Change password backend template

This is a template for a password changing mechanism. Currently, this contains two parts: the first is to register your function in the squirrelmail_plugin_hooks global, and the second is the function that does the actual changing.

Replace the word template everywhere with a name for your backend.

cpw_template_dochange (line 65)

This is the function that is specific to your backend. It takes

the current password (as supplied by the user) and the desired new password. It will return an array of messages. If everything was successful, the array will be empty. Else, it will contain the errormessage(s). Constants to be used for these messages: CPW_CURRENT_NOMATCH -> "Your current password is not correct." CPW_INVALID_PW -> "Your new password contains invalid characters."

  • return: Array of error messages.
array cpw_template_dochange (array $data)
  • array $data: data The username/currentpw/newpw data.
cpw_template_init (line 40)

Use this function to do any backend-specific initialization, e.g. checking requirements, before the password change form is displayed to the user.

void cpw_template_init ()

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