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Disable trashcan

SquirrelMail's default behaviour is to move messages to the trashcan when you delete them. If your mail account has a quota and you're close to exceeding it you might experience problems. This is what happens when you delete a message:

  1. The message is copied to the trashcan.
  2. The original message is marked for deletion.
  3. The original message is expunged, i.e. removed from the original folder.

I you have 50 k left of your qouta and you try to delete a 150 k message, 100 k of storage is missing when the first step takes place, thus causing an error.

First delete all messages in the trashcan. If that doesn't help, try to disable the trashcan.

  1. Click "Options".
  2. Click "Folder Preferences".
  3. Set "Trash Folder" to "Do not use Trash".
  4. Click "Submit".

Now try to delete some messages, preferably big ones, in order to get more space left on your account. Don't forget to activate the trashcan again when you're done.

Starting with SquirrelMail v1.5.0, there is a "Bypass Trash" checkbox when viewing the message list or a message's content, that can be used to delete mails without changing the trash folder setting per above.

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