Change password PearDB backend

include_once ('DB.php') (line 18)

load Pear DB.

Global is needed because library must be loaded before configuration in order to use DB constants.

array $cpw_peardb_connect_opts (line 36)

Pear DB connection options

boolean $cpw_peardb_crypted_passwd (line 66)

Passwords are plaintext or encrypted

boolean $cpw_peardb_debug (line 74)

Controls output debugging errors Error messages might contain login and password information.

Don't enable on production systems.

string $cpw_peardb_domain_field (line 54)

Field that stores domain part of username

mixed $cpw_peardb_dsn (line 30)

Connection DSN.

Any format supported by peardb

string $cpw_peardb_passwd_field (line 60)

Field that stores password

string $cpw_peardb_table (line 42)

Table that stores user information

string $cpw_peardb_uid_field (line 48)

Field that stores user name

cpw_peardb_detect_crypto (line 302)

Detects password crypto

reports 'crypt' if fails to detect any other crypt

string cpw_peardb_detect_crypto (string $password)
  • string $password
cpw_peardb_dochange (line 132)

Changes password

  • return: Array of error messages.
array cpw_peardb_dochange (array $data)
  • array $data: data The username/curpw/newpw data.
cpw_peardb_init (line 108)

Checks if configuration is correct

void cpw_peardb_init ()
cpw_peardb_passwd_hash (line 346)

Encode password

  • return: hashed password. false, if hashing fails
string cpw_peardb_passwd_hash (string $password, string $crypto,  &$msgs, [string $forced_salt = ''], array $msgs)
  • string $password: plain text password
  • string $crypto: used crypto
  • array $msgs: error messages
  • string $forced_salt: old password used to create password hash for verification
  • &$msgs

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