_id reporting session id when no active session (#1685031).
  - sqm_baseuri moved to strings.php (#1685114).
  - Added sq_change_text_domain() for plugins to use when switching text
    domains. If plugins use this function, it fixes #1434043.
  - Added new language: Frisian, thanks to Rinse de Vries.
  - Security: fixes for the HTML filter to counter further XSS exploits:
    HTML attachments containing 'data:' URLs, Internet Explorer-specifc
    charset conversion exploits, and request forgery through included
    images. Thanks to Mikhail Markin, Tomas Kuliavas and Michael Jordon
    for reporting these issues. [CVE-2007-1262, CVE-2007-2589]

Version 1.4.9a - 3 December 2006
  - Security: Multiple IE cross site scripting issues related to the
    widely acceptation of the word expression and url by IE.
  - Security: Removing @import when sanitizing html mail.

Version 1.4.9 - 2 December 2006
  - Drop obsolete script plugins/make_archive.pl.
  - Fixed Google translate form in translate plugin. Added new language
  - Added XMAGICTRASH extension tests in configtest utility. Removed code
    that handled 'inbox.trash' as special folder in courier (#1354393).
  - Allowed moving folders to trash in courier.
  - Fix misspelled constant PREG_SPLIT_NI_EMPTY in sqimap_get_message
  - Provide View Unsafe Images link on viewing a text/html attachment.
  - Fix variable typo in folders_create.php (#1545316).
  - Added Courier IMAP OUTBOX check to configtest utility.
  - If mailbox name starts with slash or contains ../, error message is
    generated. Safety check for insecure default UW IMAP setup (#1557078).
  - Ignore message copy errors when messages are deleted. Allows to delete
    messages when quota is exceeded (#614887, #646386, #1446026).
  - Fixed unintended literal fetching (#1562271).
  - Added global file based address book listing controls. Added line
    length configuration option for local_file address book backend
    (#1181561). Added address book data integrity checks in local_file
    address book backend. Fixed eregi and object notices in local_file
    and database address book backends. Added additional address book
    field support.
  - Fixed variable corruption in configtest utility.
  - Checked if configuration file is readable in configuration utility
  - Special mailboxes marked in special_mailbox hook are no longer listed
    in folder delete, rename and subscription options.
  - Translate plugin: prevent PHP notice when viewing empty message.
  - Add CEST and MEST (non-standard) timezone codes for +0200.
  - Add <label> to From field in message list.
  - Add support for parsing SpamAssassin's X-Spam-Status header (#1589520).
  - Fix in bodystructure parser code related to strings ending with an
    escape character.
  - Added "attachment */*" hook
  - Added third parameter $logout_link to logout_error hook that allows
    plugin control over login page URI displayed on login error page.
  - Security: close cross site scripting vulnerability in draft, compose
    and mailto functionality [CVE-2006-6142].
  - Security: work around an issue in Internet Explorer that would guess
    the mime type of a file based on contents, not Content-Type header.

Version 1.4.8 - 11th August 2006
  - Fixed URL for Read Receipts being incorrect in some cases (#1177518).
  - Fixed endless loop when trying to parse "From: )(" (#1517867).
  - Using is_file() instead of file_exists() in fortune plugin, which
    correctly fails if the specified location is a directory (#1499134).
  - Add manual page for conf.pl under contrib.
  - Don't allow selecting INBOX as Sent, Draft or Trash folder (#1242346).
  - Fixed spamcop web based reporting form (#1519673).
  - Session cookies are turned on, if session.use_cookies is turned off
    in PHP configuration (#1518885).
  - Cleaned whitespace in output buffer when plugins are loaded (#1291209).
  - Removed conf.pl dependency on Perl IO::Socket module. Automatic detection
    of supported authentication mechanisms is disabled, if IO::Socket is not
  - Make the base for the SquirrelMail URL configurable. Adds a new variable
    config_base_location to config.php and a new option to conf.pl. This is
    to prevent problems in installs where our heuristic doesn't work
    correctly (#1521299, #1460675, #1110064, #1000850, #1113791).
  - Fixed mailbox and header sanitizing in src/search.php.
  - Handle IMAP copy errors in filters plugin. Added $handle_errors option
    and boolean return in sqimap_messages_copy() function (#1520437).
  - Improved register_globals=on handling code in order to prevent possible
    variable corruption. This also effectively rules out future attack vectors
    that require register_globals to be on.
  - Fixed use of $version in config.php file (#1527870).
  - Fixed IMAP folder creation in euc-kr, big5 and gb2312 translations
  - Configuration utility does not allow 8bit symbols in IMAP folder names
  - Removed HTTP Status header from signout page to work around a bug in
    fastcgi (#1424748).
  - Added command execution status check in SendMail delivery class (#1374174).
  - Added $sendmail_args configuration option (#1365779).
  - Fixed resuming of compose when session expired while writing.
  - Security: Make sure that code only sets those variables that are needed in
    compose and are not already set. Thanks James Bercegay from GulfTech for
    pointing this out. [CVE-2006-4019]
  - Fixed subscription of new 'noselect' folders (#1315912).
  - Moving the developers documentation to the documentation module; it's
    no longer shipped in the tarballs.
  - Drop dead code in validate.php once used for some old obscure bug.

Version 1.4.7 - 4th July 2006
  - Security: Possible cookie theft in src/redirect.php if
    register_globals is enabled, and malicous site is running
    in same domain.
  - Fixed that loading the options page always loaded the prefs
    initial_value on display, instead of the users' value.
  - Enabled Ukrainian translation after updates by Serhij Dubyk.
  - Fixed from address in case of MDN receipts (patch from Dimitar Pashev).
  - Correct variable typo, causing Bogus sequence in FETCH errors (#1460338).
  - Reduce references header in a smart way to avoid "header too long"
    errors from SMTP servers in really long threads (#1167754, #1465342).
  - Undo extra sanitizing in decodeHeader() function (#1460638).
  - Added workaround for broken OpenBSD 3.8+ setlocale() function (#1427512).
  - Fixed session lockups on large attachment downloads.
  - Fixed bug_report plugin connections to mapped and secured IMAP servers.
  - Fixed possibility to use single quote in provider name (#1475744).
  - Improved error handling for the help pages.
  - Added new color themes by Jeremy Landes, Tammi Maggard and Lucas Austin-Howe
    (#1378332), (#1377567), (#1377529), (#1377528), (#1377527), (#1377526),
    (#1377525), (#1393188).
  - Removed invalid $sendmail_path check in configuration utility.
  - Backported calendar plugin updates from devel branch. Fixed display of
    multiline events (#1291081) and sanitizing of quotes (#705796). Fixed
    possible calendar corruption, when events contain special formating
    characters. Moved html sanitizing from backend functions to display
    code. Removed direct access to $_GET and $_POST variables and
    simplified form variable processing.
  - Fixed some mailbox caching issues, when messages are deleted or moved
    not in first mailbox page. Fixed use of mailbox cache in right_main.php
  - Stop URL parsing, if 8bit symbols or HTML entities are detected (#1356798).
  - Improve recovery when EHLO not supported on legacy SMTP servers
  - Don't move messages when target mailbox matches source mailbox (#1409453).
  - Sanitized IMAP folder names in error_message() function and filters plugin.
  - Take X-Forwarded-Host HTTP header in consideration when constructing
    base_uri for redirects; reduces problems with transparent proxies
  - Don't use trailing delimiter when sqimap_mailbox_create() subscribes
    newly created mailbox.
  - Undefined variable in src/right_main.php.
  - Security: Local file inclusion in functions/plugin.php with
    register_globals enabled, and magic_quotes disabled (reported by Denix
    Solutions). [CVE-2006-2842]
  - Add note to conf.pl / config_default.php to warn users that set
    sensitive passwords in that file to properly secure it.
  - Prevent modifications in advanced identities, when editing of
    identities is disabled.
  - Fix incorrect parsing of From with nested parentheses (#1241506).
  - Tightened code in search.php for disputed security report. We don't
    believe this is exploitable, but the code is tightened anyway.

Version 1.4.6 - 23 February 2006
  - Security: MagicHTML fix for comments in styles (reported
    by Scott Hughes) and parsing of u\rl (reported by
    Martijn Brinkers) which allowed for cross site scripting
    when using Internet Explorer [CVE-2006-0195].
  - Multi-line encoded headers were being deleted (#1394667).
  - Security: Prohibit IMAP injection attempts (reported by Vicente
    Aguilera) [CVE-2006-0377].
  - Handle unsolicited responses inside SORT responses properly.
  - Security: Fix possible cross site scripting through the right_main
    parameter of webmail.php. This now uses a whitelist of acceptable
    values. [CVE-2006-0188]
  - Removed invalid STARTTLS check from configtest.php script.
  - Added Georgian language support.

Version 1.4.6 Release Candidate 1 - 10 December 2005
  - Added Simple Green, Silver Steel, Wood, Bluesome, Simple Green2 and
    Simple Purple themes. Contributed by Pavel Spatny, Saku Lehtio
    (#1188209), Vicky Pyne (#1217066 and #1217069).
  - Fixes for increased error checking in PHP 5.0.5+ array_shift() (#1237160).
  - Added extra checks in Delivery class for In-Reply-To header. Fixes
    E_NOTICE level warnings in PHP 5.0.4 and later (#1206474). [PHP5]
  - Added extra checks in SquirrelMail charset_encode() function in case
    somebody removes HTML to US-ASCII conversion library (#1239782).
  - Ported devel fixes for PHP 5.0.4 E_NOTICE warnings in Message class
    (#1164045). [PHP5]
  - Auto Refresh Folder List preference now defaults to 10 Minutes, add
    option for 20 Minutes.
  - Fixed inline display of attached jpeg/gif/xbm attachments in Mozilla
  - Fixed invalid reference in src/download.php. E_NOTICE level warnings
    could corrupt attachments in PHP 4.4.0.
  - Fixed error handling in SquirrelSpell plugin. sprintf and gettext
    formating errors in check_me.mod. Reported by Edward Chapman.
  - Allow configure to be ran from any directory, thanks Ceri Davies.
  - Fixed reloading the cached mailbox-tree after a purge trash action.
  - Fixed loading of external background-images in style attributes when
    show_unsafe_images is false.
  - Fix to stop deletion of mailboxes that do not exist, otherwise an
    IMAP error is generated.
  - Add missing break to listcommands plugin so unsubscribe works again.
  - Removed function references from address book database backend class,
    list_addr(), lookup() and search() functions. Referenced lookup()
    function caused E_NOTICE warnings in PHP 4.4.0. Reported by Cor
  - Fixed address book file and database backend error messages broken by
    CVE-2005-1769 patches.
  - Fixed compose form redirection in spamcop plugin.
  - Reenabled Estonian translation. Thanks to Tanel Kindsigo.
  - "Toggle all" pointless when folder list empty (#1267079).
  - Readded options_identity_process and options_identity_renumber hooks
    broken by CVE-2005-2095 fixes.
  - Removed duplicate generic_header hook call in src/right_main.php (#1269189).
  - Focus on compose screen no longer shifts automatically if user has manually
    focused somewhere herself.
  - Fixed placement of abook_init hook.
  - Fixed IMAP search command in filters plugin. Command was breaking
    sqimap_mailbox_exists() check. Reported by Daniel Watts.
  - Solved function conflict between compatibility and info plugins.
  - Added PHP register_globals check to configuration test utility.
  - Added character set conversion to HTML message parts and HTML
    attachments with character set information (#1258925). Original patch
    by Peter Draganov (#1195232).
  - Fixed decoding of quoted-printable text in decodeBody function.
    Reported by João Carlos Mendes Luís.
  - Added CR trimming to SquirrelSpell plugin in order to fix problems on
    Windows systems.
  - Backported truncateWithEntities function.
  - Backported user definable truncation widths on subject and sender
  - Load default value for INTERNALDATE sorting to be ON to match initial
    preference page if user has not set anything.
  - E_NOTICE and unlink error message if user hits delete multiple times
    before compose page has reloaded.
  - Undefined variable in view_header.
  - Undefined index offset in read_body when trying to calculate next/prev
    links for attached messages.
  - Fixed wrapping (#1043576) and encoding (#1246305) of multibyte
    charsets. Fix requires PHP with mbstring support. If mbstring support
    is not present or character set is not supported by mbstring
    extension, fixes are not applied.
  - Rebuild URL to sound file in newmail plugin when sound file is played
  - Removed 'Download this as file' link from printable email version and
    translate plugin.
  - Added list of attachments to printable version page (#793020).
  - Added sorting options to main address book listing (#543788),
    (#1164435), (#1313707).
  - Prevent playback of newmail sounds when media file is not selected or
    set to '(none)'.
  - If server side sorting was enabled, and the user had a non-default sort
    enabled, and issued a search, the search would attempt to resort the
    results and generate an E_NOTICE error.
  - Undefined variable "size" in imap_messages.
  - Variables by reference only fix in printer_friendly_bottom.php.
  - Undefined index in addressbook backends.  This could be caused by
    import plugins.
  - Undefined variable in vcard.php.
  - Added bincimap (#1285099), dovecot and mercury32 presets.
  - Make test for IE6 in SendDownloadHeaders also match versions higher
    than 6 (#1339211).
  - Allow double quote to be used in MOTD (#1276959).
  - Prevent right_frame to be set to '//www.example.com'.
  - Make cookies destroy code use epoch instead of 5 seconds into the past.
  - Added new compose_send_after hook.
  - Properly clean up temporary attachment files when saving as Draft
    (#1358407) and fix removal of lingering attachments on signout.
  - Fixed error message in addressbook.php lookup (#1351825).
  - Fixed incorrect curly escape in sqimap_append(). Error triggered by PHP 5.1
    bugfix (#1366982).
  - Fixed ContentType object check in Rfc822Header class. E_NOTICE error
    in PHP 5.1.
  - Login and login error pages use default theme colors (#1366050).
  - Add doc/security.txt with some hints for a more secure installation.
  - Suppressed fsockopen() warnings when interface is configured to use TLS on
    plain SMTP port. Reported by Nicolas Mailhot.
  - Disabled fuzzy matching of sprintf() formated strings in internal
    gettext implementation (#1341089).
  - Moved inclusion of display_messages.php out of backend-dependent location
  - Moved sqm_baseuri() into more centralized location (strings.php).
  - Back-ported code change to only filter undeleted emails.
  - Back-ported filter code change to test for filters before issuing possibly
    expensive IMAP calls.
  - Sanitize Draft folder name in compose.php error message.

Version 1.4.5 - 13 July 2005
  - Update COPYING with new address of the FSF.
  - Fixed bad code from patch being pasted instead of
  - Fixed missing quote character in img tag if blank src is supplied.
  - Really fix off-by-one error in search.php now (array_pop works
    differently in different PHP versions).
  - Javascript relied on rg=1 in the login page to force focus to
    password box if username was supplied as a url arg (#1222617).
  - Disabled unmaintained Estonian translation.
  - Allowed use of wildcards in LDAP address book search expressions. Issue
    is specific to 1.4.5cvs and not present in older versions.
  - Security: Rewrite advanced identity handling to remove call to extraction
    of all POST values. [CVE-2005-2095]
  - Moved imap_logout call in view_header.php to the end of the script after
    displayPageheader is called.

Version 1.4.5 Release Candidate 1 - 15 June 2005
  - Make SquirrelSpell work with safe_mode enabled, if using PHP >=4.3.0.
    Patch by Ray Ferguson, backported from devel.
  - Add support for Mail-Followup-To header, from devel.
  - Remove is_readable($data_dir) test in configtest, because SquirrelMail
    functions fine with stricter permissions on that dir.
  - 24hr clock format should include a leading 0.
  - Fixed uid based authentication in administrator plugin. Thanks to
    Gareth Johnston.
  - Added three Tahoma stylesheets.
  - Added required code to display error message that might occur when options
    are saved.
  - Fixed translations of "On DATE, AUTHOR Wrote" and "AUTHOR Wrote" replies.
  - Added trailing slash for data directory used by global file based
    address book (#1105760).
  - Fixed possible PHP E_ALL warnings in translate plugin with GPLtrans engine
  - Fixed adding addresses to global address books.
  - Fix typos in Deliver.class.php which caused an error with PHP 5.
  - 'Priority' and 'Importance' headers are now also recognised, next to the
    'X-Priority' header that we've supported since a long time. From devel.
  - Fix administrator plugin that was too picky about newlines in the
    "admins" file.
  - Added blank.png for missing image support.
  - Fixed cid handling from Outlook Express client when it doesn't create a
    valid content-id to go with CID tag.  This resolves #855320, and should
    be considered a workaround.  The real issues needs resolving by MS.
  - Strip <outbind://> tags out. This is a Microsoft only protocol and
    references files local to the sending machine.  This causes issues
    with Internet Explorer.
  - Replace <img src="outbind://"> links with clean images to stop
    issues with Internet Explorer not being able to track down the
  - Empty src attribute on img tags causes logouts (IE only), replacing
    string with blank.png.
  - Added configurable reply prefix (default: ">") to display options.
  - Give an error to the user when SquirrelMail is not configured yet
    (instead of "failed to include config.php").
  - Fixed display of unsafe images in printer friendly view (#1124764).
  - Remove NUL characters in text attachment on send (#1032366).
  - Re-introduced "mailto:"-handling.
  - Removed INBOX as a mailbox option in filters plugin. Fixes bug #801060.
  - Disable rewrapping of a forwarded message: this messes up reply-texts
    and a forwarded message should not be altered unneccessary (#1151047).
  - Fix wrong path to mailout.php in listcommands plugin.
  - Fixed edit form checks in address listing (#1124018).
  - Sanitized searches in ldap address book backend.
  - Added verbose error messages to addressbook_init() function.
  - Added $force_decode option to charset_decode() function in order
    to use this function correctly in charset_convert().
  - Added wrapper function in order to use more than one locale name in
    setlocale() calls. Fixes translation issues on some broken glibc
    systems (#1105168).
  - Removed unnecessary require_once() calls from abook_take plugin.
  - Fixed broken saved search display.
  - Fixed broken signout page (plugins work here again).
  - Fixed configtest to use correct PostgreSQL connection function (#1166228).
  - Strip absolute positioning style from HTML-mails.
  - Fixed administrator's plugin problems related to latest sqGetGlobalVar()
  - Included local configuration file in config.php generated by
    administrator's plugin.
  - Fixed checking for quota when appending to Sent folder (#1172694).
  - Fixed folder renaming to handle collapse_folder information, be
    compatible with Cyrus-IMAPD >= 2.0 and correctly handle unsubscribed
    folders. Thanks Simon Matter for the patch. (#1155791)
  - Fix incorrect folder hierarchy display (#1009654), thanks
    Awais Ahmad for the patch (#1082558).
  - Added title box for From: column to display the address.
  - Make sure From: is really an object on replies, otherwise an error is
    generated trying to find reply citation (#1179754).
  - Add Cancel button to addressbook (#1180565).
  - RFC 2046: Send mixed messages with multipart/alternative nested boundaries
    with correct boundary strings.
  - Ported abook_init and abook_add_class hooks from devel.
  - Fix wrapping between folder icon and name in advanced folder list
  - Fix folder indenting in message list didn't use folder_prefix (#726719,
  - mail_fetch plugin should check destination folder before trying to store
    messages in it. INBOX is used as fallback folder. By default plugin
    can use only subscribed mail folders that can store messages (#584658).
  - Added mbstring.func_overload!=0 workaround (#929644, #1061699).
    src/configtest.php is modified to warn about broken PHP configuration.
  - Fixed use of squirrelmail_language cookie with PHP register_globals =
  - Interface can default to first language listed in browser's
    'HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE' header, if default SquirrelMail language is set
    to empty string (#764709).
  - Default charset variable can be used to change charset used by US
    English translation (#1195728).
  - Fix for search. On fallback also use UID SEARCH.
  - Tweak IMAP connection error display (#1203154).
  - Add robots noindex/nofollow meta tag to SquirrelMail generated pages.
  - Fix typo in addrbook_search.php.
  - Gracefully recover from over quota error while sending a mail (#1145144).
  - Added $encode_header_key and $hide_auth_header options. First option
    allows to encode user's information with provided encryption key (set in
    2. Server settings -> B. Update SMTP / Sendmail settings). Second option
    allows to disable authenticated user part in Received: header, when user
    can't forge used email address. It is set in 4. General Options ->
    9. Allow editing of identity (#847107).
  - Fix get_identities() for the case where the user has not set an email
    address: use the fallback $username@$domain that's used in compose aswell.
  - Fix "Include me in CC on Reply All" for the case where email address was
    not set in the prefs (#781202, #1093363).
  - Move documentation for SquirrelMail developers to doc/Development.
  - Correct slightly inconsistent behaviour when reading a message with MDN
  - Fix an off-by-one and a HTML-formatting bug in saved searches.
  - Remove in-development default-off folder list code from left_main.php.
  - Fixed broken attachments caused by inconsistency of PHP chunk_split().
    Thanks to Roalt Zijlstra.
  - Identites code incorrectly assumes username does not contain domain part
    and appended domain to username when no user defined email set.
  - Disallow access to the administrator plugin screens when the plugin is
    not enabled in the config.
  - Security: fix several cross site scripting (XSS) attacks. Thanks go to
    Martijn Brinkers for finding a lot of these. [CVE-2005-1769]

Version 1.4.4 - 21 January 2005
  - Fix listcommands plugin to include src/ in compose links.
  - Fix listcommands plugin to behave like normal reply/compose
    links, and return to message page that originally called from.
  - Max upload file size now correctly handles a '-1' value, meaning
    unlimited (#1094569).
  - Send 8-bit username or password as literals (#1081259).
  - configtest.php now checks whether default language is actually
  - Fix 'plus instead of space in downloaded file name' issue,
    which was introduced in 1.4.4-RC1 (#1076733).
  - Disabled unmaintained Thai translation.
  - Security: Added hook for Preferences Backend to resolve potential
    insecure file inclusions. [CVE-2005-0075]
  - Set up language before outputing errors in auth.php and signout.php
    to make them appear in the correct language.
  - Security: Fix potential file inclusion issues in src/webmail.php.
  - Fixed minor bug in DMN plugin that caused it to not correctly set
  - Security: Fix possible XSS issues in src/webmail.php. [CVE-2005-0104]
  - Correct undefined variable usage in src/webmail.php.

Version 1.4.4 RC1 - 31 December 2004
  - Get alternating row colors of addressbook in sync with mailbox list.
  - Fix bug in detecting the delimiter in a folder moved to trash.
  - Trailing spaces are no longer trimmed from folder names (#818974).
  - Give proper error when PEAR DB not found.
  - Remove inappropriate strip_tags() from add-to-addressbook (#968475).
  - Translations are no longer included by default but instead are
    packaged separately. See locales/README.locales for details.
  - Backport Charset Decoding functions from DEVEL branch. This vastly
    increases the number of supported character sets and the performance
    of decoding.
  - Add src/configtest.php script which checks for common errors in the
  - Fixed forward in new window from search page courtesy of Jason Munro.
  - Prefs caching didn't work properly with register_globals off (#995102).
  - Various fixes for minor user interface glitches.
  - Fixed broken POP before SMTP (password wasn't being used).
  - Custom option page values now repopulate correctly.
  - Added "no focus" option for compose page in display preferences (setting
    reply focus to "No focus" also affects composing new messages).
  - Fix bug when Saving to Draft folder that contains special characters.
  - Fix RFC822 incompliant use of IP-address in Message-ID.
  - Uneditable address book entries no longer have checkboxes on addresses page.
  - Fix that viewing the last page of a mailbox with one message always
    claimed that the total of messages in that mailbox was 1.
  - Alignment of title text above folder list fixed.
  - Added Uighur translation support.
  - Added status bar to compose window when "Compose In New Window" is used.
  - Fixed issue with user setting display of messages to 0 per page.  Fixes
    bug #960447.
  - Detect, handle, and warn on LOGINDISABLED from IMAP server.
  - Correctly sort folders including - in the name.  Affects folders beginning
    with the same names, but second folder has - with additional characters.
    Patch courtesy of Morten Nilsen <morten[@]nilsen.com>.
  - Added size limit to signatures saved in file backend. Created error_option_save
    function, that allows sending error message to options page. Thanks to Martynas
    Bieliauskas for spotting big signature "option".
  - $agresive_decoding configuration option changed to $aggressive_decoding.
    Fixed spelling.
  - Fixed $custom_css loading in squirrelspell plugin.
  - Referenced document (presets.txt) missing.  Copied from devel.
  - Make SMTP Authentication detection in conf.pl more RFC-compliant.
  - Fixed IMAP errors when using mail_fetch plugin to auto-fetch on login.
  - Fixed folder list in Create Folders list for Courier (properly skip INBOX).
  - Corrected poor English in a string (#775978).
  - Corrected bug in SquirrelSpell that'd put the corrected spelling on the wrong
    line if quoting inline, or below the original email (#906217).
  - LC_NUMERIC locale is set to C. Some plugins might use decimal delimiters
    incorrectly (#1027130).
  - Turkish translation uses C character case conversion rules. Fixes PHP and
    squirrelmail functions are assume English conversion rules.
  - Removed X-Mailer header from SquirrelMail. SpamAssassin 3.0 detects
    User-Agent + X-Priority headers correctly. Older versions have to fix
  - When replying to message with a " in the subject, the " was a replaced with a '.
  - Added Bengali translation support.
  - Security: Fixed XSS exploit in decodeHeader function. [CVE-2004-1036]
  - Fixed error output in SquirrelSpell plugin (patch courtesy David Boone).
  - Fixed bug in IMAP read routines that treated "0" as false instead of
    a string (patch courtesy Maurice Makaay).
  - Fixed PHP notice when header property value is blank.
  - Fixed decoding function problems when mbstring.func_override has
    MB_OVERLOAD_REGEX enabled.
  - Removed command line option unsupported by qmail-inject in
    class/deliver/Deliver_SendMail.class.php. Thanks to Ken Brush.
  - Ported charset encoding patches from devel. Closes bug #806698 and
    patch #550843.
  - Ported 8bit read receipts fixes from devel. Closes bug #934033.
  - Added Net-Style theme by Gabriele Maidecchi. Closes patch #1041323.
  - Disabled use of info plugin, when it is not enabled in config.
  - Fixed path used by random theme.
  - Added global address book configuration support and options to select
    writable address book backend. Removed 'global_file' address book
    backend. 'global_file' backend functions are provided by 'local_file'
  - Sanitized nickname and name entries in address listing.
  - LDAP backend will use internal SquirrelMail charset conversion functions
    instead of the PHP XML extension. Closes bug #655137.
  - Fix two time zone calculation bugs, thanks to David White. Fixes #1063879.
  - Handle a reload of the signout page gracefully: do not present an error
    about having to be logged in to be able to sign out. Fixes #1070069.
  - Prevent "&" being eaten in set_url_var, thanks Marcin Orlowski. Fixes
  - Added size attributes to newmail plugin sounds. Fixes #818958.
  - Updated translation engine options in translate plugin. Added Google
    translate. Disabled GPLtrans engine, because it is no longer available.
  - RFC822 header compliance with regards to SM based header containing an
    extra ; in the Received header. Fixes #1088548.
  - Add IMAP server type "hmailserver" to make search work with hMailServer.
    Fixes #1085377.
  - Reuploaded newmail plugin sounds. Fixes files uploaded to CVS without binary
  - Changing your JavaScript preference required a re-login to work.
    Fixes #983614.
  - Miscellaneous documentation updates / improvements.
  - Compose-in-new didn't always work with JavaScript disabled (#801999).

Version 1.4.3a - 2 June 2004
  - Fix typo in compose.php reply/reply to all quoting (#963499).

Version 1.4.3 - 30 May 2004
  - Fix form functions default parameter.
  - Disabled Korean extra functions, because they don't provide all required
    options and message composition is broken.
  - Added Basque translation support.
  - Security: Fixed XSS vulnarability in content-type display in the attachment
    area of read_body.php discovered by Roman Medina.

Version 1.4.3-RC1 - 10 May 2004
  - Added new preference that determines cursor focus when replying.
  - HTML Filter bugfixes and further strengthening in response to some
    findings reported by stardust.
  - Display total number of new messages in newmail-plugin popup window.
  - Disabled Vietnamese and Ukrainian translations. They are done in different
  - Ported charset decoding support functions from SM head. Increases
    number of readable charsets.
  - Fix SquirrelMail to work with PHP5.
  - Reintroduce alternating row colors in addressbook, which has
    accidentally disappeared somewhere in the dark past.
  - Disabled Quick-email-reporting feature in spamcop plugin. (#809452). Admin
    can enable it by setting variable in plugins/spamcop/setup.php
  - Fix again for Internet Explorer's stupidity of decoding characters, then
    executing it blindly. See http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/340118.
  - Replaced obsolete 2mbit.com RBL with ahbl.org RBL (#829887).
  - Fixed sorting of sent_subfolders.
    Sent_subfolder plugin is hooked to special_mailbox hook.
    Stable 1.4 tracker #699920.
  - New hook function: boolean_hook_function()  Used for true/false hooks.
  - Fixed special_mailbox hook to allow more than one hooked plugin (#870365).
  - Added new reply citation to include date and author.
  - Security: Fix some XSS issues. [CVE-2004-0519, CVE-2004-0520]
  - Norwegian Bokmal translation uses nb_NO.
  - Improve display of some unparsable/absent dates (#891354).
  - Added non-anonymous LDAP bind and bind protocol patches from devel.
  - Add comment (Highest,Normal,Lowest) to X-Priority header.
  - Make writing of preferences, abook, calendars fail better when disk full
  - Fix quoteimap() regex escaping problem (#921291).
  - Added international date format support (#927264).
  - Fixed "Resume Draft" to use correct identity (#845290).
  - Fixed RFC2821 incompliancy by adding a fallback mechanism to HELO if
    EHLO is not supported.
  - Fixed RFC2298 incompliancy by setting envelope sender to null.
  - Allow single quotes to be used in theme name in conf.pl (#805309).
  - Do not present special folders as renameable/deleteable (#816881).
  - Fixed on the fly decoding of base64 encoded attachments.
  - Fixed message rejects by the postfix sendmail wrapper when attachments were
  - Fixed scenario where just created special folders were not displayed on
    first login.
  - Fixed wrong folding of headerlines in composed messages containing long
    email addresses.
  - Fixed date display bug for messages of today. Show short format in case
    of long format. (only occurs in the timeframe around 0:00 AM till
  - Use Special Folder Color config option works again (#931956).
  - In POP3-class, be more liberal regarding RFC-incompliant POP3-servers.
  - Security: fix SQL injection vulnerability in addressbook.

Version 1.4.2 - 1 October 2003
  - Fix message highlighting for text containing spaces.
  - Added feature to allow user to switch on full date display in mailboxes instead
    of just partial date/time based on time of email and current date.
  - Fixed bug that would cause e-mails dated in the future to be displayed with only
    the time.
  - Custom CSS option now works properly.
  - Fix SquirrelSpell JS incompatibility with other plugins that use forms like
    Link Buttons (#774454).
  - Fix when forwarding messages as attachment from message list, the displayed
    subject was wrong (appearing to the user that the wrong messages were attached).
    Closes #772371.
  - Fix that when user has no theme preference set, Alien Glow would be selected under
    display preferences instead of Default.
  - Remove chosen_theme from default_pref because this (wrongly) overrides the default
    theme defined in config.php.
  - Define defaults for missing colors in incomplete themes.
  - Updated 'action' to be 'smaction' so that plugins can modify the submit/action of
    forms.  This was suggested for the gpg plugin, but might be useful elsewhere.
  - Fix bug that after sending reply user was returned to the first page of the
    message list, which should be the last-active page (use startMessage).
  - Fix forwarded emails as attachment from appended ) to the email.
  - Prevent username and password from being sent in error message if IMAP
    drops connection during login.
  - Workaround for Mozilla bug #200412 in order to show multipart/related HTML mail.
  - Fix for disappearing '0' from decoded strings (bug #784193).
  - Add Minimal BW theme: a colorless environment for browsers that don't support colors.
  - Replace all session_start() calls with sqsession_is_active() to be compatible
    with upcoming PHP 4.3.3.
  - Encoding of Russian translation changed to utf-8. Lithuanian translation changed
    to utf-8. Fix allows to use national letters in folder names correctly.
  - Reintroduced mailbox-tree caching in order to limit the number of IMAP calls.
  - Fix for delete_move_next plugin when using server threading.
  - Calendar plugin: in month view, display events on the same day sorted by time,
    and include the time of the event in its tooltip.
  - Fix nbsp instead of space and allow wider character set in filename when
    downloading attachment.
  - Fix to prevent mailboxes being deleted in selected state which is against
  - Fix reply all address string in case the personal name contained a comma
    (address separator).
  - Added Malaysian translation.
  - conf.pl will no longer offer to detect login methods if TLS is being used,
    as the detection code does not support it.
  - Fix somewhat uncommon bug in paginator (bug #767289)
  - Support MS Exchange "DOMAIN/username/mailbox"-style usernames (#745814).

Version 1.4.1 -- 7 July 2003
  - Fixes to conf.pl for handling relative dirs outside the SM tree (bug #715119) and
    the default delete_folder values for Courier-IMAP and UW-IMAP (bug #715550).
  - Fixed problem with \ in passwords/usernames on login, fixes bug #718116.
  - Added lowsrc to the list of untrusted attributes in HTML email.
  - Fixed message highlighting for To, CC and From and
    for RFC1522 headers (bug #719564).
  - Fix for Folders being listed in create/remove/rename operations
    (bugs #725443, #722823, #729225).
  - Fixed incorrect folding inside message-id's.
  - Fix for bad attachment view link (bugs #697381, #729295).
  - Fix comp_in_new in search and addressbook not having right parameters (bug #731768).
  - Fix max attachment filesize off by factor 10 when ini_var set in bytes
    (bug #730742).
  - Fixed language bug in posting on modifying/deleting servers on mail_fetch plugin
  - Fixed infinite loop in parseAddress on invalid mailadress (#742584).
  - Added Welsh translation.
  - Fixed error with appending sent mail to sent folder when one wasn't set, or user
    preferred not to append the sent mail.
  - Updated plugin documentation.
  - Added Faroese translation.
  - Fix for bug #719619 (XHTML-style CSS definitions weren't working).
  - Fix bug #722933 where resuming a draft message would lose the reference headers.
  - Fix that sending of read receipts failed when JavaScript on and comp in new off
    (bug #738130).
  - New function: sm_print_r() intended for debugging.  See
  - Update config_default to use SM_PATH. (bug #766577)
  - Minor misc. performance enhancements.

Version 1.4.0 -- 3 April 2003
  - Fixed mail_fetch plugin. Now folder edition defaults to actual value.
    All settings from other servers are preserved when deleting one.
  - Added Vietnamese translation.
  - Fixed the newmail plugin.
  - Added RECENT response to sqimap_get_status.
  - Fixed attachment filename resolving.
  - Added check for X-Confirm-Reading-To to make MDN work for messages sent by Pine.
  - sqextractGlobalVar removed (use sqgetGlobalVar instead).
  - Subfolders of Sent and Drafts show To field instead of From
  - Updates in conf.pl to infamous delete_folder setting, including
    addition of appropriate default value for courier and UW.
  - Fix for date/time display in certain timezones.
  - Fix some features of login.php that are used by some plugins and was broken
    by register_globals = off.
  - Added Greek locale. Thanks to George P. Kremmydas
    <george at kefalonia-ithaki.gr> and Alexandros Vellis <avel at noc.uoa.gr>
  - Added notes about PHP 4.3.x to documentation.
  - Fixed \Noselect mailbox detection.
  - Fixed charset decode of base64 encoded strings.
  - Fixed encoding of email addresses in our composed messages.
  - Fixed folder creation for Courier using Autoconfig options.
  - Fixed encoded string handling inside MDN notifications.
  - Fixed unfold header routine in imap_messages (for mailbox_display).
  - Fixed subject_line hook.
  - Fixed sqgetGlobalVar switching.
  - Fixed handling of encoding/decoding strings.
  - Fixed wrong array_slice call for a subset of the headers.
  - Allow encoded personal names in compose.php.
  - Improved address parsing of addresses coming from the compose form.
  - Fixed uninitialized indices when parsing attachments.
  - Support text/directory MIME-type for vCards (RFC 2425).
  - Added Arabic locale. Thanks to Asrar Abbasi <asrar at canasoft.net> and
    Naveed Saqib <naveed.saqib at biznas.com>.
  - Update required PHP version in documentation to 4.0.6.
  - Fixed delete_move_next plugin to remember where it moved mail to.
  - Fixed compose to remember attachments.
  - Security: Fixed possible XSS in compose when replying to malicious sources.
  - Add display of the maximum filesize for attachment uploads.
  - Do not add < and > if an identity doesn't contain a full name.
  - Fixed bug in parsing Content-Type properties part.
  - Added move_before_move hook to allow plugins to act upon the different buttons
  - Fixed bug in Forwarding of Emails (move_messages.php)
  - Fixed variable spelling error in filters.php
  - Fixed some operator bugs in compose.php, move_messages.php, and spamcop.php

Version 1.4.0 RC 2a
  - Fix broken themes box in display options.
  - Massive overhaul of administrator plugin.
  - Added new function sqgetGlobalVar to global.php to provide direct access
    to variables in $_GET, $_POST, $_SESSION, $_COOKIE and $_SERVER.
  - Patch from O'Shaughnessy Evans <shaug-sqm@wumpus.org> to allow disabled $org_logo
  - Lots of language/internationalization updates
  - conf.pl fixes for certain uses of SM_PATH, esp. $signout_page.
  - SMTP & IMAP auth method "plain" was a misnomer - now corrected to
    the more accurate name "login" (Plain to be implemented soon).
  - Fix for compose after search bug.  (Closes #662346)
  - Improved error reporting when sending mail with SMTP.
  - Changed SquirrelMail identification to use User-Agent instead of X-Mailer.
  - Prevent endless loop when timezone config is not found. Thanks Joshua Colson.
  - Fix IMAP error when returning to message from viewing image attachment.
  - Do more trimming to indented subjects in threadview so they don't wrap.
  - Trash folder now displays purge link in all cases. (Closes #655943)
  - Fix typo in delete_move_next plugin which caused PHP file-handle errors.
  - Make vCard more liberal in what it accepts (thanks Kurt Pires).
  - Fix problem with subject encoding when using Japanse.
  - Move login_form hook to be actually in the login form.
  - Fix message_details plugin ability to save a raw message.
  - Try better to get the filename of an attachment.
  - Deliver_SMTP class now uses HTTP_HOST in SMTP HELO.  Should fix DNS
    issues some people have reported. (Closes #560524)
  - Obsolete sqm_topdir(), which caused login trouble with installs that
    have open_basedir restrictions. Thanks Jimmy Connor.
  - Fix broken abook_take plugin.
  - Fix HTML errors that caused display problems in NS4.
  - Correctly fold encoded header lines.
  - Fix prefs caching not working correctly in PHP 4.3 caused by a stupid
    version checking mechanism.
  - Security: Fix XSS hole that allowed JavaScript execution by sending someone
    an email with specially crafted headers. Thanks Jason Munro, and
    Masato Higashiyama.

Version 1.4.0 RC 1
  - Change the way highlighting rules are stored to make them more reliable and
    easier to manage.
  - Reorganization of conf.pl, menu #2
  - Added CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 authentication support for IMAP and SMTP
  - Experimental TLS support for IMAP and SMTP (requires PHP 4.3.x)
  - Override settings with config_local.php
  - Compose form no longer shows attachment options if PHP file_uploads
  - Improved bodystructure parsing.
  - Support for windows-1257 charset.
  - Optimizations to the number of IMAP calls.
  - Fix problem with IE6 + iso-8859-13.
  - Allow Mail Fetch to use a different POP3 server port number.
  - Force magic_quotes_runtime to be off to avoid problems with this setting.
  - Introduce check_sm_version function for plugins wanting to know
    which version of SquirrelMail this is.
  - Configurable session name to avoid conflicts with other PHP applications.
  - Miscellaneous fixes for systems with error_reporting set to E_ALL.
  - Many many other bugfixes and tweaks!

*** SquirrelMail Devel Series 1.3 ***

Version 1.3.2
  - Rewrite of message delivery related functions.
  - User interface modifications.
  - Added Japanese support thanks to Masato HIGASHIYAMA <masato@yamaai-tech.com>
  - Remove NOOP checks in the POP3 client of mail_fetch to make things more
    compatible and not break things which don't need to be broken.
  - Fix src directory being moved on Windows systems, bugs #586518 #605256 #610676.
  - This release is compatible with installations that have register_globals set to off.
  - Do not lose user prefs/sigs/abooks when trying to save to a full disk.
  - Make the SquirrelMail link on the right top configurable so a provider can point
    to their own FAQ for example.
  - Enable TZ in safe_mode if safe_mode_allowed_env_vars permits this bug #612148.
  - Fix some bugs in folder management (create, delete,...) and add enhancements.

Version 1.3.1
  - lots of fixes by Marc, including #596781 and #596930

Version 1.3.0
  - allow_call_time_by_reference=off fixes.
  - Added forward as attachment in read_body.
  - Better clean-up of left attachments at login.
  - Restore compose sessions in case of a expired session.
  - Added "Display Message" / "Up" links in read_body to navigate in messages with
    attached messages (message/rfc822).
  - Don't activate the Send Receipt link when the folder is the Sent folder.
  - Moved view_header code out of read_body.php and put it in view_header.php.
  - Open message/rfc822 attachments in read_body what makes it possible to
    reply to attached messages.
  - Rewrite of the newMail function in compose.php. This simplifies the
    interface between read_body.php and compose.php.
  - Moved compose related code from read_body to compose.
  - Rewrite of mailbox-display to make it more modular (we use it in search.php).
  - Added support for displaying multiple entities.
  - Changed finding display entities.
  - Extract disposition and xmailer header information in the headerparser
    instead of request them individualy by an IMAP-call.
  - Store message objects in the current session. This saves a lot of IMAP-calls.
  - Added UID support.
  - Store addresses in an object instead of a string.
  - Rewrite of the bodystructureparser function. Now the message object contains
    all described parameters in RFC2060.
  - Introduction of the mime class where all mime related functions are situated
  - Fixed removing MDN attachments.
  - Fixed MDN problems with js confirmbox.
  - Speedimprovements in case we download mime-entities.
  - Added possibility to extract message/rfc822 attachments and store them as
    the original message in a folder.
  - Right to left languages implementation initiated
  - Enable people with file_uploads = off to still send mail. Patch from Seth
    E. Randall.
  - Moved the generic_header hook back to page_header.php. bug #554278
  - Make default theme work. Bug #557313, thanks Tyler Bannister.

Version 1.2.7 -- June 21 2002
  - fix for 'compose as new' link. bug #554886
  - fix charset format in the admin plugin. bug #550725
  - fix for errant '.' in default_folder_prefix. bug #551310
  - fix for folder names with '?' and '*'. bug # 559257, #552180
  - added the ability to search without the charset argument. #552288
  - Made /noselect node display optional. bug #554988, patch #452178
  - Improved support for macosx IMAP server thanks Brian Haun
  - Added macosx friendly search, thanks Brian Haun bug #553038
  - Fixed word wrap problems when sending mail. bug #552961, #556143
  - Added possibility to use multiple compose windows without loss
    of attachements.
  - Fixed forward message/rfc822 attachments from a search
  - Fix SpamCop plugin.
  - Fixed send MDN link.
  - Fixed dealing with \r\n and \n in smtp.php.
  - Fixed to, cc, bcc arrays in message->header
  - Speed optimizements in generating message-lists.
  - Fixed loss of attachment with HTML addressbook.
  - Fixed saving drafts with attachments

Version 1.2.6 -- April 29 2002
  - Security: A complete MagicHTML rewrite since the existing codebase was
    causing too many XSS problems. Hopefully now Nick Cleaton will
    leave us alone. :) Testing credits go to Nick.
  - Security: Fix for cross-site scripting vulnerability (bug #545933)
    Reported by Nick Cleaton.
  - Changing "emtpy" to "purge" for more clarity.
  - Security: Fix for cross-site scripting vulnerability (bug #544658)
    Reported by Nick Cleaton.
  - Fix for incorrect word wrap in Opera (bug #495073)
  - Workaround for older prefs: some of them contain "None" for
    left_refresh (bug #540108)
  - Fix for entities in cc and bcc fields on message display (bug #522493)
  - Fixes for quoted values in the addressbook by David Rees (bug #538389)
  - Fixed src/src problem (bug #538803)
  - Fixed so non-ascii searches no longer fail both when searching
    and when applying filters (bug #520918)
  - Added POP3 Before SMTP option (feature request: #498428)
  - Added a server-side thread sorting option per folder
  - Added a server-side sorting global option
  - Compose in new window size can be set in Display prefs.
  - Logout error system unified.
  - Security: Fix for a "theme passed as cookie" exploit. [CVE-2002-0516]
  - PostgreSQL is now supported for database backed use
  - Added user option to sort messages by internal date
  - Changed attachment handling now attachments are adressed to
    unique compose session.
  - Added forward messages as message/rfc822 attachment
  - Fixed handling message/rfc822 attachments
  - Fixed folder list display when special folders have subfolders
  - Added option to auto-append sig before reply/forward text (523853)
  - Fixed subfolders being "orphaned" when renaming parents (498167)
  - Filters can be applied to only new mail.
  - Filters are updated when renaming/deleting folders (512056)
  - Filtering now happens on login (filters plugin)
  - Added option for WIDTH and HEIGHT tags to Org. Logo. (patch #412754)
  - Fixed resume draft bug #513521, #514639
  - Newmail plugin: admin can disable the use of audio (patch #517698)
  - Fixed quoting problem in safe HTML (patch #516542)
  - SPAM folder no longer special folder (filters plugin)
  - Filtering now happens on folder list refresh (filters plugin)
  - Added checking of input of the folders page
  - Made erronous deleting of folders harder (patch #514208)
  - Made SquirrelMail display \Noselect nodes in Cyrus also made it
    impossible to try to delete \Noselect nodes. (patch #452178)
  - SquirrelSpell version 0.3.8 -- pretty configuration error reporting
    added by popular demand.
  - Improved the handling of IMAP [PARSE] messages to reduce retrieval error.
  - Fixed small bug in handeling timezone (bug #536149).
  - MDN message now RFC compatible (bug #537662).
  - Fixed HTML tables in printer_friendly_bottom.php (patch #542367), and
    make it so that printer friendly uses black-on-white colors in stead
    of the theme colors.
  - Fixed return address of MDN receipts when having multiple identities
    (patch #530139).

Version 1.2.5 -- 22 February 2002
  - Multiple mailbox list calls cached.
  - Added 'View unsafe images' link to the bottom of pages which contain
    unsafe images.
  - Fixed 'too many close table tags' and various other issues
    which meant SM output didn't always validate as clean HTML.
  - Added the ability to add special folders through plugins.
  - Added an Always compose in a pop-up window option.
  - Search page update with ability to save searches and search
    all folders at once.
  - Made searching on multiple criteria possible, with thanks to Jason Munro
  - Fixed 'list all' in addressbook (#506624, thanks to Kurt Yoder)
  - Fixed small bugs in db_prefs
  - Allowed SquirrelMail to work from within a frame, eg. not using _top
    this is configureable. (thanks to Simon Dick)
  - Added options to conf.pl to enable automated plugin installation:
    ./conf.pl --install-plugin <pluginname>. This allows plugins to be
    distributed in packages. Conf.pl now also reports when saving fails.
  - Attachment hooks now also allow specification of generic rules like
    text/* which will be used when no specific rule is available.
  - conf.pl can now configure database backed address books and
  - Version 0.3.7 of SquirrelSpell. Fixes a potential privacy
    vulnerability (symlink attack), plus introduces formatting fixes
    and javadoc-style comments.
  - Bugfix in mailfetch reported by Mateusz Mazur
  - Administrator plugin. A web based conf.pl replacement.
  - Removed GLOBALS from conf.pl
  - HTML messages optimization.
  - Added support for requesting read receipts (MDN) and delivery receipts.
  - Added the ability to stop users changing their names and email addresses.
  - Added signature into multiple identities (Stefan Meier <Stefan.Meier@cimsource.com>)
  - Updated user help files to reflect UI chanegs and added functionality.

Version 1.2.4 -- 25 January 2002
  - Security: Fixes a nasty remote arbitrary command execution vulnerability
    in the spellchecker plugin.

Version 1.2.3 -- 21 January 2002
  - Fixed focus system on pages that contain forms.
  - Fixed IMAP code to send different command identifiers as per
    section 2.2.1 of RFC 2060.
  - Fixed 'sticky priority' so that replies are set to the same
    priority as the original message.
  - Fixed Printer Friendly to print HTML messages.
  - Fixed multiple receivers in Sent mailbox (#500910).
  - Disabled prefs caching under PHP 4.1
  - Added "Search Memory". Enabling to store up to
    9 predefined searchs.
  - Increased security in HTML message.
  - Added the possibility to specify system-defined CSS in order to
    allow users to change the font family and size of SM. Making possible to
    make it bigger or smaller depending on their screen size. Sysops may add
    or remove these system-defined CSS located in themes/css/
  - Fixed a bug appearing on some apache virtual hosts
  - Fixed javascript error (#505255)
  - Fixed the db_prefs so they work again (#499609, thanks to Simon Dick)

Version 1.2.2 -- 1 January 2002

  - Fixed an infinite loop in printer friendly when wrapping option
    is not in the prefs.
    Bug reported by Boris Manojlovic <steki@verat.net>
  - HTML cleanup, with patch from Dave Huang (#496712)
  - Fixed a problem saving prefs when using PHP 4.1
  - Russian, Thai, Swedish, Dutch and French update.
  - Changed configure invocation from bash to sh. (Bug #496752)
  - Changed conf.pl invocation from '#!/usr/bin/perl' to
    '#!/usr/bin/env perl' to help people who have perl somewhere
    else. (Bug #496753)
  - Fixed sorting of folder list, bug #497181
  - Fixed wrong behavior of non-javascript select all, bug #496681
  - Added "Show Pages" link to message list showing all messages
    (the resultant page of clicking "Show All")
  - i18n Fix. Because of different configurations in the gettext system,
    some installations could not manage correctly SM languages other than
    English. This has been corrected.
  - Miscellaneous rewrites and improvements.
  - Moved locale files into the ISO-conformant directories.
  - Moved help files into the ISO-conformant directories.
  - Moved compilepo and mergepo files from locale/ into po/
  - Slight i18n fixes and rewrites to accommodate for moved files.
  - Fixes for entities in the subject when replying.
  - Fixes for entities in the To: header. (Bug #489365)
  - Fix for incorrect javascript prefs handling (Bug #497688)
  - Added color 15 for themes to separate background and foreground colors.
  - Added several new themes.

Version 1.2.1 -- 25 December 2001

  - Fixed the bug that kept the create, delete, and rename sections
    from appearing in the folders page (#496604)
  - Fixed the motd bug not allowing ' (#496616)
  - Sorting of addressbook_search fixed, thanks to the patch of
    Cor Bosman (xs4all)

Version 1.2.0 -- 25 December 2001

  - Collapsible Folders
  - The Paginator!!!
  - Hundreds of UI Tweaks
  - Message Drafts
  - Rewrite of much of the options pages
  - Multiple identities
  - Reply Citations
  - Better Attachment Handling
  - Integration of Several Plugins into Core Code (including xmailer,
    attachment_common, paginator, priority, printer_friendly, sqclock)
  - Ability to mark messages as Read/Unread
  - New themes (including a Christmas theme, and several changing themes)
  - Rewrite of much of the options pages code
  - Improved support for newer versions of PHP
  - Message lists can be shown with alternating colors for easier reading
  - Can include/exclude yourself when using the "Reply All"
  - Message highlighting comes with dozens more easily accessable colors.
  - Option to set the "Priority" of the message(Normal/High/Low)
  - Now able to show all messages of an inbox at the same time.
  - Cleanup of the paginator code, improving display style
  - Cleanup of configuration file code, a bit
  - Introduction of sent_subfolders plugin as Official Plugin
  - Bugfixes..and more Bugfixes!

*** SquirrelMail Development Series 1.1 and 1.1 Pre-Releases ***

Version 1.2.0-rc3 -- 2 December 2001
  - Speed improvements and optimizations on much of the code
  - Comments added, formatting cleaned up for much of the code
  - Several plugins integrated into the SquirrelMail core
    (focus change, attachment common, printer friendly, etc)
  - Several plugins added as "Official Plugins" to the main
    SquirrelMail distribution
  - First half of a rewrite of the option pages code
  - The Paginator!!!
  - Other stuff that I don't recall (developers, please fill this in!)

Version 1.1.3 -- (never really released)
  - Added major speed improvements to IMAP functions by our
    friends at XS4ALL
  - Fixed MOTD
  - Fixed multipart/alternative messages
  - Updated Dutch translation
  - Added Indonesian translation
  - Added Portuguese (Portugal) translation
  - Added language aliasing
  - Added Turkish translation

Version 1.1.2 -- May 21, 2001
  - Many bugs squashed
  - Several UI tweaks and improvements
  - Added option (3 -> 14 in conf.pl) to auto create sent and trash folders.
  - Updated Czech translation
  - Support for multiple identities
  - Support for Russian Apache removed. It is now deemed easier to just
    turn off Charset Recoding in the Russian Apache config. See the file

Version 1.1.1 -- April 30, 2001
  - Added built-in support for gettext if compiled support isn't available
  - Made validate.php include a few more standard things
  - Corrected a bug when sending an email properly

Version 1.1.0 -- April 21, 2000
  - Added option to have signout page redirect to another page (patch from
    Scott Bronson) This can be configured in conf.pl (Org Prefs)
  - Much improved SMTP error handling (patch from Jeff Evans)
  - Preferences are now cached instead of read in every page load.
  - Improved URL parser
  - Added ability to read HTML messages by default instead of plain text
    (Display Options)
  - Added authenticated SMTP server support (configure in conf.pl)
  - Rewrote attachment handling code in compose.php
  - If aliases are typed in To, Cc, or Bcc, they are automatically looked up
    in the addressbook and converted to the associated addresses.
  - Added collapseable folder listing (an option that can be turned on in
    Folder Options)
  - Added alternating row colors to improve interface (Display Options)

*** SquirrelMail Stable Series 1.0 ***

Version 1.0.6 -- April 19, 2001
  - Reworked validation for each page.  It's now standardized in validate.php
  - Fixed login bug that resulted from 1.0.5 security updates
  - Fixed plugin incompatibilities that were introduced in 1.0.5
  - Added more security checking to preference saving/loading
  - Updated German translation (thanks to Ronald Bauerschmidt <rb@debian.org>)
  - Updated Finnish help files

Version 1.0.5 -- April 17, 2001
  - MAJOR security issues addressed.  Please upgrade as soon as possible.
  - Downloading attachments should work better due to a tip by Ray Black III.
  - Fixed bug with drop-down folder list not containing INBOX
  - Added Swedish help files Teemu Junnila <teejun@vallcom.com>
  - Added Italian help files Antonetti Roberto <antonr@piceniaweb.com>

Version 1.0.4 -- April 9, 2001
  - Fixed some bugs with folder creation
  - Security fix for UW IMAP server to disallow folder paths outside of
  - Some problems with header encoding/decoding fixed
  - Made subject column take up whatever width is available
  - Added bcc to HTML addressbook search

Version 1.0.3 -- March 9, 2001
  - Many i18n enhancements/fixes
  - Fixed bug with default theme path being set incorrectly
  - Fixed problem when sending/forwarding multiple attachments
  - Made folder drop-down list consistant in look to the other drop-downs
  - Fixed problem where some attachment filenames would not be displayed
  - Added Finnish help files by Teemu Junnila <teejun@vallcom.com>
  - Updated Norwegian translation
  - Updated Brazillian Portuguise translation

Version 1.0.2 -- February 8, 2001
  - Added a workaround for RedHat's 4.0.4pl1-3 binary package  (It's also
    the same workaround for Konqueror and other PHP installations?)
  - Select All works through the search
  - Better escaped string handling from POST variables
  - Many more code cleanups and optimizations
  - Added Hungarian translation by Teemu Junnila <teejun@vallcom.com>
  - Added Icelandic translation by Karl Hei�r <karlh@macho.is>
  - Updated Taiwan translation
  - Updated Swedish translation
  - Updated Finnish translation

Version 1.0.1 -- February 1, 2001
  - Improved the way sqimap_read_data() is handled
  - Sped up "no sorting" even more
  - Fixed problems with sending messages
  - Fixed some pass-by-reference calls that caused problems with newer
    PHP versions
  - Fixed bug that didn't display last folder subscribed to
  - Removed requirement of PHP 4.0.1 for array_unique() function
  - Removed unnecessary echo statements by breaking out of PHP
  - Changed evaluation method from using " to ' for speed improvements
  - If no plugin array set in config.php, now handled correctly
  - If subject is > 55 chars, trims it and puts "..." in message list
  - Hundreds of minor changes to remove all verbose PHP warning messages

Version 1.0 -- January 30, 2001
  - Updated config_default.php to include attachment_common plugin
    (now in distribution)
  - A few minor speed improvements
  - Fixed problems in sqimap_read_body(), made it more reliable
  - Added French translation of help files by  gore K <gore_k@ymca-cepiere.org>
  - Added Finnish translation by Teemu Junnila <teejun@vallcom.com>
  - Updated Swedish translation
  - Updated Russian translation

*** SquirrelMail Development Series 1.0 Pre-Releases ***

Version 1.0pre3 -- January 22, 2001
  - Fixed some "Select All" bugs
  - Finally fixed the IE/SSL download problem!!
  - Added Danish translation by Claus Rasmussen <claus@webclaus.com>
  - Updated Spanish translation
  - Updated Polish translation
  - Updated Taiwan translation
  - Updated Czech translation
  - Updated Korean translation

Version 1.0pre2 -- January 15, 2001
  - A number of security fixes
  - Replaced error messages with better, formatted, and meaningful messages.
  - Fixed "reply all" so that it works intelligently now
  - Made deleted (but not expunged) messages easier to detect (only if
    $auto_expunge = false)
  - Fixed bug that didn't display size correctly in search results
  - Major memory management and speed improvements with downloading of
  - Made $auto_expunge variable actually do something
  - Fixed bug that didn't display login failure message
  - Fixed minor bug in sqimap_mailbox_list
  - Added sqimap_capability function to check capabilities of server.
  - Rewrote sqimap_get_delim to use NAMESPACE capability (if available) to
    get delimiter.
  - Added Catalan translation of Help documents by Josep Sanz <jsanz@fa.upc.es>
  - Added Taiwan translation by "ching" <ching@kiwa.com.tw>

Version 1.0pre1 -- December 14, 2000
  - Fixed bug in sending messages with a blank line with a "."
  - Folder displays have been changed to be more readable in drop-down lists
  - For security, login verification happens, then we're redirected to
  - Folder sorting now case insensative
  - added config option to set IMAP folder delimiter rather than always
    detecting it
  - Made session cookie parameter use PHP's settings rather than making
  - Select/Deselect all implemented using only HTML (not Javascript)
  - Fixed default charset that is sent with outbound messages (now user's
    preferred charset)
  - Sort method saving now transparent to user, and saves between sessions
  - Now replacing all \n with \r\n before sending the message.
  - Added sorting option for NO sorting.. 10000 times faster!
  - Using <pre> tags for viewing message body instead of <tt> and &nbsp;
  - Added redirection from subdirectories to login page
  - Attachments are shown in message index (shown as a "+")
  - Updated attachment plugin support and passing values to hooks (see
  - Added file and message size in many locations
  - Made message index order customizable (from, subject, date) can be (date,
    from, subject)
  - Fixed some security problems with uploading attachments
  - When reading, attachments look better and have a better plugin interface
  - Some functions now pass values by reference to save on memory
  - Added Catalan translation from Josep Sanz <jsanz@fa.upc.es>
  - Added Serbian translation from Boris Manojlovic <steki@verat.net>
  - Added Polish translation of Help from Krystian Kanabrodzki

*** SquirrelMail 0.5 and Pre-Releases ***

Version 0.5 -- September 25, 2000
  - Fixed some problems with downloading attachments in IE
  - If no date is set in header, we take internal date of the IMAP server
  - Fixed some lingering bugs in mime parsing
  - Searching specifies CHARSET option
  - Security fixes
  - Fixed hyperlink rendering problems

Version 0.5pre2 -- September 6, 2000
  - Added quite a few new themes
  - Fixed double folder problem on some servers
  - Using encryption for passwords
  - Added a patch from Bill Thousand to allow easier virtual domains
  - Security updates with attachments
  - Added more hooks for plugins, updated plugin.txt
  - Improved HTML address book
  - Fixed bugs in parsing email addresses in smtp.php
  - Applied fixes for Courier IMAP server (by Andreas Dahl)
  - Fixed some buggy IMAP handling
  - Improved word wrapping
  - Fixed bugs with adding and not adding backslashes
  - Made message highlighting case insensative
  - Added Korean translation from Jong-II Kim <aporie@netian.com>
  - Added Italian translation from Aldo Moresco <moresco@idcm.it>
  - Added French translation from Ali Nedjimi <lrdfrx@club-internet.fr>

Version 0.5pre1 -- August 9, 2000
  - Searching folders functionality added
  - Date display now is similar to Netscape Messenger
  - Many bugs have been reported to the list, and been squashed
  - Help system developed
  - Folder list now shows configurable details about messages
  - It is now possible to select multiple subscribes/unsubscribes
  - Removed a bunch of annoying "success" screens, improved navigation
  - Better IMAP session handling
  - Redid the options section and split it into different parts
  - Added "view all headers" option when reading a message
  - In-Reply-To and References headers are inserted when replying to a message.
  - Changed how attachments are displayed and handled
  - Rewrote MIME support from scratch, optomizing it an unbelievable amount
  - Added support for message highlighting
  - Moved Address and Send buttons on Compose form for easier access
  - Added Polish translation from Lukasz Klimek <casa@LO.Pila.PL>
  - Added Swedish translation from Tobias Ekbom
  - Added Brazilian Portuguse translation from Henrique Moura
  - Added Dutch translation from Arjen Halma

*** SquirrelMail 0.4 and Pre-Releases ***

Version 0.4 -- May 15, 2000
  - If subject is blank, displays "(no subject)"
  - Fixed a few minor bugs and typos reported to list
  - Changed <? to <?php in a few places

Version 0.4pre2 -- May 5, 2000
  - Replying sets the "Answered" flag on the original message
  - When message is sent, it sends you to the folder you were looking at.
  - HTML based address book search
  - Made folder listing look first at subscribed folders, making it
    faster, even if you don't have $folder_prefix set.
  - Fixed some bugs with default sent and trash folders
  - Fixed some bugs with folder manipulating

Version 0.4pre1 -- April 29, 2000
  - For speed's sake, unseen messages are only noted on INBOX in left
    folder list.  This will change with 0.5.
  - Optomizations, fewer IMAP calls, more efficient sorting algorithms.
  - Fixed all bugs listed in BUG
  - When inside the Sent folder, it displays "To" instead of "From"
  - Added ability to go to Next and Previous message while reading a message
  - Caching of the message headers in mailbox (much faster)
  - Added a preference that allows users to customize how many messages
    they see when they index a mailbox
  - Added flag status showing on message list (Answered, Flagged, and Seen)
  - Now using PHP session management
  - Parsing the body for URLs and Email addrs
  - Added option to configure default folder directory. ie: ~/mail
  - Configuration script added: config/conf.pl
  - Addressbook with LDAP support
  - Big speed improvements with folder listing
  - Added Subscribe/Unsubscribe to folders
  - Fixed bug in UW that didn't mark unseen messages
  - Saving sent messages into $sent_folder
  - It doesn't bail out if PHP wasn't compiled with --with-gettext.
    It only uses english in this case.
  - Added support for Cyrillic (thanks to Artem Botchkov for help)
  - Included information on Russian Apache from Konstantin Riabitsev
  - Honoring charset parameter for the body.
  - Changed the way emptying of trash was done to work better
    across different IMAP servers

*** SquirrelMail 0.3 and Pre-Releases ***

Version 0.3.1 -- March 13, 2000
  - Fixed a bug that didn't allow downloading of attachments

Version 0.3 (final) -- March 10, 2000
  - Fixed bug in smtp.php and made sending RFC complient
  - Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you rename folders with UW server.
  - Other minor bugfixes

Version 0.3pre2 -- March 5, 2000
  - Rewrote folder deletion.  It works much more flexably now.
  - Fixed message deletion that didn't always delete the right messages.
  - Removed font tags
  - Better character translation, especially for i18n
  - Added the choice of language as a user preference
  - Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes
  - Fixed bugs in message moving and deleting
  - Rewrote all IMAP functions from scratch

Version 0.3pre1 -- February 17, 2000
  - Added user-specific preferences including:
      Full Name (for outbound messages)
      Reply-to address
      Move messages to trash option (true/false)
      Wrap incoming text at XX characters
      Editor window size (in characters)
      Time between reloads of the left folder list
  - Rewrote SMTP functions.  It now works and handles error correction.
  - Only folders that you're subscribed to will be listed
  - Fixed a bug in outbound messages that translated " into \"
  - Added themes in distribution (7 total)
  - Added option to send email via sendmail rather than SMTP
  - Increased speed of viewing folder by date about 25%, and viewing the
    folder by Subject or Sender by up to 100%.
  - Added internationalization
  - Added sending of attachments
  - Left folder refreshing at intervals (with META tags)

*** SquirrelMail 0.2 and Pre-Releases ***

Version 0.2.1 -- January 05, 2000
  - Rewrote how MULTIPART messages were handled and made it recursive
  - We now take into account the encoding type rather than guessing
  - Redesigned how attachments are displayed
  - Fixed the bug that wouldn't let you send messages (I hope)
  - Added a "download message" option
  - Added a plain text viewer for text messages

Version 0.2 -- January 02, 2000
  - Attachment support (much better MIME support in general)
  - Themeable support replaced Custom Colors.  Themes are pluggable.

*** SquirrelMail 0.1 and Pre-Releases ***

Version 0.1.2  -- December 20, 1999
  - Date translation to local time
  - Rewrote folder fetching code universally
  - Added attachment detection (no downloads yet)
  - Fixed many minor bugs that were reported

Version 0.1.1  -- December 16, 1999
  - Reworked all the IMAP functions to make them RFC 2060 compliant
    (should work with all IMAP servers)
  - Added color customization
  - Sorted folder list (on left bar)
  - Added MUCH better error correction and notification

Version 0.1 -- December 14, 1999
  - Message composing (with to, cc, bcc)
  - Message viewing, including HTML messages
  - Basic MIME support, no attachments...yet
  - Message sorting by Date, Name, or subject
  - Folder manipulation (deleting, creating, moving, and renaming)
  - IMAP email (currently only Cyrus IMAP server has been tested)
  - Many other features that are basic email functionality
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