SquirrelMail configtest script

include_once ('DB.php') (line 987)
include_once (SM_PATH.'plugins/compatibility/functions.php') (line 130)

Include Compatibility plugin if available.

include_once (SM_PATH.'functions/plugin.php') (line 471)

Do not use SquirrelMail with magic_quotes_* on.

include_once (SM_PATH.'include/languages.php') (line 845)

OK, close connection

require (SM_PATH.'config/config_default.php') (line 103)

Load all configuration files before output begins

require (SM_PATH.'config/config.php') (line 116)
require (SM_PATH.'include/constants.php') (line 90)

load minimal function set

require (SM_PATH.'config/config_local.php') (line 120)
require (SM_PATH.'config/plugin_hooks.php') (line 136)

Load plugins

do_err (line 74)

Displays error messages and warnings

void do_err (string $str, [boolean $fatal = TRUE])
  • string $str: message
  • boolean $fatal: fatal error or only warning

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