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How to help

The SquirrelMail project is an all-volunteer run project, aiming to build the best webmail client available for free (in all senses of the word). We are in need of more people to help us out with this process. This page provides some ideas on how to get started. For all goes that you can put as much time into it as you want.

Bug triaging and squashing

Users report bugs, request features and submit patches through our issue trackers at SourceForge. It helps us greatly if you go through the list of reported issues, and try to see if they are still applicable to the current version and have all the necessary information. If the issue is still present, attaching a proposed patch is of course great. You can start right away: get yourself a free SourceForge.net account and start to work on our trackers.

User support

Frequently users ask for help on the squirrelmail-users mailinglist or the #squirrelmail IRC channel on irc.freenode.net. Are you experienced with installing or running SquirrelMail? Subscribe to the list or hang out in the channel, and try to help other users resolve their problems.


Want to see some really neat new feature? Want to help the templating code get finished? We can definately use people that are well-versed in PHP. You can work on the most widely used open source webmail application and with a variety of protocols: HTTP, SMTP, IMAP all in the same application. Join us on the squirrelmail-devel mailinglist or IRC #squirrelmail and see what you can do to keep SquirrelMail the best webmail solution around.

Translate SquirrelMail into your language

We try to provide SquirrelMail to as many locales as possible. Is SquirrelMail not yet translated into your language? The best way to resolve that is to help us translate it! It's not difficult to do, see our translator manual for a good start, or join the squirrelmail-i18n mailinglist. If there's already a translation for your language, check if it's up to date. Contact the current translator to help get it up to date or to proofreed the existing one.

Donate Money

Running a high-profile project like SquirrelMail with all-volunteer labor means that the mundane chores gradually consume all our effort and sideline our visionary initiatives for our next big release. We also need your financial support to help us keep up with ongoing maintenance and development, and to help speed up the release of our new, fully-skinable "Web 2.0" version. Please visit our donations and bounties page for information about how to donate.

Donate Hardware

Some SquirrelMail development takes place on hardware that's probably older than the computer you just retired. :-) Get in touch if you can help.

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