Change password vmailmgrd backend

Backend won't work, if vmail.inc file is not included. vmail.inc file should be part of your vmailmgr install. In some cases it is included in separate package.

If you use modified vmail.inc, it must provide vchpass() function that acts same way as stock (vmailmgr v.0.96.9) vmail.inc function call and other vmail.inc functions should use same $vm_tcphost and $vm_tcphost_port globals as used by stock vm_daemon_raw() function call. If you have heavily modified vmail.inc and this backend does not work correctly - recheck, if you can reproduce your problem with stock vmail.inc or adjust backend configuration for your site.

Backend also needs vmailmgrd service. You can find information about installing this service in vmailmgr FAQ and vmailmgrd.html.

Backend might require functions, that are available only in SquirrelMail v.1.5.1 and v.1.4.4.

string $vmail_inc_path (line 45)

path to vmail.inc

This variable must provide full path to vmail.inc file including filename.

WARNING: Don't disable this variable. It must be set to correct value or to empty string. If variable is missing, backend can have security problems in some PHP configurations.

string $vm_tcphost (line 55)

address of vmailmgrd host.

Leave it empty, if you want to use unix socket global is used by vmail.inc functions

integer $vm_tcphost_port (line 64)

port of vmailmgrd

global is used by vmail.inc functions.

cpw_i18n_vmail_response (line 212)

Function is used to translate messages returned by vmailmgr php library and vmailmgr daemon.

  • return: translated string.
string cpw_i18n_vmail_response (string $string)
  • string $string: vmailmrgd message.
cpw_vmailmgrd_dochange (line 143)

function used to change password in change_password plugin hooks.

  • return: Array of error messages.
array cpw_vmailmgrd_dochange (array $data)
  • array $data: The username/curpw/newpw data.
cpw_vmailmgrd_init (line 106)

Use this function to do any backend-specific initialisation, e.g. checking requirements, before the password change form is displayed to the user.

void cpw_vmailmgrd_init ()
cpw_vmailmgrd_passwd (line 197)

function that calls required vmail.inc functions and returns error codes.

Information about vmailmgr return codes. vmailmgr functions return array with two keys. Array( [0] => error code, integer (0=no error) [1] => error message, string )

array cpw_vmailmgrd_passwd ( $user,  $domain,  $oldpass,  $newpass)
  • $user
  • $domain
  • $oldpass
  • $newpass

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