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When I first joined SquirrelMail I was mostly contributing my translating skills, but as time went by my duties have gradually evolved and expanded, and I am now one of the developers and a project administrator. I’m also a plugin maintainer, and still a translator. There are also various ongoing maintenance issues that require my attention, such as website updates, abuse problems, and helping create new release packages. When the previous Internationalization Team manager left the project, I took over his role, which these days includes updating the templates when new strings appear in SquirrelMail or when new plugins are released, as well as testing and committing translations sent in by the team members. I monitor all of our public mailing lists as well as our bug and feature tracking systems closely, and try to respond to support inquiries when I can. In addition, I’m also one of the main contributors of documentation, which has involved spending many hours rewriting parts of the documentation and cleaning up the wiki.

SquirrelMail is entirely a hobby project for me, and having a full time day job at a company that has nothing to do with SquirrelMail means that all the SquirrelMail work is done in my "free" time. Yet being a single parent makes my time limited, since taking care of my son is, naturally, a priority. When I joined the project I wanted to have a hobby that I could engage in from my home, especially when my son - then a baby - was asleep. However, kids change their sleeping habits as they grow, so the older he gets the less flexible and available my quiet time becomes. I would like, for example, to be able to occasionally take a couple of days off work and spend them solely on SquirrelMail instead. Your donation could help me do that.

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