This file contains koi8-r decoding function that is needed to read koi8-r encoded mails in non-koi8-r locale.

Original data taken from: ftp://ftp.unicode.org/Public/MAPPINGS/VENDORS/MISC/KOI8-R.TXT

Name: KOI8-R (RFC1489) to Unicode Unicode version: 3.0 Table version: 1.0 Table format: Format A Date: 18 August 1999 Authors: Helmut Richter <richter@lrz.de>

Copyright (c) 1991-1999 Unicode, Inc. All Rights reserved.

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charset_decode_koi8_r (line 47)

Decode koi8r strings

  • return: Decoded string
string charset_decode_koi8_r (string $string)
  • string $string: Encoded string

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