utf-8 encoding functions

takes a string of unicode entities and converts it to a utf-8 encoded string each unicode entitiy has the form &#nnn(nn); n={0..9} and can be displayed by utf-8 supporting browsers. Ascii will not be modified.

Original code is taken from www.php.net manual comments Original author: ronen at greyzone dot com

charset_encode_utf_8 (line 25)

Converts string to utf-8

  • return: utf-8 encoded text
string charset_encode_utf_8 (string $string)
  • string $string: text with numeric unicode entities
unicodetoutf8 (line 45)

Return utf8 symbol when unicode character number is provided

This function is used internally by charset_encode_utf_8 function. It might be unavailable to other SquirrelMail functions. Don't use it or make sure, that functions/encode/utf_8.php is included.

  • return: utf8 character
string unicodetoutf8 (array $matches)
  • array $matches: array with first element a decimal unicode value

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