functions/addressbook.php - Functions and classes for the addressbook system

Functions require SM_PATH and support of forms.php functions

Class Description
AddressBook This is the main address book class that connect all the backends and provide services to the functions above.
addressbook_backend Generic backend that all other backends extend
addressbook_cmp (line 170)
void addressbook_cmp ( $a,  $b)
  • $a
  • $b
addressbook_init (line 32)
void addressbook_init ([ $showerr = true], [ $onlylocal = false])
  • $showerr
  • $onlylocal
alistcmp (line 185)

Sort array by the key "name"

void alistcmp ( $a,  $b)
  • $a
  • $b
get_abook_sort (line 229)

Address book sorting options

returns address book sorting order

  • return: book sorting options order
integer get_abook_sort ()
show_abook_sort_button (line 258)

This function shows the address book sort button.

  • return: html code with sorting images and urls
  • since: 1.5.1 and 1.4.6
string show_abook_sort_button (integer $abook_sort_order, string $alt_tag, integer $Down, integer $Up)
  • integer $abook_sort_order: current sort value
  • string $alt_tag: alt tag value (string visible to text only browsers)
  • integer $Down: sort value when list is sorted ascending
  • integer $Up: sort value when list is sorted descending

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