Loads preferences from the $username.pref file used by almost every other script in the source directory and alswhere.

include_once ($chosen_theme) (line 67)

This theme as a failsafe if no themes were found. It makes no sense to cause the whole thing to exit just because themes were not found. This is the absolute last resort.

Moved here to provide 'sane' defaults for incomplete themes.

include_once ($theme[$theme_default]['PATH']) (line 70)
require_once (SM_PATH.'include/validate.php') (line 16)

SquirrelMail required files.

require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/plugin.php') (line 17)
require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/prefs.php') (line 19)
require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/constants.php') (line 18)

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