Class ContentType


Class that handles content-type headers Class was named content_type in 1.3.0 and 1.3.1. It is used internally by rfc822header class.

  • since: 1.3.2

Located in /class/mime/ContentType.class.php (line 25)

Variable Summary
array $properties
string $type0
string $type1
Method Summary
ContentType ContentType (string $type)
array $properties = '' (line 41)

Auxiliary header information prepared with parseContentType() function in rfc822header class.

string $type0 = 'text' (line 30)

Media type

string $type1 = 'plain' (line 35)

Media subtype

Constructor ContentType (line 48)

Constructor function.

Prepared type0 and type1 properties

ContentType ContentType (string $type)
  • string $type: content type string without auxiliary information

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