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Installing SquirrelMail

  1. Download the latest stable SquirrelMail sources, unpack them into some directory accessible through your web server.
  2. Configure SquirrelMail by running conf.pl or creating config\config.php file from config\config_default.php. A little hint for Windows users running conf.pl is to create a file containing "@cls" and a CRLF, called clear.bat or clear.cmd, and save it somewhere in your path. This will make the conf.pl file work correctly when clearing the console window!
  3. Check the permissions of directories used for data and temp files. The web server user must have write access there. These directories should be placed outside of your wwwroot. The temp directory sometimes needs to be cleaned.

Problems with IIS

PHP for IIS doesn't support the $_SERVER['REMOTE_PORT'] variable, which contains the port being used on the user's machine to communicate with the web server, so SquirrelMail will return a notice about it. The recommended solution is to change the PHP configuration to suppress notices.

If SquirrelMail login fails on IIS 5.0, make sure that you are using PHP ISAPI extension and not PHP CGI. IIS 5.0 + PHP CGI setup does not save session information, when scripts ask for it and you can get "You must be logged to access this page" error on src/webmail.php.

If you have problems loading php_gettext.dll, insert gnu_gettext.dll and libintl-1.dll in winnt/system32 or in the directory where the extensions are loaded.

Firstly, gnu_gettext.dll or libintl-1.dll needed only on specific versions of PHP (see the PHP website for exact details), secondly, it's easier to just add "drive:\PHP;drive:\PHP\dlls;" to the system path. For some reason PHP v4.3.2 wants iconv.dll as well so I gave up copying the files each update of PHP and modified the path. Also, if you're running PHP anything above 4.2.3 the use of global variables as a source for session functions has been disallowed - so much for using SquirrelMail on my system (and no I'm not going to switch on the workaround).


After fighting for a week, I have managed to get almost all of SquirrelMail working on W2000_Server_IIS. You can forget fighting through the IIS control panel interface. You can directly access web sharing tools for any directory by right clicking to the property sheet and selecting the web share tab. Be sure that the folder prefix entry in config.php matches the location of your virtual directory. For me it was MAIL2/ not INBOX/ and is a virtual directory link to Mercury's Mail directory.

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