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SquirrelMail error message

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If this is a problem for all end users, make sure that the PHP is configured to use session cookies (PHP configuration directive session.use_cookies). Also make sure that the web server has permission to read and write in the directory specified by the PHP configuration directive session.save_path. Note that a web server running under changed root conditions might have this setting relative to the changed web server root and not to the file system root. Sessions are described in the [PHP manual]. Don't forget to restart the web server after reconfiguring PHP.

Also, if you are using a plugin like Secure Login or Show SSL Link and are allowing it to redirect users to an insecure connection after logging in, make sure to disable the "Only secure cookies if poss." setting under "General Options" in the configuration tool (or $only_secure_cookies in config.php). Better yet, leave that setting enabled and configure those plugins not to direct users away from their secure connection after logging in.

If it doesn't affect all end users, or all end users when using a specific client, it's more likely that it is a client browser problem. Make sure that the cookies that SquirrelMail tries to set aren't blocked by the client browser. Install the [Cookie Warning plugin] to help debug these problems. Internet Explorer 6 is known to block cookies by default when frames are displaying content from another domain, so end users might need to lower Internet Explorer's security settings if using SquirrelMail in a frame.

If the end users can log in, but then gets logged out after some time, see AutoLogout.

Others have reported these tips to help with this issue:

Disk/partition was full - remove some data from the disk.

If Win2k SP4 server uses IIS 5.0, make sure that you have PHP installed as ISAPI extension and not as CGI.

TODO: Integrate CookieRequirement into this page.

SquirrelMail error message

Unknown user or password incorrect


If this error message is displayed even though a correct user and password combination is used, check your IMAP server's error logs for related error messages. It is likely that the problem is caused when an IMAP server authentication dependency isn't fulfilled. If you were logged into SquirrelMail and then upgraded SquirrelMail, your cookies may need to be cleared.

PHP error message

Warning: write failed: No space left on device (28) in [path]/src/redirect.php on line xxx
Warning: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/tmp) in [path]/src/redirect.php on line xxx


This is not a SquirrelMail problem. There's no disk space left on the device holding the /tmp folder, which might be the result of quotas. Sessions are described in the [PHP manual].


src/login.php just wants to download - it will not open to the login screen.


This is not a SquirrelMail problem. You don't have PHP installed correctly or your web server is misconfigured. Check the [PHP manual] and your web server documentation.

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