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Though SquirrelMail started off as a small project for fun and personal use, it has grown into a very full-featured and rich webmail interface. It has grown so much, that many companies, both small and large, and even universities, are now using SquirrelMail for their emailing needs.

The SquirrelMail Project Team is interested in learning more about what you love and don't like so much about SquirrelMail. Tell us the things that would make SquirrelMail just that much better for you. As always, we can't promise anything right away, but know that we do appreciate you, and will work hard at improving things to help you out. We recognize and appreciate the contribution in ideas, testing, and recognition that commercial users give to SquirrelMail.

We also recognize that many commercial entities have a discretionary pool of funds set aside for supporting organizations in their community, or other projects that they like. To put it simply, SquirrelMail would like to be a project that your company would consider donating to.

Also, if you're using SquirrelMail in your organization, please link to the official squirrelmail.org site somewhere in your pages if you can. The more visibility we have, the greater credibility we have, and the easier it is for us to do things like put on conferences and the like. Tell the world how great SquirrelMail is!

Thank you in advance.


  • WhoAreYou
    • Please, tell us about your company and your SquirrelMail installation, to help us improve SquirrelMail for you!
  • CommercialSupport
    • We always suggest using the (free) mailing lists to ask any support questions you might have... but if you need someone right away, and you're willing to pay, these groups will provide SquirrelMail support commercially.
  • [Feature requests]
    • What features would be useful for your company?
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