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What is a wiki?

"A 'wiki' is a document that is collectively created and maintained. Anyone can edit it. This feature evokes a sense of responsibility and seriousness among most Internet surfers (sometimes this is too much for people). It's a great means to utilize the Internet community, allowing users to build something useful for everyone." Read more about wikis at Tavi:WhatIsAWiki, Tavi:WhyWikiWorks, and Meatball:WhyWikiWorks.

Why use a wiki?

Anyone can edit this wiki to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information. This means that the SquirrelMail users and developers can help out on equal grounds. It's NOT a security hole, despite what you might think. Strangely enough, vandalism is rare and always quickly remedied. There are instructions on how to remedy vandalism, in case someone abuses the privilege, below.

SquirrelMail is an open-source project and allows easy, open collaboration. We trust that most site visitors will use this power to edit the wiki for good, not evil, in order to help each other make the most of SquirrelMail, and to help us, and the developers, make SquirrelMail the best it can be.

In short, you can look at wikis as no different as online bulletin board systems such as PHPBB, etc. For theoretical discussion about the nature of wiki, and on-line community in general, you're much better off at Meatball:MeatballWiki.

So, if you have something valid to contribute, please add it to the site. Thank you in advance!

Which wiki engine does the SquirrelMail wiki use?

The SquirrelMail wiki use the WikkiTikkiTavi engine. Read more about WikkiTikkiTavi on its webpage at Tavi:WikkiTikkiTavi.

How do I create and/or edit pages in the wiki?

Smash words together, such as in WhatIsAWiki, to create links. Read more about how to do it and how to prevent it at WikiPageNames and Tavi:WordsSmashedTogether.

The formatting codes used in the SquirrelMail wiki is found at WikiFormatingRules.

Templates for linking outside this wiki may be created at InterWiki.

Where are the administration pages?

These pages are useful when administering the wiki.

  • WantedPages - This page is full of links to, what the wiki think is, wanted pages.
  • OrphanedPages - This is where the wiki puts pages that no other page has a reference to.
  • DeletedPages - Pages that are deleted will stay here for a fortnight before passing on to oblivion.

How do I help fighting vandalism?

If you, maybe when looking at RecentChanges, see a page that has been vandalized (text has been maliciously deleted, spam has been posted, graffiti has been posted, etc.), you should do the following:

  1. View the document's history (you can see this from the history link in RecentChanges, or from the View document history link at the bottom of the page itself).
  2. Find the most recent version of the page that is not vandalized. You can do this by clicking on the versions themselves, or by using the history page to compute the differences until you find the earliest vandalism.
  3. Click on the most recent good version of the page.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the version and click on the Edit this ARCHIVE version of this document.
  5. Click Save to save the old version on top of the vandalized version.

Voila! You have erased the vandalism. Thanks for helping contribute to making this wiki a better place!

Note: It is important to catch vandalism quickly. If vandalism is left to sit for a fortnight or more, all older versions of the vandalized page will have expired out of existence! You'll then have to manually edit the page to fix it, rather than using the above procedure. It's easiest to catch vandalism as it happens, since you can see it occurring via RecentChanges.

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