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I encountered this problem with debian gnu/linux, apache, postfix, courier-imap-ssl.

I found that if I added a new user, the user cannot login - you get a single-line error message:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /usr/share/squirrelmail/functions/imap_general.php on line 86

To fix it, send an email to the user in question. I suspect this is related to using postfix Maildir and courier-imap-ssl (and, in fact, may simply be a courier-imap bug).

Steven J. Owens


I encountered a similar error on a Debian GNU/Linux (2.2.19) setup running Apache 1.3.26, Exim 3.35 and Courier-IMAP.

My fix (and situation), however, was somewhat different.

I was able to send email while logged in to the Squirrelmail web interface and said email would always go to the intended recipient(s), but I would, after 30 seconds, get the error message that Steven mentions above. Occasionally it would reference line 109, 111, etc.

The problem was a file ownership issue. While tinkering with Courier-IMAP I had manually created some folders from the Linux box's command line (as root). One of them was the Sent folder. The files were created as root and thus I had created a file ownership problem. chowning to the correct user/group fixed the problem.

Brad Zimmerman


I'm had a similar problem, I'm running this on debian and apache-ssl. The hardware is a smallish Cyrix MII300. When a user with a huge amount of mail logs in it would give the timeout error above. This is a set limit by php. Check /etc/php/apache/php.ini. You can set memory limits and timeouts. Change it. and restart apache. This fixed my problem on my little box.

Two of our users had a similar problem displaying their mailbox.

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /var/www/html/mail/functions/imap_general.php on line 4xx

It seems as if squirrelmail has problems parsing a malformated address. The workaround I use is as follows

in the function parseAddress (somewhere around line 435) the length of the address to parse is computed using '$j = strlen($address);' after that I inserted 'if ($j>1000) return "";'. Then all worked fine again.

I got the same problem as above. But the problem turned out to be different. I had done chmod +t $HOME and forgot to do -t. Changing it back fixed it for me.

Sreejith Kalyat


Same problem as above. Malformed email addresses caused parseAddress to go into a loop. In my cause, I changed the line:


$addr_end = strpos($address,'>',$addr_start);


$addr_end = (strpos($address,'>',$addr_start)!==false)?strpos($address,'>',$addr_start):strlen($address);

The issue I had was missing '>'. I'm sure this is not the optimum fix as there may be other issues that would cause parseAddress to fail. but this one fixed mine.




we had the same problems. We even had problems with old users who we had converted from mbox to Maildir. The solution :

Send a message (like a welcome message). What is happening is the subscribed folders do not have a new, tmp, and cur folder. This causes Courier-Imap to fail, because it needs those folders to work. We found that, when those were created, we rarely got time outs unless the mail box was large.

Joe Lewis,


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