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== About SquirrelMail ==

* [About SquirrelMail]

** What is SquirrelMail?

** Project Origins

** Stability

** License

* [SquirrelMail News] - What's new?

* [Screen Shots] - See SquirrelMail in action

* SquirrelMailDemos - Try out SquirrelMail for yourself

* [Recent Changes] - The change log for the STABLE branch

* [SquirrelMail Security] - A list with known security issues in past SquirrelMail versions and security contact information

* KnownBugs - List of (and possibly solutions to) known bugs in SquirrelMail

* [Static Documentation] - This is a work in progress, but it's always a good place to start.


== Looking for support ==

* [Support] - How to get support


== Installing SquirrelMail ==

=== Pre-Installation ===

* [Requirements] - What you need to get started

* [Download] - Where to get SquirrelMail

* [Upgrading SquirrelMail] - If you already have SquirrelMail installed and are upgrading to a new version.

* [Safe mode] - If you are running PHP in safe mode, please read this first!

=== Installation ===

* QuickAndDirty - How to install SquirrelMail faster

* DataAndAttachmentsDirectories - How to setup SquirrelMail

* RpmInstall - Install via RPM on Red Hat, etc

* InstallingSquirrelMailAptGet - Install via apt-get on Debian/Ubuntu

* InstallingSquirrelmailUnix - How to install SquirrelMail under Unix and Linux.

* [Installing SquirrelMail on a hosted service without shell access] - Installing without root or terminal access, e.g. only by uploading/modifying files.

* InstallingSquirrelMailWindows - How to install SquirrelMail under Windows.

* InstallingSquirrelMailWindowsIIS - How to install SquirrelMail under Windows with IIS.

* InstallingSquirrelMailMacOSX - Installing SquirrelMail under Mac OS X.

=== IMAP Servers ===

* SquirrelMailAndCourierIMAP - How to configure SquirrelMail to work with Courier IMAP

* SquirrelMailAndDovecotIMAP - How to configure SquirrelMail to work with Dovecot IMAP server using Maildir.

=== Post Installation ===

* [Configuring SquirrelMail] - Make sure you configure SquirrelMail after installing it!

* [Plugins] - How to add plugins such as a spell checker to SquirrelMail.

* PatchingSquirrelMail - If you already have SquirrelMail installed and want to install a patch against your current version

* [Database backends] - How to use an SQL database to store addresses.

* SessionsInDatabase - How to store PHP session information in database.


== Using SquirrelMail ==

* [The user manual] - End Users should start here


== Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n) ==

* LanguageTranslation - How to show SquirrelMail in non-English languages

* SupportingMultipleLanguages - Steps to enable multiple languages support in SquirrelMail.

* SupportedCharsets - Which charsets SquirrelMail is able to read.

* DefaultTranslation - How do I set the default language for new users and for people logging in?


== FAQs ==

=== Wiki Questions ===

* WhatIsAWiki - Why anyone can edit almost any page and everything else you need to know about the wiki

=== Help Questions ===

* [Support] - How do I get support?

=== General Questions ===

* SquirrelMailFeatures - Does SquirrelMail have feature ___?

* SquirrelMailPerformance - Answers regarding PHP Accelerator's, IMAP proxies, etc.

* [Customizing SquirrelMail] - Can I customize the look and feel for SquirrelMail?

* StyleSheets - How can style sheets be used in SquirrelMail?

* SolvingProblems - I'm having problems. How can I fix them?

* SupportedBrowsers - List of tested browsers plus any browser-specific issues we have identified.

* I got an email that tells me I need to "update my e-mail security (IUEU)" - a phishing scam - SquirrelMailPhishing

=== Server Questions ===

* [Requirements] - What do I need to install and run SquirrelMail?

* SquirrelMailPOP - Can I use POP3 and SquirrelMail?

* [Safe mode] - What if PHP is running in safe mode?

* CustomIMAPReasons - Why do you use your own IMAP functions instead of PHP's?

=== Account Management Questions ===

* [Adding accounts] - How can the users add their own user accounts automatically like in the commercial webmail services?

* [Changing passwords] - Can SquirrelMail change the user's passwords?

* VirtualHosts - How can I do virtual hosting with SquirrelMail?

* [Default user preferences] - How can I set default preferences for my users?

* SquirrelMailSecurity - What can I do to make SquirrelMail secure?

* LoggingInQuicker - How can I log in quicker?

* DefaultTranslation - How do I set the default language for new users and for people logging in?

* MacintoshMailto - How can I set up SquirrelMail to send a message with a mailto: URL?

* WindowsMailto - How can I set up SquirrelMail to send a message with a mailto: URL?

* MozillaMailto - How can I set up SquirrelMail to send a message with a mailto: URL?

* EmbeddedSquirrelMailLogin - How do I put a SquirrelMail login form in any web page?

* QuotaSystems - Can I set up a quota on the mailbox/folder?

* AttachmentSize - How do I increase the maximum size for attachments?

* SentPurge - Is there a way I can purge the "sent" folder as I can with the "trash" folder?

=== Other Specific Questions ===

* [BlankPage] - Why are some pages blank when I have clicked a link?

* UnsafeImages - Why are my images replaced with a warning message?

* TemplatesInSquirrelMail - I keep hearing about templates. What gives?


== Contributing to SquirrelMail ==

* [SquirrelMail Developer's Manual] - How to participate in the SquirrelMail project

* LanguageTranslation - What it is and how its done

* DevelMap - Location of some developers

* DevelopmentHome - A collection of working documents

* Contributions can be submitted to [Squirrelmail Patches Tracker], but read the Developer's Manual first.

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