This contains utility functions for dealing with multiple identities

build_from_header (line 227)

Construct our "From:" header based on a supplied identity number.

Will fall back when no sensible email address has been defined.

  • since: 1.5.2
void build_from_header ([int $identity = 0])
  • int $identity: identity# to use
empty_identity (line 211)

Function to test if identity is empty

  • since: 1.5.1 and 1.4.5
boolean empty_identity ( $ident, array $identity)
  • array $identity: Identitiy Array
  • $ident
find_identity (line 262)

Find a matching identity based on a set of emailaddresses.

Will return the first identity to have a matching address. When nothing found, returns the default identity.

  • return: identity
  • since: 1.5.2
int find_identity (needles $needles)
  • needles $needles: array list of mailadresses
get_identities (line 22)

Returns an array of all the identities.

Array is keyed: full_name, reply_to, email_address, index, signature

  • return: full_name,reply_to,email_address,index,signature
  • since: 1.4.2
array get_identities ()
save_identities (line 64)

Function to save the identities array

  • since: 1.5.1 and 1.4.5
void save_identities (array $identities)
  • array $identities: Array of identities
sqfixidentities (line 114)

Returns an array with a fixed set of identities

  • since: 1.5.1 and 1.4.5
array sqfixidentities (array $identities, int $id, string $action)
  • array $identities: Array of identities
  • int $id: Identity to modify
  • string $action: Action to perform

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