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This section describes the process started from the idea to have AJAX templates. The AJAX templates stream of though is split into two sub-streams:

  • web services, and
  • web services clients

Web services

Web services is the working name of the API that the core provides for non-traditional clients.

Web services clients

Not all web services clients will be clients to the same web services (though ONE API might benefit us). The web services clients are:

The plain HTML templates
The plain HTML templates (which are currently known as TemplatesInSquirrelMail and will remain the default Squirrelmail templates) are the first and simplest client.
Fast templates
A version of the plain HTML templates that is AJAX enhanced in order to be faster than the plain HTML templates by loading only template segments.
Web application
A full blown AJAX web application similar to the new Yahoo! Mail, to Google Mail, etc.
Flash application
Flash has a good way to call php web services.
Desktop applications
The simplest example are the OS X widgets and Vista gadgets. web services would make it possible to create simple such that display different aspects of one or more mail accounts.
Web sites
Web sites can be web services clients. They can integrate different aspects of one or more mail accounts providing higher value for their users.
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