Message and Spam Filter Plugin - Setup script

This plugin filters your inbox into different folders based upon given criteria. It is most useful for people who are subscibed to mailing lists to help organize their messages. The argument stands that filtering is not the place of the client, which is why this has been made a plugin for SquirrelMail. You may be better off using products such as Sieve or Procmail to do your filtering so it happens even when SquirrelMail isn't running.

If you need help with this, or see improvements that can be made, please email me directly at the address above. I definately welcome suggestions and comments. This plugin, as is the case with all SquirrelMail plugins, is not directly supported by the developers. Please come to me off the mailing list if you have trouble with it.

Also view plugins/README.plugins for more information.

require_once (SM_PATH.'plugins/filters/filters.php') (line 29)

SquirrelMail required files.

bool $AllowSpamFilters (line 49)

User level spam filters control

Set this to false if you do not want the user to be able to enable spam filters

string $SpamFilters_BulkQuery (line 104)

Path to bulkquery program

Absolute path to the bulkquery program. Leave blank if you don't have bulkquery compiled, installed, and lwresd running. See the README file in the bulkquery directory for more information on using bulkquery.

integer $SpamFilters_CacheTTL (line 125)

DNS query TTL

How long should DNS query results be cached for by default (in seconds)?

array $SpamFilters_DNScache (line 94)

SpamFiltring Cache

A cache of IPs we've already checked or are known bad boys or good boys ie. $SpamFilters_DNScache[""] = true; would tell filters to not even bother doing the DNS queries for that IP and any email coming from it are SPAM - false would mean that any email coming from it would NOT be SPAM

bool $SpamFilters_SharedCache (line 116)

Shared filtering cache control

Do you want to use a shared file for the DNS cache or a session variable? Using a shared file means that every user can benefit from any queries made by other users. The shared file is named "dnscache" and is in the data directory.

bool $SpamFilters_ShowCommercial (line 81)

Commercial Spam Filters Control

Some of the SPAM filters are COMMERCIAL and require a fee. If your users select them and you're not allowed to use them, it will make SPAM filtering very slow. If you don't want them to even be offered to the users, you should set SpamFilters_ShowCommercial to false.

string $SpamFilters_YourHop (line 69)

SpamFilters YourHop Setting

Set this to a string containing something unique to the line in the header you want me to find IPs to scan the databases with. For example, All the email coming IN from the internet to my site has a line in the header that looks like (all on one line): Received: [from usw-sf-list1.sourceforge.net (usw-sf-fw2.sourceforge.net []) by firewall.persistence.com (SYSADMIN-antispam 0.2) with Since this line indicates the FIRST hop the email takes into my network, I set my SpamFilters_YourHop to 'by firewall.persistence.com' but any case-sensitive string will do. You can set it to something found on every line in the header (like ' ') if you want to scan all IPs in the header (lots of false alarms here tho).

bool $UseSeparateImapConnection (line 39)

Imap connection control

Set this to true if you have problems -- check the README file Note: This doesn't work all of the time (No idea why) Seems to be related to UW

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