Squirrelspell setup file, as defined by the SquirrelMail-1.2 API.

squirrelmail_plugin_init_squirrelspell (line 23)

Standard SquirrelMail plugin initialization API.

void squirrelmail_plugin_init_squirrelspell ()
squirrelspell_optpage_register_block (line 41)

Register option block

This function formats and adds the plugin and its description to the Options screen. Code moved to internal function in order to reduce setup.php size.

void squirrelspell_optpage_register_block ()
squirrelspell_setup (line 53)

Add spell check button in compose.

This function adds a "Check Spelling" link to the "Compose" row during message composition.

void squirrelspell_setup ()
squirrelspell_upgrade (line 64)

Upgrade dictionaries

Transparently upgrades user's dictionaries when message listing is loaded

  • since: 1.5.1 (sqspell 0.5)
void squirrelspell_upgrade ()
squirrelspell_version (line 74)

Display SquirrelSpell version

  • return: plugin's version
  • since: 1.5.1 (sqspell 0.5)
string squirrelspell_version ()

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