functions.php - Change Password plugin

CPW_CURRENT_NOMATCH = _("Your current password is not correct.") (line 67)
CPW_INVALID_PW = _("Your new password contains invalid characters.") (line 68)
cpw_check_input (line 21)

Will verify the input against a set of criteria: is every field supplied, does verify password match, does current password validate, ..

These criteria are (for now) backend-independent.

  • return: Array with zero or more error messages.
array cpw_check_input ()
cpw_do_change (line 76)

Does the actual password changing (meaning it calls the hook function from the backend that does this. If something goes wrong, return error message(s). If everything ok, change the password in the session so the user doesn't have to log out, and redirect back to the options screen.

void cpw_do_change ()

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