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Please tell us who you are, and a little bit about your SquirrelMail installation, so we can better improve SquirrelMail to suit your needs.

If you are unable to give some info, that's fine - the more you can tell us, the better.

Thank you!

  • Organization Name:
  • Number of Users:
  • Average # of Daily Users:
  • Most Useful Plugin:
  • Comments:

Organization Name: Asylog <http://www.asylog.net/>

Number of Users: 200

Average # of Daily Users: 100

Most Useful Plugin: vadmin

Comments: We use it as a service in web hosting. Using vadmin with vmailmgr and maildirs is really a pleasure!

Organization Name: The Australian National University

Number of Users: c.10000

Average # of Daily Users: c.2000

Most Useful Plugin:


Organization Name: Barnes & Morgan nv <http://www.barnesmorgan.com/>

Number of Users: 50

Average # of Daily Users: 20

Most Useful Plugin: Ask User Info

Comments: Nice product!

Organization Name: Bluedomino Webhosting, <http://www.bluedomino.com/>

Number of Users: 50,000 and rising very fast

Average # of Daily Users: Unknown at this point

Most Useful Plugin: Customized virtualhost

Comments: Currently we're in beta mode, and will be out by next week. In the beta mdoe, we have 5,000 people using SquirrelMail connecting to a customized courier-imap/smtp server.

Apart from minute requests for features (to allow for more localized branding), customers love it. Excellent job guys. I will let you know how it goes once we go fully live.

Organization Name: City of Prescott <http://www.cityofprescott.net/>

Number of Users: 350+

Average # of Daily Users: 350+

Most Useful Plugin: LDAP integration (we use Courier/qmail-ldap as the backend in our mail system)

Comments: We ditched Exchange/Outlook 2 years ago for FreeBSD/Courier/qmail-ldap/sympa/Sun Calendar Server and SquirrelMail. Has been our default email client for over 95% of our users.

We run this on a FreeBSD dual processor (Dell PE 1650) with 4 Gb memory and ionCube PHP Accelerator. Works like a champ. We use Squid reverse proxy to allow our users to access SquirrelMail from the Internet/home.

We love SquirrelMail.

Organization Name: eDIY DIY Web Builder Software <http://www.ediy.co.nz/>

Number of Users: less than 20

Average # of Daily Users: 10

Most Useful Plugin: unknown

Comments: We offer SquirrelMail to our customers as an alternative to our in house webmail system. It works very well, thank you for making it available to everyone!

Organization Name: Haxent Consultoria <http://haxent.com.br/>

Number of Users: 800k active users and growing

Average # of Daily Users: peaks of 18k simultaneous users

Most Useful Plugin: a bunch of them

Comments: We made some mods to sustain our load, particularly made it murder-aware. This install is for one of our clients.

Organization Name: kaITomas IT-konsult

Number of Users: 1

Average # of Daily Users: 1

Most Useful Plugin: <no plugins>

Comments: After one month of use, I think this is a good alternative to my ISP's webmail. A few more features and I will dump "outlock" for good and only use SquirrelMail.

Organization Name: Minuet Internet Services <http://www.minuet-uk.com>

Number of Users: 2

Average # of Daily Users: 50+

Most Useful Plugin:<no plugins>

Comments: Great product. Meets all our needs!

Organization Name: Panama Consulting & Services <http://www.grupopcs.com/>

Number of Users: less than 20

Average # of Daily Users: 8

Most Useful Plugin: unknown

Comments: Excelent product! Thanks for offering a way to deploy this easy to use, yet useful client!

Organization Name: Pyramid Computer GmbH <http://www.pyramid.de/>

Number of Users: unknown, but > 2000 installations

Average # of Daily Users: unknown, maybe 1000

Most Useful Plugin: LDAP related, Sieve

Comments: We use SquirrelMail as a webmail add-on for our BenhurII Product. CSS themability would be nice to have.

Organization Name: rednaranja.com

Number of Users: 20+ domains plus resellers (webhosting provider)

Average # of Daily Users: unknown

Most Useful Plugin: customized diskquota, translate and view_as_html

Comments: Each of our domain has a customized copy of SquirrelMail instaled on their apache www directory, but locale and plugins directories are symbolic links to the main instalation in /usr/share/squirrelmail to save space.

Our clients are happy with SquirrelMail =)

Organization Name: Rennert & Benecke Hosting GbR <http://www.rb-hosting.de/> <http://www.hitchhikers.de/>

Number of Users: About 100 so far

Average # of Daily Users: Not too many (20 perhaps)

Most Useful Plugin: All spam-related plugins

Comments: We've been using SquirrelMail for a year now and are very satisfied. The server was only for our own projects at first, but our customers saw the webmail client and wanted it, so we started a small webhosting setup (it's not our main work). We are a webhoster for special requirements, with only a few but big customers.

SquirrelMail is very usable and fast, works everywhere and hasn't let us down since 1.2.6, save for a few bugs in 1.4.0.

My personal wishlist would be more integration with things like SpamAssassin and TMDA, as we are a very, VERY spam-unfriendly company (almost all of us use TMDA for non-business accounts and we use very strict SpamAssassin rules).

I would also like to be able to do more ".qmail-*" file configurations from within SquirrelMail, so that I wouldn't need things like QMailAdmin any more. People don't like the fact that they have to log into half a dozen different web frontends to be able to manage their mails.

But apart from that, ... ;-) we love SquirrelMail. Thank you!

Organization Name: SUNY Geneseo

Number of Users: 10,000

Average # of Daily Users: 2,000

Most Useful Plugin: Delete, Move Next & Quota Check

Comments: One of the most popular services we offer. We use LVS to distribute the load across a handful of machines. We recently changed over to Maildir & saw a HUGE improvement in performance.

Organization Name: Temple University

Number of Users: 60,000 users

Avg. # of daily users: 2k - 3k concurrent

Most useful plugin: Import/export csv but mondified to our current webmail system

Comments: It's not in production yet but would like to hear from others how they think it will stand up w/ our number of users and what hardware they are using.

Organization Name: WeArab Network <http://www.wearab.net/>

Number of Users: Arab Mail has 162,000 active users and growing so fast!

Average # of Daily Users: peaks of 327 simultaneous users

Most Useful Plugin: alot of them.

Comments: We use SquirrelMail V 1.5.2-cvs on FreeBSD, our DB is MySQL 5.0.x with threading support, and our PHP is 5.1.x.

Organization Name: XN Solutions Web Hosting <http://www.xnsolutions.net/>

Number of Users: <100

Average # of Daily Users: <40

Most Useful Plugin: <no plugins>

Comments: This was an upgrade for our existing webmail system. We are very pleased and so are our clients. SquirrelMail is highly configurable and stable. We are testing various plugins on beta servers now and hope to implement as many as possible.

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