sqspell_config.php -- SquirrelSpell Configuration file.

array $SQSPELL_APP (line 61)

List of configured dictionaries

This feature was added/changed in 0.3. Use this array to set up which dictionaries are available to users. If you only have English spellchecker on your system, then let this line be:

   $SQSPELL_APP = array('English' => 'ispell -a');
   $SQSPELL_APP = array('English' => '/usr/local/bin/aspell -a');
Sometimes you have to specify full path for PHP to find it.

You can use Aspell or Ispell spellcheckers, the command line is the same. Aspell might provide better spellchecking for Western languages.

If you want to have more than one dictionary available to users, configure the array to look something like this:

   $SQSPELL_APP = array('English' => 'aspell -a',
                        'Russian' => 'ispell -d russian -a',
                        'Swahili' => 'ispell -d swahili -a'
  • Watch the commas, making sure there isn't one after your last dictionary declaration. Also, make sure all these dictionaries are available on your system before you specify them here.
  • Whatever your setting is, don't omit the "-a" flag.
  • Remember to keep same array keys during upgrades. Don't rename them. Users' dictionary settings use it.
  • Interface might translate array key, if used key is present in SquirrelMail translations.
 $SQSPELL_APP = array('English' => 'ispell -a',
                      'Spanish' => 'ispell -d spanish -a' );

string $SQSPELL_APP_DEFAULT (line 91)

Default dictionary

string $SQSPELL_WORDS_FILE (line 105)

File that stores user's dictionary

$SQSPELL_WORDS_FILE is a location and mask of a user dictionary file. The default setting should be OK for most everyone.

This setting is used only when SquirrelSpell is upgraded from older setup. Since SquirrelMail 1.5.1 SquirrelSpell stores all settings in same place that stores other SquirrelMail user preferences.

  • deprecated: setting is still needed in order to handle upgrades

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