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Answers to some of our most asked for features:

  • Can I use the SquirrelMail authentication on other web pages not part of SquirrelMail?
    • With Apache you can use mod_auth_imap. It authenticates the user via the IMAP server.
    • Without mod_auth_imap your web pages may try using cookies set by SquirrelMail. Or you need to integrate SquirrelMail authentication procedures in your pages.
  • Does SquirrelMail support pure text?
    • Yes.
  • Does SquirrelMail support HTML email?
    • SquirrelMail supports reading HTML-formatted email messages.
    • A [plugin] to support sending HTML-formatted email messages is available as well.
  • Does SquirrelMail have a new user register procedure?
    • SquirrelMail does not come with a new user registration feature built in. See [adding accounts] for more info on the reasoning behind this.
  • Does SquirrelMail have a spell checker?
    • Yes! Earlier versions of SquirrelMail required your mail admin to download and install the SquirrelSpell plugin, but recent versions come with the SquirrelSpell plugin already in place.
    • The "Check Spelling" button should appear on your compose screen just before the "Cancel" button. If you don't see it, contact your mail administrator, and ask them to re-enable the SquirrelSpell feature.
  • How well does SquirrelMail conform to current Accessibility guidelines (W3C and Section 508)?
    • Version 1.5.1 added hooks so that it should be possible to construct an accessible theme.
  • Does SquirrelMail work with POP3 email?
    • SquirrelMail is capable of retrieving email from a POP3 server, via the included Mail Fetch plugin. However, SquirrelMail requires an IMAP server to run atop of. See SquirrelMailPOP for more information about this.
  • How do I know if my server supports IMAP?
    • 1. Use telnet to connect to your server. If you receive a greeting message, your server supports IMAP. Connection refused means it is not supported (yet).
      • In Windows: Start -> Run -> telnet servername.com 143
    • 2. Mail your webhost and ask them.
  • Can I establish a template so every user have the same display properties when the get to their inbox? (ex. same color template, add logos on top, banners, or something?)
  • Does SquirrelMail support address lists?
    • Yes. In your address book, give the list a name as a normal person, then in the address field, add each email address, separated by a comma.
  • Can I use SquirrelMail to connect to an IMAP server via SSL?
    • Yes, SquirrelMail support IMAP-SSL only in combination with PHP 4.3.x or higher. Otherwise you can use [stunnel] to connect it to SSL enabled IMAP server.
  • Does SquirrelMail support LDAP Address Book?
    • Yes. You can find it in SquirrelMail configuration. 6. Address Books (LDAP)
  • Does SquirrelMail work with Postfix/exim/qmail?
    • Yes, SquirrelMail can talk to any Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) via SMTP protocol or sendmail wrappers.
  • Can I use SquirrelMail to send signed e-mail using digital certificates?
  • Does SquirrelMail support S/MIME?
  • Can SquirrelMail be configured to access different IMAP servers from a single login page depending on the user logging in?
  • Can SquirrelMail set a limit on amount of e-mail/disk space useage a user has available?
    • No, SquirrelMail is a webmail interface. Quotas are set by server side software. Availability of quotas depends on the server's setup and not on SquirrelMail, although a [plugin] exists to allow you to see your quota if your server supports them.
  • Can I view my mail list in threaded view?
    • Yes, if your IMAP server supports threading, make sure you enable it in /config/conf.pl, Option 4, selection number 11.
  • Can users configure folders to hold incoming mail?
    • Yes, see below for more information.
  • Can such folders have rules to direct incoming mail automatically?
    • Yes, there is a filter plug-in that will allow users to direct mail to certain folders based on the header information of the message.
  • Does SquirrelMail support automatic forwarding of incoming mail to a different address?
    • Yes, several plugins are available for administrators to install that allow users to manage forwarding addresses if their email server supports that feature.
  • Does SquirrelMail support vacation messages (autoresponders)?
  • Does SquirrelMail have an automatic check for new mail?
    • Yes. The New Mail plugin is part of the SquirrelMail distribution.
  • Does SquirrelMail support multiple mailboxes view as a tree in left mailbox folders pane or at least fast switching to another previously configured mailbox (1st click to open list of configured mailboxes, 2nd click to choose mailbox and switch to)?
    • Yes, as long as your current user has appropriate permissions on the other mailboxes they will all appear in the left mailbox folders display, and can be 'switched to' with a single click. IMAP servers supporting ACLs (such as Cyrus) make this practical.
    • If you need to specify a different username/password in order to access the other mailbox(es), there is a proprietary plugin with this feature available from [Paul Lesniewski] or you can simply log out and log in as the correct user.
  • Does SquirrelMail support the use of more than one IMAP Account for a single user?
    • Re-read the above, please.
  • Can I use SquirrelMail in an intranet?
    • Yes, you can use SquirrelMail in an intranet. You must have WWW and IMAP servers and setup your SMTP server so that it would work only with local users.
  • Is SquirrelMail like [.Mac]?
    • Yes, here are some plugins that make it more similiar:
  • Does SquirrelMail support WAP Webmail for mobile phones and PDA Web browsers?
    • No, WML pages are not generated. You might be able to use SquirrelMail in a PDA, if your PDA contains a HTML browser that supports cookies. Technically, for example, the Palm Tungsten C browser will display SquirrelMail using HTTP or HTTPS. Unfortunately, the framed page structure makes it difficult to read your mail on the Palm's small screen.
  • Does SquirrelMail support Language XXXX (pt-br I mean), and how can I translate it?
  • Does SquirrelMail support German Language?
    • Yes. Brazilian Portuguese is enabled in SquirrelMail. You can find in Display Prefs -> Language, if admin has not disabled that translation.
    • List of all supported languages can be found in the AUTHORS file.
    • Please note, that some SquirrelMail versions allow disabling unneeded translations, translation files are not distributed in some SquirrelMail releases and there might be specific requirements in server's config.
  • Does SquirrelMail contain a search-function so that one can search for text strings within emails?
    • Yes.
  • Does SquirrelMail support logging in via HTTPS?
    • Yes.
  • Does SquirrelMail support reading format=flowed email?
    • Yes.
  • Can SquirrelMail be configured to compose format=flowed email?
    • No.
  • Does SquirrelMail allow me to add the "to" column to emails I've sent, but moved to another folder? Also, Is there a way to have the button "edit message as new" available to messages I've sent, but are no longer in the "Sent" folder?
    • Version 1.5.x supports adding the "To" column to any folder
  • Does SquirrelMail allow you to sort by file size?
    • Yes and no. The development branch (v1.5.x) does and the stable branch (v1.4.x) doesn't.
  • For long messages, can you add the header buttons to the bottom of the window as well? E.g., so we don't have to go all the way back to the top of a long message to delete it.
    • Version 1.5.x supplies this feature
  • When I use two different mail boxes I would like to have at title - f.ex. my email address - at the top so I can see which is which. Does SquirrelMail support that?
  • Does SquirrelMail support specification of arbitrary From address (i.e. multiple email addresses going into a single mailbox)?
    • Yes, although this is entirely dependent upon whether or not your mail server supports this feature.
  • Does SquirrelMail support viewing the entire message source? Currently, "View Full Headers" only shows the headers of the message. What if I would like to see the entire message source?
    • See the message_details plugin, which comes with SquirrelMail
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