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Error opening ../data/default_pref

Could not create initial preference file!

../data should be writable by user apache

Please contact your system administrator and report this error

Potential solutions:

* Make sure you have specified (using the configuration tool) your data directory.

* If you have your data directory outside of your htdocs tree (not in the SquirrelMail directory, which is advisable), make sure NOT to use relative paths when specifying it in conf.pl; please use the full absolute path; and if editing the file manually, make sure "SM_PATH ." is removed for absolute paths.

* Make sure both your data directory AND its contents are readable and writeable by the user that your web server runs as (unless you run PHP in safe mode - see below). That means checking TWO things: ownership and permissions.

** Sample permissions are as follows:

The data directory is:


drwxrwxr-x 3 apache apache 8192 Apr 18 22:57 data/


the default prefs file inside of it is:


-rw-rw-r-- 1 apache apache 82 Sep 18 2002 default_pref


** If you're running *nix, you can typically find out what user your web server is running as by doing this:


% ps -ef | grep httpd

apache 11812 7296 0 Nov11 ? 00:08:31 /usr/sbin/httpd -DSSL


In this example, the user we want is called "apache". So, make sure apache has ownership over the data directory and its contents:


chown -R apache data/


* If you have PHP's safe mode enabled, change ownership to be the same user that owns your PHP scripts instead of the web server user.

* Make sure that you are using the default php.ini file without any other modification. Securing php as shown at the following link http://www.security-focus.com/infocus/1706 can cause the Error Opening message if open_basedir and/or safe_mode are not properly configured.

* If you have done all of the above, and it still doesn't work, and you are running a linux like Fedora Core 4, that has SELinux, there here is what to do:

My data and attachment directories are outside of the html space, as recommended for security, and hence also outside of the space that squirrelmail, run by httpd, is allowed to access.



# chcon -t httpd_squirrelmail_t /usr/share/squirrelmail/attachments

# chcon -t httpd_squirrelmail_t /usr/share/squirrelmail/data


fixed the problem!


* For IIS make sure to add




to the Permission for the ..\Data\ directory.


My system runs Virtualmin and I've solved the issue by adding g+rw permission to file: /home/foo/domains/mail.foo/public_html/data/user.foo.pref

Hope it helps.


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