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Version 1.4.15
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If we get an error message and it isn't discussed below, we really wanna know about it! Check out the [support] page to figure out who to contact.


  • BadRequest - Bad request: The imap servier is reporting that plain text logins are disabled. Using cram-md5 or digest-md5 authentication instead may work. Also, the use of tls may allow squirrelmail to login.
  • PermissionDenied - CREATE "INBOX.Sent"CREATE failed: Can't create mailbox node /home/accounts/INBOX.Sent: Permission denied
  • LowMemoryProblem - Allowed memory size of [###] bytes exhausted
  • InternetExplorerVersusSSL - This page contains both secure and nonsecure items
  • WindowsDynamicDNS - A message about not being able to find/resolve the page when you try to log in.
  • LoginFails - The correct IMAP User and Password are refused when connecting to hmailserver.
  • LoginError - You must be logged in to access this page
  • AutoLogout - Automatic logout of SquirrelMail during active use results in the "You must be logged in to access this page" error
  • DataPermission - "Error opening ../data/default_pref"
  • NewUserCannotLogin - Fatal error: Maximum execution time [...] exceeded ...
  • InvalidMailboxName - ERROR : Could not complete request. Query:CREATE "INBOX./Sent" Reason Given: Invalid mailbox name
  • FailedOpeningRequired - Fatal error: Failed opening required '../config/config.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /usr/local/squirrelmail/src/login.php on line 57.
  • ForbiddenError Forbidden You don't have permission to access /squirrelmail on this server.

Mail server

  • MailServerSMTPProblem - Error connecting to SMTP Server. Connection refused
  • MailServerSMTPStream - Server replied: 111 Can't open SMTP stream
  • MailServerIMAPProblem - Error connecting to IMAP server. Connection refused
  • CompatibilityErrorWithUW - Unknown error: * CAPABILITY IMAP4 IMAP4REV1 ... (trimmed)
  • ConnectionsPerMinute - imap/tcp server failing (looping)
  • Server replied: 451 qq write error or disk full (#4.3.0) What does this mean?
    • The server partition that stores qmail queue is full or your message was to big.
  • ERROR User not local; please try forwarding Server replied: 551 5.7.1 we do not relay
    • Run Squirrelmail Configuration and check on Server Settings that the SMTP server is defined as your hostname and not as localhost.

Web server


Sending mail

Reading and Managing mail

Address Book

  • DatafileLocking - "Could not lock datafile error" when adding contacts under Win9X
  • ProtocolError - "Cannot Initialize LDAP Server ldap.example.com [LDAP: ldap.example.com] Protocol error" when trying to access LDAP server from the Address button in Compose Email

Specific plugins

Spell Checking

  • BrokenProcClose - "I tried to execute 'ispell -a', but it returned: @(#) International Ispell Version ..."
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