This script can be used to convert an old $color theme to a stylesheet for use with templates. Output is sent to STDOUT.


  1. Create a .php file containing your $color theme.
  2. Run this script from a command line, giving the name of your theme file as an arguement to this script, e.g.:
/path/to/squirrelmail/templates/theme_to_css.php /path/to/mytheme.php

To send the output to a .css file, do the following:

/path/to/squirrelmail/templates/theme_to_css.php /path/to/mytheme.php > my_theme.css

  • author: Steve Brown
  • version: $Id: color_theme_to_css.php 14750 2018-01-16 23:44:07Z pdontthink $
  • copyright: 1999-2018 The SquirrelMail Project Team
  • since: 1.5.2
  • filesource: Source Code for this file
  • license: GNU Public License
include ($theme_file) (line 64)

make sure that first command line argument is set

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